Re-engineered from the ground up and thoroughly tested to deliver ultimate reliability, the perfected R51 gets you on target faster and more intuitively than any other subcompact on the market. Add 25% less muzzle flip and a sleek, ergonomic design, and it’s exactly what you need to shoot your best in worse-case scenarios. Chambered for 9mm Luger with a 7-round magazine capacity.

Because the R51 is so unlike any other handgun on the market, it posed unforeseen challenges in manufacturing when it was first introduced in 2014. Since then, our engineers have worked tirelessly to address the issues and exhaustively test the solutions, and we’re proud to say the redesigned R51 surpasses even our initial expectations.

With manufacturing tolerances super-tuned to its unique build, the R51 not only functions flawlessly, it sets new performance standards in the subcompact category. Despite early setbacks, we never wavered in our commitment to bring the R51 to market. America deserves this handgun. You deserve this handgun. And we’re proud to bring it to you.

Available on shelves August 12th.  M.S.R.P.  $448


  • Less muzzle rise and reduced felt recoil
  • Light slide racking force
  • Optimized grip angle and slim aluminum frame
  • 9MM +P match-grade 3.4” barrel
  • Light, smooth and crisp trigger
  • Two semi-flush 7+1 magazines
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Folks, it’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. Readers unfamiliar with a shoot-the-shit don’t need to feel intimidated. A shoot-the-shit is a gathering of people that sit down with a beer and just shoot-the-shit. You don’t need to know anything about the subject being discussed, you can use profanity, insult anyone you wish or change the subject altogether at any time. A shoot-the-shit is what a therapist would charge you $300 an hour for; with far less efficacy. So this week, we’d like to talk to you about dressing British.

Like most Americans, I spent a large part of the week watching the RNC in Cleveland; it was during this period that I noticed a glaring problem. Nothing solidifies a cretin image of you more quickly than wearing a striped shirt with a stripped neck tie and a pinstripe suit. Several weeks ago, we took you through understanding the formal dinner table arrangement and today we’re going to discuss dressing for success.

Nothing screams imbecile more loudly than wearing a dark colored suit with pants hemmed so short that they reveal you socks, with light brown shoes; especially if those shoes curl at the toes. This ruthless violation of the optical sensory system is further aggravated by the fact he was wearing a black belt.

Before getting into specific suggestions let’s cover a small but often overlooked technical detail –  proper hemming of trousers!

The picture on the left illustrates proper hemming of the trouser. The front crease is called the break. Some men prefer a more aggressive break than other; however, under no circumstances should you look down at your feet and see shoe laces. I personally prefer a slight break. Proper hemming also requires that the pant material fall straight along the back of the leg terminating in a length that covers the back of the shoe but reveals the heel. Many low brow so called tailors will cut the hem straight across; this is unacceptable for dress trousers and should be reserved only for pants that will be worn with combat boots.

The last technical tip is the appropriate suit jacket length. Your jacket should be long enough so that with your relaxed arms at your side you can cuff the jacket with your hand. Notice the jacket length in the picture on the right. This is precisely correct lengths for both the jacket and the sleeve.

Let’s talk about the suit itself. A suit should call attention to you and not itself. The last thing you want to look like is a torpedo for a Newark mob boss. Dark suites should be worn with black accessories for example belt and shoes. Light suits need to be selected carefully for example a light tan summer suit with brown belt and brown loafers communicates that you’re not an impostor or charlatan.  Pinstripes should be discrete and thin, remember you’re not trying for camouflage. Pinstripes can be tastefully employed to add spectral height, they also have a thinning effect on more corpulent men. Pinstripes like the ones in the picture on the left are guaranteed to have you expelled from any reputable establishment.

Lastly, never wear a stripped shirt with a pinstripe suit unless you have LGBTQ stage hands to coordinate the necktie and overall visual spectacle. If you are wearing a pinstripe suit, a starched white shirt is unsurpassed for elegance, or even a shirt that matches the color of those very discrete pinstripes. If you are wearing a plain suit, you have greater latitude in your shirt selection but avoid indicators like mixing stripped shirts with stripped neckties. My personal preference is to use a solid color necktie that picks up some of the tone in the shirt and contrasts well with your suit. Neckties should never be loud they should contrast and help you to stand out.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our weekly shoot-the-shit topic. As with all shoot-the-shits, you are free to make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult who you wish or change the subject altogether. Have a great weekend be safe be vigilant and enjoy quality time with your buds and family!

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LEWISTON, Idaho – July 21, 2016 – CCI Ammunition is proud to announce a new 22 Long Rifle offering with new Copper-22. Its non-lead bullet is suited for plinking, target-shooting and small game hunting. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.
The Copper-22 projectile is constructed from a unique mix of copper particles and polymer compressed into a potent, 21-grain hollow-point bullet. Combined with CCI’s reliable priming and propellant, Copper-22 loads achieve a muzzle velocity of 1,850 fps and provide superb accuracy.

Features & Benefits
• Non-lead bullet suited for plinking, target-shooting and small game hunting
• 21-grain hollow-point bullet
• Compressed copper-polymer construction
• 1,850 fps muzzle velocity
• Excellent accuracy
Part No. / Description / MSRP
925CC / Copper-22, 22 LR 21-grain / $10.95
CCI is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on CCI Ammunition, go to


I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with a CCI representative at SHOT SHOW 2016, in Las Vegas, discussing their compressed copper load and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Suppressed .22LR shooters will like this ammunition and we hope to bring you a review later this year. This is another great load from CCI. Stay tuned…

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OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (July 21, 2016) – Weaver, an industry leader in high-performance optics and mounting systems for more than 80 years, continues its quest to revitalize the Grand Slam series and rewrite optics history by introducing the new Grand Slam Riflescope with MultiStop Turret.
The revolutionary MultiStop Turret system lets shooters build their own custom ballistic turret for a fast, precise hold on distant targets, and then reconfigure it for different loads and firearms.
Designed to ensure accuracy and eliminate hold-over, color-coded bands on the turret can be adjusted to perfectly match any load. Simply turn the turret to the band color that corresponds to the correct distance, hold dead-on and watch your target tumble.
To further engender ease of use and downrange proficiency, the custom aluminum lens cap provides a heads-up range/color reference card for fast turret stop selection. Shooters can visit to set up their scope and print off a custom dope sheet to place in the lens cap for handy reference.
Available in 4-16x 44mm and 5-20x 50mm options, the Grand Slam Riflescope with MultiStop Turret also features precision-ground, fully multi-coated lenses for clear edge-to-edge viewing. Rugged one-piece, 1-inch tube construction is standard, as is Argon purging to eliminate internal fogging.
The scope also offers side-focus parallax adjustment for long-range precision; a cross-balanced spring system for repeatable high-precision windage and elevation adjustment; and an improved erector spring design that maximizes force and uniformity throughout travel.
Weaver, a Vista Outdoor, Inc. brand, has more than 80 years of experience creating the world’s most reliable optics and mounting systems. For more information, visit

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This miscreant decide to break the perimeter, I guess he thought he could get away with it. Part of the tail was already missing.


