Why We Are Supporting Donald J Trump for President

 Trump Clinton

It’s Friday and we’re all glad the weekend is here. As customary we put forth our weekly shoot-the-shit topic on Friday. For those new to the site, a shoot-the-shit is an informal and unstructured discussion about any topic. You’ll find that our selections don’t necessarily follow the site’s central them. Instead we strive to publish something provocative, relevant and interesting.  In a shoot-the-shit, readers are able to make any unsupported comment, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone they wish or change the subject entirely. In summary, anything goes. With that bit of background out of the way, we’d like to tell you why we are throwing in our support behind Donald J. Trump for President.

The Constitution sets forth three requirements for eligibility to the Presidency. First, the candidate must have attained the age of 35. Second, the candidate must have been a resident of the United States for 14 consecutive years. Third, the candidate must be a natural born citizen or a citizen at the time the Constitution was adopted. Nowhere does it say that the candidate needs political experience, foreign service experience, military service, social standing, eloquence, sophistication, attained a specific educational level, be a specific gender, or religious affiliation. Therefore, anyone meeting the three requirements can aspire to the Presidency and serve as President if duly elected. Regrettably, over the years but more so now than ever before, the media has been actively promoting image over substance; an approach that is inconsistent with our Constitution. They are choosing to increasingly focus on façade and presentation. If you look good, talk good and are a first of a kind candidate you are a media darling. This is a huge disservice to their subscribers and the country as a whole, so we have a very serious problem with how professional media has been conducting this election coverage.

Being the first Martian American, Chinese American, Lesbian American, Transgender American, Woman or Black American to be elected President is trivial and irrelevant in all aspects other than history making. Sadly, voters who are widely misinformed and under informed are easily swayed by the media to support a first of a kind candidate.  Contributing to that is the fanatical desire of an entertainment industry who appoints itself as luminaries simply because they can fake an orgasm in front of a camera lens and pick up a $20 million check for it.

The United States of America, is under no obligation to emulate the EU, and Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel and Theresa May differ from Hillary Clinton in two very important ways, substance and quality. Any suggestion that we must elect a first of a kind candidate just because someone else has one is at best ridiculous.

So here is why we will be supporting Donald J. Trump in the upcoming elections.

  1. Although rough around the edges, and not even close to moderately eloquent, Donald Trump has been the only candidate to drill down and broach issues that political correctness have made unapproachable.
  2. Although he’s been accused of being a racist and xenophobic, we have been unable to find a single instance of racism and xenophobia in his personal or business dealings. Those are attributes assigned to Mr. Trump by a media that is capitalizing on his lack of oratory skills to fill in the blanks they would like to see communicated. Our challenge to the media is provide support for your allegation of racism.
  3. His economic policy makes complete sense. He plans to improve business climate by lifting burdensome regulations and lowering business taxes. That alone will draw capital out of a ridiculously overvalued stock market and enhance business creation. Unlike Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump will not create and Americas version of the EU, instead he will review and renegotiate trade agreements to level the playing field – devaluing currency and fixing labor rates will have their consequence. We have never seen an instance of Donald Trump suggesting isolationism, quite the opposite. Most readers and voters are unaware of a change made in Q3 of 2013, by the Bureau of Economic Analysis, to the way GDP was calculated. This is a paper change that resulted in a higher GDP being reported. The subsequent higher GDP did not come from real growth it was simply paper pop. You can read the BEA circular (here). Trump’s approach is to reduce or eliminate trade deficits and increase real GDP so that you have increased consumer spending, business investment and a growing tax base. Part of that strategy is energy independence by exploiting fossil fuels and renewables to keep energy abundant and inexpensive. Hillary Clinton wants to build solar panels. Here’s a little analysis for you.
    1. In the sunbelt for a 2,200 sq.ft. home you can plan on spending $30,000 for a system that will supply all of your home’s electrical requirements. You get a 30% tax credit so let’s deduct $9,000 from that and we arrive at a cost of $21,000. The average monthly electric bill in the area is $124 per month, so let’s divide the $21,000 by $124. It would take 169.4 months for the system to pay for itself. But that’s not really true because you had to borrow the $30,000 to have the system installed. Your monthly payment at 5% interest would be $247 to satisfy the loan in 170 months. You’d have to be a moron to do this! That’s how ridiculous the Clinton proposals are.
  4. Although Mr. Trump has never had military service, neither has Hillary Clinton. But, given her disregard for Benghazi and the handling of classified information along with her indifference, I’d be apprehensive. I’ll take my chances with Donald Trump. The “who do you trust with the nuclear codes” rhetoric is designed to play on the public’s ignorance of what has to happen before that order is executed. It is hypocritical to attack Donald Trump for his careless comments about the Khan Gold Star Family and in the same breath suggest that the Benghazi families are liars.
  5. On the issue of immigration, obviously news to Mr. Khan, the Constitution does not guarantee residence or immigration status to any foreign national Mr. Khan. The President elect’s Constitutional duty is to protect the country and its citizens from foreign and domestic threats. If execution of that duty requires banning or imposing quotas on foreign nationals of any ethnicity, religion or country of origin in the estimation of law enforcement and intelligence services, then that is what the President is required to do.
  6. On the issue of gun control, Donald Trump has repeatedly expressed his support for the Second Amendment. Hillary Clinton has called for civil suits to be filed against firearm manufacturers. She want’s modern semiautomatic rifles banned. So, we put that under a microscope and here’s a little bit of data for you.
    1. In 2014 the FBI reported that approximately 240 homicides were committed with rifles. The FBI does not differentiate between rifle types. For the same year (2014) we had drug induced deaths totaling 47,055 of which  Pharmaceutical Opioid Analgesics accounted for 18,893 and Heroin Overdose 10,574. Based on DEA data roughly $200 billion to $750 billion (in street value) worth of drugs is moving through the southern border. Hillary Clinton does not see securing the border as a national priority. Donald Trump sees it as a national priority.
  7. Where we differ with Mr. Trump is that we think the United States of America should invoice the Mexican Government for processing and providing services to their citizens while in the United States illegally. Turning a blind eye to illegal immigration only incentivizes what is one of the most corrupt countries in the hemisphere to do nothing. Illegal immigration should be a liability to Mexico and until that happens nothing will change. The Mexican Government has the capacity to patrol its northern border, stop or dramatically reduce drug trafficking and improve the lives of its wonderful people , and readers Mexicans are pretty cool – if you don’t believe it take a ride with a cholita on a hot springer – but they are getting the shaft from their Chilango brothers and sisters at every level of government.