  • 12 foot shot
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 40
  • Spring operated
  • .12 gram pellet at 315 fps

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Heavy Folder Drop Point HF2 D



Heavy Folder Tanto HF2 T

  • Weight g.: 319.5
  • Weight oz.: 11.27
  • Blade Length (mm): 124.5
  • Blade Length (in): 4.90
  • Total Length (mm): 305.5
  • Total Length (in): 12.03
  • Blade Thickness (mm): 5.6
  • Blade Thickness (in): 0.22
  • Blade Material: BöHLER N690 STEEL (58HRC)
  • Blade Finishing: MIL-C-13924 BURNISHING
  • Main Grid: FLAT
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G-Code and Haley Strategic Partners Announce The 2016 Edition Of The Incog Blood Stripe IWB holster.

July 20, 2016 – G-Code and Haley Strategic Partners are proud to present the 2016 edition of the Incog Blood Stripe IWB holster.

Dress Blue shown with Solid Brass Super Mojo

Released in honor of the US Marine Corps, the 2016 edition of the holster features your choice of US Marine Corps “Dress Blue” tactical fuzz and includes a Brass Super Mojo, exclusive to this holster; or Black Tactical Fuzz on Red Kydex with a Red Super Mojo. Like every previous Blood Stripe holster offering, the 2016 line up will include the Incog, Incog Eclipse, the G-Code OSH Holster and the Disruptive Environments Carrier system. Starting with this offering, however, we are also introducing the inclusion of the INCOG SHADOW line. These are limited edition items with a portion of each sale donated to the MARSOC foundation.

The MARSOC Foundation was established to provide benevolent support to active duty and medically retired MARSOC personnel and their families as well as to the families of Marines and Sailors who have lost their lives in service to our Nation. The Foundation aims to meet needs unmet by the government with an emphasis on building personal and family resiliency and supporting the full reintegration of MARSOC Marines and Sailors following wounds, injuries and extended deployments.

Read more about the Foundation at

INCOG and OSH Blood Stripe holsters are available at Blood Stripe Series

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LRHSi 4.5-18x 44mm Riflescope Is Bushnell’s Latest Addition To Its Long Range Hunting Scope Line

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas (July 18, 2016) – Bushnell, an industry leader in high-performance optics for more than 65 years, now offers its proven Elite Long Range Hunting Scope (LRHS) with an illuminated reticle to help hunters quickly put their aiming point on target in all light conditions, even at extreme distances.
Like the original LRHS, the new LRHSi 4.5-18x 44mm riflescope is built specifically to give long-range hunters unparalleled accuracy. It features a first focal plane G2H-i mil-based illuminated reticle, which allows hunters to range targets at any magnification and easily make critical hold adjustments with .1 mil clicks. Plus, the low-profile, target-style elevation turret with RevLimiter zero stop allows shooters to quickly return to zero without dialing past.
The LRHSi also offers a fast-focus eyepiece and side-parallax adjustment to retain a crisp, clear sight picture at any range. Aiding in visual performance, the lens’ patented RainGuard HD coating creates a permanent barrier that beads water to scatter less light and give a clear view in conditions that would render untreated optics unusable. The scope is also Argon-purged for ultimate waterproof integrity.
Additional accuracy-enhancing features include a 30mm tube diameter for increased adjustment travel; light-saving, fully multi-coated optics with Ultra Wide Band anti-reflection lens treatments; and resettable, capped windage turret. With an overall length of 14.2 inches and 3.94-inch eye relief, the LRHSi weighs in at just 26.5 ounces, making it a lightweight yet critical addition to your long-range shooting platform.
Bushnell, a Vista Outdoor, Inc. brand, is one of the most recognizable and trusted names in precision hunting, tactical and recreational optics and accessories. For more information, visit

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Just a quick post to remind readers with NFA requirements that ATF 41F went into effect on 13 July 2016. ATF 41F  is of importance to NFA Trust applicants but it also changes CLEO signoff to CLEO notification, which is relevant to Form 1 and Form 4 individual applicants. To be redundant, it applies to all Form1 and From 4 submissions.

You can download the New Form 1 (here) You can find CLEO notification requirements in Instruction 2g.

You can download the New Form 4 (here) You can find CLEO notification requirements in Instruction 2f.

Processing times for Form 1 and Form 4 submissions will range from 6 to 8 months and should improve as the NFA Branch gets a handle on the new process.

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Although the E-Tool’s key strength is its compactness, its function is limited to digging or a capable blunt object, should all else fail. Modern designs, like the CRKT Trencher, offer a number of features not found in the standard issue E-Tool…

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On Bastille Day; while men, women and children enjoyed celebratory fireworks, a lone terrorist drove a large truck through a crowded street in Nice; killing at least 80 people, including children, and injuring 50. These numbers are expected to rise as the victims are triaged. It was also reported that weapons and grenades were found in the truck and possibly explosives. The driver was shot dead by French Police.

We extend our sympathy to all of the victims and to the French people who have bravely suffered through three devastating terror attacks. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and we stand in solidarity with you.

Nous adressons ou de sympathie à toutes les victimes et au peuple français qui ont courageusement subi par trois attaques dévastatrices terroristes. Nos prières et nos pensées sont avec vous et nous sont solidaires avec vous.

The EU’s greatest success is the establishment of a common currency and enabling the free flow of goods and services in commerce. Its greatest failing is its attempt to undermine a national identity by eliminating borders.

Readers, every living organism on our planet has a mechanism for controlling what enters its structure. If that mechanism fails, the afflicted organism will die. The classical example is the HIV virus. HIV attacks the human immune system debilitating it to the point where it can no longer protect the individual. We call that condition Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or A.I.D.S. HIV is not what kills the afflicted, it’s everything else entering the body unimpeded. The EU has A.I.D.S. and we are seeing the effect of a borderless society. The EU’s social problems will continue to increase until member countries begin to enforce borders.

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The Story of How Swab-Its Keeps Changing the Way People Clean Their Guns

This is the story of an innovative American company, Super Brush LLC, which, through its Swab-Its® division changed the way people have cleaned their firearms for the past 200 years.

For 60 plus years, the company has been developing and manufacturing products in the USA for the high tech, electrical, medical, cosmetic and aerospace markets around the world.

Because their employees were having problems cleaning their own firearms, the company decided to apply its high tech engineering staff to these problems and to engineer a solution and bring it to the rest of the world.

The first firearms cleaning products, Swab-Its® Bore-Tips® – were launched three years ago at the Las Vegas Shot Show and were deemed by bloggers at the Shot Show to be one of the best new products of the year.  The Swab-Its® Bore-Tips® garnered similar accolades at the following NRA Shows.

Superior to patches, Swab-Its® Bore-Tips® save time, are simpler to use than a patch, follow the rifling better, are reusable for multiple times, and easy to clean with soap and water or mineral spirits.

Swab-Its® has continued to develop more gun cleaning products, from the initial launch of just two sizes of Bore-Tips® through 20ga shotgun sizes, including their brand-new .50cal/28ga Bore-Tips, the Gun-Tips™ line, designed to clean parts outside of the bore, and their new pull-through .177 and .22cal Bore-Whips™. These new members of the Swab-Its® family are pull-through gun cleaning products that can be inserted from the action and outperform any product on the market with tight, complete bore coverage. The new .177 Bore-Whips™ work great with precision airguns and .17 caliber rimfire and centerfire rifles alike. The .22 Bore-Whips™ are especially useful with airguns, semi-autos and lever actions. Both the .177 and the .22cal Bore-Whips™ function as Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) as well. Swab-Its® .177 Bore-Whips™ and .22 Bore-Whips™ are available now.  A Multi-Caliber Bore-Whip that will accept .30cal, .40cal and .45cal for Rifles and .40cal and .45 for Muzzle Loaders is now in development.

Based on extensive research with a wide range of firearms specialists, and feedback from an enthusiastic public, our gun cleaning products are much superior to patches and any other firearm cleaning product on the market today.

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Heavy Folder Drop Point HF1D


Heavy Folder Tanto Point HF1T



Weight g.:

Weight oz.:

Blade Length (mm):

Blade Length (in):

Total Length (mm):

Total Length (in):

Blade Thickness (mm):

Blade Thickness (in):

Blade Material:

Blade Finishing:

Main Grid:

Handle Material:
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Bergara USA Begins Shipping the Premier Stalker Rifle

The Bergara Premier Stalker Rifle features new custom engineered carbon fiber, one-piece stock.

Lawrenceville, Ga. (July 2016) Rifle maker, Bergara USA, announced today that it has begun shipping its new Premier Stalker Rifle.  Like other models in the Premier Series of custom-quality production rifles, the Stalker features Bergara’s Premier Action, a Timney trigger, and the legendary Bergara barrel.   

The Stalker’s custom engineered carbon fiber stock is a new addition to the rifle.  Built by a group of craftsmen who cut their teeth in the aerospace industry, the stock is extremely lightweight, rigid, and durable.  Its one-piece construction is the key to its superiority over other carbon fiber stocks, most of which are made of two molded halves that are bonded together.

“We’ve been working diligently for several months to perfect the Stalker’s new stock, and while this caused some delay in getting it into the market, we think the wait was well worth it – as it puts the overall rifle into a class by itself in terms of the quality of its components for the price,” said Ben Fleming, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Bergara USA.

The Bergara Premier Stalker has an MSRP of $2,190 and carries a sub-MOA accuracy guarantee.  Manufactured in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA, the Premier Stalker is accuracy verified prior to leaving Bergara’s shop, and the test target is included in the box.  To learn more about Bergara’s full line of quality rifles, or to locate a dealer near you, please visit  

Bergara Premier Stalker Rifle Specifications:

  • Calibers:  .300 Win. Mag., .30-06 Sprg., .270 Win., .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor,  .280 Ackley Improved
  • Barrel Length:   22 inches (SA), 24 inches (LA and Premier Action)
  • Length Overall:  41.25 inches (SA, 44.5 inches (LA)
  • Weight:    6.5 lbs (SA), 7.15 lbs (LA)
  • Rifling/Twist:     1:10 (.300 Win. Mag., .30-06 Sprg., .270 Win., .308 Win.)   1:8 (6.5 Creedmoor) 1:9 (.280 Ackley Improved)       
  • Stock:     One-piece carbon fiber
  • MSRP:     $2,190.00
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Tactical Squirrel Offers Chance to Win an Axelson Tactical Rifle

Tactical Squirrel, a recognized Veterans Family of Brands supporter, offers its first 1,000 subscribers a chance to win an Axelson Tactical Rifle in .223/5.56 from its “Warrior” Series Rifle line.

Monroe, WA (July 2016) – Tactical Squirrel LLC, a new subscription service focused on sourcing products from companies that support US Veterans, First Responders and The Second Amendment, is pleased to announce a special opportunity to win an Axelson Tactical Rifle in .223/5.56 from its “Warrior” Series Rifle line. The first 1,000 subscribers to sign up for Tactical Squirrel at will be entered in the drawing to win this custom rifle from Axelson Tactical. Entrants must be 21+ to win. Void where prohibited.

Unlike other box subscription programs, Tactical Squirrel fills each box with products from Veteran owned companies and companies that actively support Veteran programs. Products vary from month to month and may include ammunition, knives, targets, T-shirts, tactical tools and more.

Basic and Premium subscriptions are available. To subscribe to Tactical Squirrel’s box program, visit Stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Tactical Squirrel through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About Tactical Squirrel:

Tactical Squirrel is a monthly box subscription program focused on driving awareness of Veteran owned companies and those supporting Veteran, First Responders and The Second Amendment.

About Veterans Family of Brands:

The Veterans Family of Brands (VFOB) is an organization with a mission focus to become the Forward Operating Base of veterans through the facilitation of high quality products and financial support for vetted charities. VFOB provides a platform for companies, dealers and individuals to become members of this mission. The VFOB is generated for the benefit of its manufacturing members, supporting Dealers, and a large group of vetted Veterans Charity Foundations. Individuals likewise, who resonate with the mission, will have the opportunity to be coin carrying members of the VFOB. It is focused on the promotion, vetting and supporting of those like-minded businesses that support veteran programs directly. It provides advertising, support and mentorship from already successful businesses that support, hire, and or donate to VFOB approved charities. Every time you buy a product from one of VFOB’s manufacturing and dealer members you are giving back to veterans.

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Savage Arms Introduces A17 17 HMR Scoped Package Featuring Bushnell A17 riflescope

SUFFIELD, Connecticut – July 12, 2016 – Savage Arms is pleased to announce its launch of a new A17 XP scope-package gun. The new A17 XP model features a Bushnell A17 scope that comes mounted and boresighted, making it easier than ever for shooters to get from the store to the field or range. Shipments of this new rifle are being delivered to dealers.
Savage Arms made firearms history when it introduced the A17 in 2015. The platform is the first high-performance semi-automatic rimfire specifically designed for the 17 HMR cartridge, and its unique delayed-blowback action provides safe, reliable operation with standard 17 HMR loads.
Features & Benefits
• First reliable semi-automatic rimfire platform designed for 17 HMR
• Bushnell A17 riflescope, mounted and boresighted
• Delayed-blowback action ensures safe, reliable cycling
• Hard chrome bolt with oversized bolt handle
• Case-hardened receiver and 22-inch button-rifled barrel
• 10-round rotary magazine
• User-adjustable AccuTrigger™
Part No. / Description / MSRP
47011 / A17 XP package rifle, 17 HMR / $578

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The POGN WHARNCLIFFE by Bawidamann Blades features filework on the blade spine and notches on the thumbrest, 5/32 blade stock, 1 1/2 in blade depth. Full tang Skeltonized construction.
MADE IN USA, Proudly crafted by the Bawidamann Brothers

  • Blade length 3 1/2 in
  • Steel CPM-CRU WEAR
  • Handles Paracord wrapped
  • Overall length 7 3/8 in
  • Weight 4 oz. (6.5oz w/scabbard)
  • M.S.R.P. $285
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New Angle Cosine Indicator Improves Rifle Hunter Performance Shooting in Mountainous Terrain

Estes Park, COSniper Tools Design Company, LLC a Colorado-based, veteran-owned small business and owner-operator of the Mountain Shooting Center in Utah, is excited to introduce its patented new ACI-HUNTER for sportsmen who traverse the mountains in search of trophy big game. The ACI-HUNTER is the newest design of the company’s original, battlefield proven Angle Cosine Indicator-Military issued to US Special Forces and NATO marksmen throughout the world.
The innovative ACI-HUNTER was inspired by renowned Professional Hunter (PH) Bryan Martin, owner of
Asian Mountain Outfitters a respected international guide for hunters who pursues elusive trophy big game on mountainsides above the tree line, around the world. Martin’s clients needed a small, rifle-mounted device to help them quickly calculate the “gravity” distance to target, as opposed to the “line of sight” distance provided by laser range finders. This is a little understood area of long distance shooting in the mountains.
Martin all too often encounters experienced hunters, pumped with adrenaline, physically spent at high altitude, with the trophy of a lifetime in their cross hairs. “Some hunters really don’t realize how the science of gravity and

math impact the world of external ballistics when shooting up or down mountainsides and across deep valleys,” said Martin.  “At extreme angles and distances of hundreds of yards, this typically results in disappointing missed shots and loss of trophy animals.” So Martin approached his longtime friend Ward Brien, a US Army veteran and President and inventor of the Angle Cosine Indicator for a solution.
The compact ACI-HUNTER is precision manufactured in the USA from aerospace grade aluminum alloy weighing less than an ounce. By necessity it’s waterproof, ruggedized and impervious to hot and cold temperatures. The ACI-HUNTER is completely mechanical, needs no batteries and works in any climatic condition or altitude where the most sought after big game trophies roam.

The ACI-HUNTER conveniently mounts to the main tube of your rifle scope or Picatinny scope base rail. This ACI is intuitive – displaying angular measurements on the left side and the corresponding angle cosine on the right side of the unit. The device requires minimal training and only a command of basic math skills to make quick, accurate shots by referencing a handy pre-made range card attached to your rifle stock. Or you can incorporate ACI measurements into your favorite ballistic calculator for even more precise ballistic calculations by entering the angle or cosine!
Company President Ward Brien can attest to the effectiveness of his invention due to its continuing success and use in the military sniper community.  “The Sniper Tools Design team is excited about expanding into the hunting community,” said Brien. “Helping hunters become more proficient marksmen also means more ethically harvested animals and fewer wounded or lost trophies.  The ACI-HUNTER will provide sportsmen with the same dependable range correction performance as their military counterparts experience with our
MIL-SPEC ACI equipment.”

Hunters spend quite a bit of time and money on hunts and shooting equipment annually. The ACI-HUNTER is perhaps one of the few investments that can have a demonstrative impact on the success of that single shot they get on the elusive trophy of a life time at an MSRP of only $137.00.
For more information on the ACI-HUNTER visit the Sniper Tools Design website at

Sniper Tools Design Company, LLC is an Estes Park, Colorado based veteran owned small business with twenty years of experience developing tools for the commercial and military precision long range shooting community. In addition to manufacturing an American made family of patented, battle-proven Angle Cosine Indicators, the company’s principal is also a product design consultant and experienced precision rifle instructor.
Mountain Shooting Center (MSC) is based in southern UT at 9,000ft ASL and provides specialized precision rifle shooting courses for hunters and long range shooting enthusiasts. MSC conducts pre-season mountain hunter training and advanced long range mountain shooting courses. For LEO/GOV/MIL professional marksmen, MSC training includes Steep Angle High Altitude, Long Range Mountain Shooting, and Aerial Platform Shooting.

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Russian SVD

Russian Dragunov SVD

SVDS with 1P29 scope

Russian SVDS

Izhmash Tigr page

Russian Tiger

I put these pictures up to clear up some of the confusion surrounding these rifles. All are manufactured by the Izhmash plant, all have a Kalashnikov operating system and all are chambered in 7.62 x 54R,  except for the Tiger which is also chambered in 7.62 x 45 (.308). On a number of occasions I’ve heard the Tiger being called an SVD, which it is not, and the silhouette is distinctly different from an SVD. All three of these rifles are expensive and hard to come by.


Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical is a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. In recent years he has hosted tactical firearms related TV shows with the latest being TacTV of which Bravo Company is a presenting sponsor. Larry Vickers special operations background is one of the most unique in the industry today; he has been directly or indirectly involved in the some of the most significant special operations missions of the last quarter century. During Operation Just Cause he participated in Operation Acid Gambit – the rescue of Kurt Muse from Modelo Prison in Panama City, Panama. As a tactics and marksmanship instructor on active duty he helped train special operations personnel that later captured Saddam Hussein and eliminated his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein. In addition he was directly involved in the design and development of the HK416 for Tier One SOF use which was used by Naval Special Warfare personnel to kill Osama Bin Laden. Larry Vickers has developed various small arms accessories with the most notable being his signature sling manufactured by Blue Force Gear and Glock accessories made by Tangodown. In addition he has maintained strong relationships with premium companies within the tactical firearms industry such as Blue Force Gear, BCM, Aimpoint, Black Hills Ammunition, Wilson Combat, Mile High Shooting, Red State Tactical, and Schmidt & Bender.

Larry Vickers travels the country conducting combat marksmanship classes for law abiding civilians, law enforcement and military and has partnered with Alias Training to coordinate classes to best meet the needs of the students attending the class.

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Our prayers and thoughts go out to the 12 Dallas officers who were victims of an ambush against the DPD. The three perpetrators fired on DPD officers from elevated positions as they provided security for Black Lives / All Lives Matter protestors. Five officers were killed and 7 officers wounded, with varying degrees of injury; several in critical condition. The attack has been called the most lethal attack on police since 9/11.

DPD the country is behind you. We appreciate your service, your courage and love of country!


DPD identified a single shooter Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, Texas, a military veteran who served in Afghanistan. PFC Johnson was contacted by DPD negotiators; however, Johnson expressed his dissatisfaction with the drivers behind the Black Lives Matter and the two police shootings in Baton Rouge and Minneapolis. Johnson also expressed his anger with whites especially white police officers. DPD terminated the threat by deploying a UGV with a C4 charge which it subsequently exploded killing Johnson. DPD has other suspects in custody and are investigating if there is a connection to Johnson or the shootings.

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Winchester Super Clean Adds Two New Lead-Free Handgun Offerings in 2016

EAST ALTON, Ill. – The number of target shooters in the United States doubled between 2009 and 2014, meaning more shooters, more interest in affordable ammunition options and the need for more time to train. As an industry leader in handgun ammunition, Winchester is answering the needs of this growing audience by offering two new completely airborne lead-free and downrange lead-free pistol target and training products as part of its Super Clean® line.

Both loads feature zinc core full metal jacket (ZFMJ) bullets with lead-free primers, which are ideal for indoor and outdoor ranges. These two new Super Clean products—a 9mm Luger 90-grain ZFMJ load with a muzzle velocity of 1,325 fps and a .40 S&W 120-grain ZFMJ that flies at 1,250 fps—are offered at affordable price points, which will allow for even more high-volume training.

“Today’s shooters are a diverse crowd, and they are also extremely eager to spend as much time on the range as possible. That means it is vital to produce ammunition that performs at a high level, capable of being used in any modern firearm, is affordable and that meets the requirements of the ranges where they shoot. These two new Super Clean products do just that,” said Brett Flaugher, Winchester Ammunition vice president of marketing, sales and strategy.

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Federal Premium Now Offers HST Practice & Defend Combo Packs


Federal Premium Ammunition  announced a new option for those seeking one solution for both training and personal defense: HST Practice & Defend Combo Packs. The ammunition line combines realistic practice and value with the industry’s leading personal defense load, HST. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.
Several years ago, Federal Premium invented this concept, joining personal defense ammunition and ballistically matched training loads in one convenient, affordable package with Practice & Defend Combo Packs. This year, the company has made these products even better by combining top-of-the line HST loads with American Eagle training rounds.

Features & Benefits

  • HST bullet design delivers industry-leading performance in FBI protocol testing (Not applicable to 380 Auto offering)
  • American Eagle FMJ target rounds provide consistent accuracy
  • Grain weights of both loads match for familiar feel and realistic practice (Not applicable to 380 Auto offering)
  • Combination allows effective training and personal defense
  • Available in 380 Auto, 9mm Luger, 40 S&W and 45 Auto
  • 100 rounds of target ammunition and 20 rounds of HST Personal Defense

Part No. / Description / MSRP

  • PAE38099HST / 380 Auto 99-grain HST/95-grain FMJ / $80.95
  • PAE9124HST / 9mm Luger 124 grain HST/FMJ / $67.95
  • PAE40180HST / 40 S&W 180 grain HST/FMJ / $84.95
  • PAE45230HST / 45 Auto 230 grain HST/FMJ / $96.95
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We’ll be closing out August with a stem-to-stern overview of Morphix Technologies Trace X explosives detection system. It’s a foregone conclusion that our homeland is under an increasing and very real threat from self radicalized individuals or directed terror group activity. The Orlando killings once more demonized the modern semiautomatic rifle. This faux “assault rifle’s” prowess is greatly exaggerated to serve an flawed agenda. My concern is not an AR-15, or AR-15 clone, my concern is someone driving a vehicle laden with propane gas ignited by a home made explosive device into a venue or facility.  So we decided to take a look at one of the most successful technologies available to the individual law enforcement officer or agent as they labor to be preemptive in what is a very serious fight. Using TraceX the officer or agent can easily test a suspect, or suspected dwelling,  for the presence of explosive substances.

Catch our upcoming review in August.

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Streamlight Recycling Contribution Leads to Record Call2Recycle Collection Numbers

EAGLEVILLE, PA, July 6, 2016–Streamlight®, Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting, announced it received “The Call2Recycle 2015 Leaders in Sustainability Award” for its commitment to battery recycling.

Streamlight was part of a nationwide coalition of businesses that helped Call2Recycle divert close to 7.1 million pounds of batteries from U.S. landfills in 2015 – a 3 percent increase from the previous year.  Recycled materials included Nickel Cadmium, Lithium Ion, Nickel Metal Hydride and Small Sealed Lead Acid batteries.

Streamlight and several of its distributors are partners with Call2Recycle, Inc., North America’s first and largest consumer battery stewardship program offering no-cost battery and cell phone recycling solutions across the U.S. and Canada.  The program helps businesses care for the environment through its rechargeable battery collection program.

“We’re proud to receive the Call2Recycle Award for our contributions to a healthy and safe environment for our communities,’” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “Streamlight and its participating dealers have joined thousands of U.S. businesses in serving as battery collection sites in a collective effort to maintain a healthy and safe environment for our communities.”

Rechargeable batteries are a long-lasting, eco-friendly power source for many electronic devices, including flashlights, laptop computers, cell phones, portable scanners and printers, power tools and PDAs.  By recycling customers’ rechargeable batteries, Streamlight and its participating dealers help prevent the used products from entering the solid waste stream.

Since 1996, Call2Recycle® has collected more than 100 million pounds of batteries and cellphones from the solid waste stream, working with more than 34,000 collection sites throughout the United States and Canada. Call2Recycle® is the first program of its kind to receive the Responsible Recycling Practices Standard (R2) certification.

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Pre-Fit Carbon Fiber Barrels for Savage Arms Rifles Now Available from PROOF Research



Columbia Falls, MT (June 27, 2016) PROOF Research ( announced today that they are offering pre-fit carbon fiber barrels for the Savage rifle, one of the most popular platforms for gun owners to customize. The pre-fit carbon fiber barrels from PROOF Research can be installed without the assistance of a gunsmith, although some special tools are required.

“By designing a carbon fiber barrel specifically for this platform, we’ve made it easy for Savage owners to extract every last bit of accuracy and handling performance from this iconic rifle,” stated Jason Lincoln, VP of Engineering and Product Development at PROOF Research. “Our barrels are up to 50% lighter than steel barrels of similar contour and cool 60% faster than stainless steel, resulting in virtually no point-of-impact shift during high-volume strings of fire. We believe there is no better choice for the custom gun builder who wants to build a precision long-range rifle.”

For the last several years PROOF Research has been proving that carbon fiber-wrapped barrels aren’t just a lightweight alternative to traditional steel barrels, but that they provide superior performance, including extreme accuracy, and unprecedented durability. By combining their unique manufacturing process with advanced technology composite materials and thermo-mechanical design principles, they’ve accomplished what others have failed to do in the past-match-grade carbon fiber barrels that weigh a fraction of traditional steel barrels while compromising nothing.

The pre-fit carbon fiber Savage barrels are currently being offered by Stocky’s ( and arrive threaded and chambered in a variety of calibers including 223, 243, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5×284 Ackley 6.5×280 Ackley, 7mm REM MAG, 300 WIN MAG and 22-250.

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We’ve been digging around for something cool to review for our readers and found CRKT’s Trencher. How many times have you gone camping  and found your self in need of a shovel, saw and ax? Well, look no further readers because we found what you’ve been needing, even investment bankers with cabins in the Pocono Mountains, we’ve got you covered. Read our upcoming review this coming August.

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SIG SAUER is a global leader in the firearms industry. The company has been working on its vertical integration and today it is a formidable enterprise with control over its entire product line. The P320 RX, the RX stands for Romeo 1 which is the company’s own micro red dot, is the perfect fusion of SIG’s impressive accessory line with its exceptional firearms. Customers interested in the P320 RX  get a full sized P320, the Romeo 1 micro red dot and high sights.

SIG, why not a extended threaded 13.5 x 1 barrel?

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We’d like to wish you all an extraordinary day with friends and family. Enjoy everything this day has to offer pausing, if even for an instant, to take in its real meaning. Stay alert and remember that inaction is what terrorist count on. Inaction is also what the liberal wing is counting on this coming November. Lets borrow from Gomer Pyle Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

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The new GREY GHOST PRECISION website is live, and to celebrate they’re offering America’s Rifle at 17.76% off the normal price. You can take advantage of that here

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Spyderco Street Beat Black A Fred Perrin Design


If looking and holding Spyderco’s Street Beat doesn’t float your boat, you may want to check your vitals. This little fixed blade knife has all of the sex appeal of a Lamborghini HURACÁN LP 610-4 AVIO. The Street Beat is compact, muscular and agile, all extensions of its designer, M. Fred Perrin, de Paris…

Read My Review

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FLIR Systems Acquires Armasight, Inc. for $41 Million

Acquisition Enhances FLIR’s Recreational and Tactical Scopes and Sights Business to Better Serve Outdoor Sporting, Law Enforcement, and Military Markets

WILSONVILLE, OR — (Marketwired) — 06/28/16 — FLIR Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced today that it has acquired Armasight, Inc., a leading developer of precision sporting, hunting, and military optics products, for approximately $41 million in cash.

Armasight, based in San Francisco, is a global leader in night vision, thermal, and daylight imaging products for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, law enforcement, and military customers. Armasight develops and distributes a wide range of rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, goggles, and illuminating tools that improve safety and the enjoyment of the outdoors as well as enable military users to detect, recognize, and identify targets from extreme ranges at any time of day or night. The acquisition will combine FLIR’sexisting lines of Personal Vision Systems and Thermal Weapon Sights with Armasight’s products thus providing FLIR the ability to better serve hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, police, and military customers with advanced day and night capabilities. The combined business line will be named FLIR Outdoor and Tactical Systems™ and will be reported within FLIR’s Surveillance segment.

“The addition of Armasight to our existing scopes and sights business provides us with meaningful additional scale and injects additional market expertise to better serve the growing hunting and military scopes markets,” said Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR. “We are pleased to welcome this talented team in further leveraging FLIR’sestablished channels into global military and law enforcement customers, as well as utilize our advanced thermal sensor development and vertically-integrated production capabilities to advance their products and reduce costs.”

FLIR anticipates this transaction will be neutral to 2016 net earnings and accretive thereafter.

About FLIR Systems
FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness. FLIR’s advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems are used for a wide variety of imaging, thermography, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, navigation, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) detection. For more information, go to FLIR’s web site at

Press Release

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PMAG® 30 AUS GEN M3™ Window – Steyr® AUG

The PMAG 30 AUS GEN M3 Window is a 30-round 5.56×45 NATO polymer magazine for Steyr® AUG/F88/F90 compatible weapons that features transparent windows to allow rapid visual identification of approximate number of rounds remaining.

Similar to the GEN M3 PMAG for the AR15/M4, the PMAG 30 AUS features a long-life USGI-spec stainless steel spring, four-way anti-tilt follower and constant-curve internal geometry for reliable feeding, and simple tool-less disassembly to ease cleaning. In addition, low profile ribs and aggressive front and rear texture gives positive control in all environments, and a paint pen dot matrix has been added to the bottom panel of the body to allow easy marking by the end user for identification. The easy to disassemble GEN M3 flared floorplate aids in extraction and handling, and is slimmer than factory Steyr floorplates for better fit in magazine pouches.

MSRP $19.95



  • Next-generation impact and crush resistant polymer construction
  • Designed specifically for Mil-issue Steyr AUG, F88 Austeyr, and F90*
  • Modified dimensions provide a slimmer footprint than factory Steyr magazines
  • Constant-curve internal geometry for smooth feeding
  • Anti-tilt, self-lubricating follower for increased reliability
  • Long life USGI-spec stainless steel spring, black-oxide coated (MIL-DTL-13924D)
  • Anti-glare translucent MagLevel windows on both sides of the body along with a painted indicator on the spring allows for easy determination of rounds remaining from 1 to 30
  • Over-travel insertion stop on the spine
  • Ribbed gripping surface and aggressive front and rear texture for positive magazine handling
  • Paint pen dot matrix panels on the bottom of the body to allow for identification marking
  • Flared floorplate aids magazine handling and disassembly yet is slim enough for use with many mag pouches

*NOTE: Does not fit the AUG NATO conversion

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Orlando victims look to Sandy Hook lawsuit against gun maker” the story headline of an article  written by Ana Radelant and published 27 June 2016. Ana’s story opens with this paragraph.

“Washington – Families of those massacred in an Orlando nightclub are weighing whether to follow the Sandy Hook families that have filed a lawsuit against makers of assault rifles like the one Adam Lanza used to kill 20 first graders and six adults…”

Before the Sandy Hook investigation was concluded, media, gun control activists, elected officials and aspiring politicians immediately called for background checks and the banning of modern sporting rifles, alleging that  Adam Lanza was able to purchase the guns used in the commission of his crimes. It was only after the “Report of the State’s Attorney for the Judicial District of Danbury on the Shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and 36 Yogananda Street,Newtown, Connecticut” was published that we discover that all firearms and ammunition used in the Sandy Hook killings were legally purchased by Adam Lanza’s  mother. All federal and state laws were observed, but years later we still have gun control activists and elected officials using Sandy Hook to advance a cause that has reached an unprecedented level of falsehoods. Can anyone be that stupid, or twofaced, to use the lives of those small children to promote something that is so corrupt and self-serving? If anything the Sandy Hook families should get behind the NRA and NSSF to promote programs like Child Safe. Folks it was parental negligence that opened the door to the Sandy Hook killings not Remington or its distributors and retailers.

The Sandy Hook families are now suing Remington, the distributor and retailer using a “negligent entrustment” argument. The Plaintiffs and their attorneys claim that they are going after the AR-15; describing it as a firearm designed to inflict massive amounts of damage in a short amount of time.  In addition to background checks maybe we should include I.Q. tests and a disclaimer, but anyone buying a firearm knows they’re purchasing an instrument that is potentially dangerous, and manufacturers go to extremes to communicate that point by publishing warnings on nearly every page in their owner’s manuals. Furthermore, every firearm shipped to retailers contains a steel cable lock which when used renders the firearm inoperable. As to the weapon of war concept, all of the rifles and operating systems below were weapons of war. The AR-15 is no more than a civilian version of a normal developmental progression, which is why we call it a modern semiautomatic rifle.

Kentucky Long rifle Flintlock .36 ball 1776-1816
Model 1795 Musket Flintlock .69 Ball 1795-1842
Model 1803 Rifle Flintlock .54 Ball 1803-?
Model 1812 Musket Flintlock .69 Ball 1812-1842
Model 1814 Rifle Flintlock .54 Ball 1814-?
Model 1816 Musket Flintlock .69 Ball 1816-1842
Model 1817 Rifle Flintlock .54 Ball 1817-1842
Model 1822 Musket Flintlock .69 Ball 1822-1865
Springfield Model 1835 Flintlock .69 Ball 1835-1842
Springfield Model 1842 Percussion cap .69 Ball 1842-1854
Springfield Model 1855 Percussion cap .58 Minié 1854-1861
Spencer Repeating Rifle Lever Action 56-56 Spencer 1860-1873
Springfield Model 1861 Percussion cap .58 Minié 1861-1867
Henry Repeating Rifle Lever Action .44 Henry 1862-1873
Springfield Model 1863 Percussion cap .58 Minié 1863-1867
Springfield Model 1865 Breech-loading .58 Musket Rimfire 1865-1867
Springfield Model 1866 Breech-loading .50-70 Government 1866-1873
Springfield Model 1868 Breech-loading .50-70 Government 1869-1873
Springfield Model 1873 Breech-loading .45-70 1873-1884
Springfield Model 1884 Breech-loading .45-70 1884-1894
Springfield Model 1892-99 Bolt action .30-40 Krag 1894-early 1900s
M1895 Lee Navy(Navy/Marines) Straight-pull 6mm Lee Navy 1895-early 1900s
M1903 Springfield Bolt-action .30-06 Springfield 1903-1957
M1916 Mosin–Nagant Bolt-action 7.62×54R 1918-c.1921
M1917 Enfield Bolt-action .30-06 Springfield 1917-1943
M1 Garand Semi-automatic .30-06 Springfield 1936-1963 (some used into the 1970s)
M1 Carbine Semi-automatic .30 Carbine 1942-1960s
M2 Carbine Selective fire .30 Carbine 1945-1960s
M14 Selective fire 7.62×51mm NATO 1959–Present Standard issue until 1970
Currently used as a marksman rifle
M16 Selective fire 5.56×45mm NATO 1964–Present Standard rifle of USMC
M4A1 Selective fire 5.56×45mm NATO 1994–Present Standard carbine of US Army
MK 17 Mod 0 (FN SCAR-H) Selective fire 7.62×51mm NATO 2009–present Used by all branches of USSOCOM

Adding insult to injury, SIG Arms is now in the crosshairs because a terrorist took 49 lives at an Orlando nightclub using one of its rifles, and it looks like the families of the victims of the Pulse Nightclub killings may be looking to the negligent entrustment argument to pursue an action against SigArms.

Read the article folks! And if it troubles you as much as it does us, contact your elected officials and ask them to protect the rights of firearm manufacturers with legislation that strengthens the PLCAA .

“Negligent Entrustment” you’ve got to be kidding me readers. I guess if some genetic defect picks up a Ginsu knife and kills 7 people with the damned thing the knife maker will have to defend a “Negligent Entrustment” suit. Take this seriously readers because it could destroy an industry and even your business. It’s unbelievable!

Have a great weekend, be safe over the 4th of July but do  take in the fireworks and for God’s sake vote this election cycle there’s a lot at stake!

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Developed by Steiner as part of the NATO “Soldier of the Future” program, the ICS uses an integrated laser rangefinder and automatic ballistic calculator to quickly provide the correct aim point, regardless of distance.

The ICS is a medium to long-range sight. To cover the entire distance spectrum, combine the ICS with a co-hosted MRS (Micro Reflex Sight). The red dot 1x holographic sight gives operators the ability to get on closer targets extremely quickly, while keeping both eyes wide open for greater situational awareness.

Because it was designed to meet military specifications, the ICS is an incredibly rugged sight, capable of withstanding over 750 Gs of shock, and depths up to 10 meters.


  • 800 meter effective range
  • Automatically adjusts aiming point
  • Single button operation
  • 6×40 configuration
  • Works with multiple calibers
  • Integrated QD mount
  • Waterproof to 10 meters
  • 750 G shock resistance
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Shooters have a variety of reasons for using suppressor covers, mine is mirage mitigation; especially with higher magnification optics. Having  a hot suppressor radiating heat in front of your glass is undesirable. SilencerCo’s  high temperature covers are designed to hold up against a  firing schedule of up to three magazines of semi-automatic fire with a reasonable break between each magazine of at least a minute. This is a great addition for your DMR or SPR rifle as well as your precision rifle. The high temperature models come in two lengths at an M.S.R.P. of $99.99 and you can pick one up here.

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BREXIT ( Sorry We Are Late But Last Week We Were Swamped)

There’s been an amazing amount of noise over the United Kingdom’s referendum to leave the EU. We saw a huge drop in the global markets most of which were overvalued to begin with. The source of all that noise was primarily  pundits who wanted to throw up enough smoke to allow them to make an undetected shift in positions regarding BREXIT. Remember that the key to being a pundit is to create the illusion that you can predict accurately. So this week’s shoot-the-shit presents our ideas on BREXIT; however, to do that we need to talk in broad terms about the EU concept. To make that easier  we created what we’ll call an executive cartoon, shown below.


After World War II, European Countries, through three treaties of Rome (1957 – 1958), created three common communities: European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM), European Coal and Steel Community (EUCASC) and the European Economic Community (EUEC). Then in July of 1987 the 12 members of the EUEC executed an agreement the Single European Act, this event was the seed from which the EU flowered. So, we can look at the EU as a Co-op between sovereign countries for the mutual benefit of all countries.

The EU has been evolving since 1987 and today has 28 members. What is so appealing about the EU is the concept of eliminating borders, allowing the free movement of labor and other factors of production and eliminating foreign currency translations through a common currency. The net result is what we’ll call the Economist’s Nirvana. It’s what all professors dream about. Academics eat the stuff up. However, it’s imperative that you keep in mind that academia is great at concepts but exceedingly poor at implementation. Their thought process is let’s just do it and things will work themselves out. Well, things haven’t worked themselves out; just ask Spain how they feel about the wave of Romanian criminal enterprise.

So, here’s the reason why we think the EU will not be a lasting arrangement.

The picture above shows a number of large buckets the actual number of buckets should be 28, one for each member, but you can kiss my ass if you think I’m going to sit here and draw 28 buckets. The blue coloring represents water and you’ll note that not all buckets have the same amount of water. The water represents the gross domestic product of the member countries. The circle with the X represents the Council of the EU, in Brussels, which we have designated as the “Council of Illuminati”. Opening the valve starts the flow of water, which will eventually seek its own level; initially benefitting those with less water. Once equalized, all buckets should benefit equally as the EU prospers then things will be great. The social agenda behind the EU is the creation of a homogenous people void of national identity and the atrophy of local governments who cede decision making to the Council of Illuminati, thus undermining self-determination in the member nations.

Next, imagine if we could set up the same thing in the Western Hemisphere and Asia Pacific (both of which have already started.) We could find ourselves with a total of three Councils of Illuminati all of whom are comprised of appointed officials. But wait,  how do you get the 3 different councils to work together? Easy, you create a “Council of Illuminati Cum Laud.”

Folks there are all kinds of reasons why the 28 buckets have different amounts of water. Those countries who limit regulations, have educated labor, abundant natural resources, moderate weather, stable governments, access to capital and posses an industrious national character will always have more water in their buckets. However, under the EU model, they are expected to carry the load for those members lacking equal qualities; Greece is the glowing example of that.

The United Kingdom simply said “enough is enough.” We’re very concerned with comments coming out of the EU’s Council of Illuminati suggesting sanctions against the UK for leaving the organization. A colossally stupid thing to say and reminds us of Mel Brook’s Blazing Saddles where the sheriff puts a gun to his head and says to the angry crowd “don’t move or I’ll shoot  the(redacted)”

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Adaptive Tactical Releases Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier for Remington and Mossberg Pump Action Shotguns.

Nampa, Idaho (June 2016) –Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers of innovative firearm stocks and accessories, has released its new Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier, available for both Remington and  Mossberg pump action shotguns. The first product in a series of upcoming product launches focused on convenient shot shell storage, this simple and sturdy design allows for quick access storage of up to six 12 gauge shells right from the side of the receiver. Ideal for home defense, sport shooting and law enforcement use, the Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier is up to the task and ready to perform in the harshest of conditions. The Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier is a natural line extension from the ultimate shot shell carrying system – the Sidewinder Venom.

The shell carrier is made from durable, flexible non-glare chemical and weather resistant synthetic rubber that will flex to securely hold shells without losing its shape over time. This easy-to-install and nonpermanent design will keep shells close to the receiver for faster reloads while reducing the risk of snags. The streamlined, lightweight Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier features a shaped mounting plate which fits closely to the receiver’s contours.

The Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier for Remington Shotguns is compatible with Remington 870, 1100 and 11-87. The Receiver Mounted Shell Carrier for Mossberg Shotguns is compatible with Mossberg 500, 88 and 590. Both Carriers are 6.75″ long and weigh 5.3 oz. (152 g.).

For more information on Adaptive Tactical, visit or “Like” them on Facebook and “Follow” them on Instagram. For more information on Adaptive Graphx or StōnCamo, visit and

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The ProTac Rail Mount lights are Streamlight’s answer to Surefire’s M300B and M600U Scout lights, and what a Perry and Riposte they are.

Streamlight began shipping the ProTac Rail Mount 1 and 2, the company’s newest addition to their family of weapon mounted lights, in May. With their arrival, it is now possible to have all of the ProTac features on your favorite long gun.

Read My Review…


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Larry Murphy, the CEO of PROOF Research states, “What PROOF Research is doing is bringing disruption into our industry. We’re doing things that have never been done before and it’s going to help both the warfighter and the hunter as well as the aerospace and defense industries.” The video demonstrates that the company is bringing the reality of match-grade carbon fiber-wrapped barrels and composite rifle systems to life.

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