We’d like to close by saying that if you call yourself a Republican there is no more vulgar way to express your stupidity than by not voting in this election, or worse yet voting for an independent. Donald J. Trump is not a perfect candidate, he’s not eloquent, politically correct, at times makes absurd faces, and lacks foreign policy experience; however, I’ll take no experience before I get behind bad experience on any day of the week. The 2016 elections are critically important to this country and our national identity as Americans. Sadly, in this case the known entity is in our estimation worse than the unknown. Vote!

Have a great weekend, be safe and spend some quality time with your buds and family it is all perishable!

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Larry Vickers On Repelling a Mass Attack

Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical is a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. In recent years he has hosted tactical firearms related TV shows with the latest being TacTV of which Bravo Company is a presenting sponsor. Larry Vickers special operations background is one of the most unique in the industry today; he has been directly or indirectly involved in the some of the most significant special operations missions of the last quarter century. During Operation Just Cause he participated in Operation Acid Gambit – the rescue of Kurt Muse from Modelo Prison in Panama City, Panama. As a tactics and marksmanship instructor on active duty he helped train special operations personnel that later captured Saddam Hussein and eliminated his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein. In addition he was directly involved in the design and development of the HK416 for Tier One SOF use which was used by Naval Special Warfare personnel to kill Osama Bin Laden. Larry Vickers has developed various small arms accessories with the most notable being his signature sling manufactured by Blue Force Gear and Glock accessories made by Tangodown. In addition he has maintained strong relationships with premium companies within the tactical firearms industry such as Blue Force Gear, BCM, Aimpoint, Black Hills Ammunition, Wilson Combat, Mile High Shooting, Red State Tactical, and Schmidt & Bender.

Larry Vickers travels the country conducting combat marksmanship classes for law abiding civilians, law enforcement and military and has partnered with Alias Training to coordinate classes to best meet the needs of the students attending the class.

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Blade-Tech Classic OWB Holster for the CC3H and CC3P - recover-tactical-new - 1


BLADE-TECH Outside the Waistband (OWB) holsters are some of the most popular designs on the market today; being used to concealed carry for duty and personal protection as well as being worn by some of the best marksmen in modern competitive shooting sports. Whether you use a holster for work, competition or personal defense, BLADE-TECH offers you the highest quality, best option for almost any need.

Universal Belt Clip Introducing Blade-Tech’s newly remodeled Tek-Lok; a secure, innovative and versatile latching attachment system. The engineers and product developers at Blade-Tech took the original Tek-Lok and reworked its functional ability to add more utility and ease of use. The Tek-Lok has also been contoured to better fit the profile of the body and to eliminate hot spots. The new Tek-Lok is held in place by two robust retaining tabs. A user friendly, integrated secondary locking system was also built into the newly redesigned Tek-Lok. With the simple motion of a thumb or finger, the redundant lock rotates out of the way to allow the user to pinch the retaining tabs and conveniently remove the Tek-Lok from the belt. It is readily adjustable to accommodate belts from 2.25″ down to 1.25″. M.S.R.P. $69.99

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Tripwire Operations Group are currently seeking highly motivated and skilled K9 handlers and/or K9 teams (handler & dog).

  • Must be a US citizen
  • Must be a Graduate of a recognized working dog school
  • Minimum 3 years experience (5+ preferred)
  • Able to maintain K9 partners certification to company and client standards.

Interested? Questions? E-mail us your resume and questions to both the US K9 Program Manager and the International K9 Program Manager.

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Dallas, TX (August 25, 2016) – Regardless of how much practice one puts in at the range or the type of firearm, bow or crossbow one carries into the field, no other single variable plays a greater role in hunting success than knowing the actual distance to the downrange target. At best, just a few yards of misjudged distance can result in a miss, and, at worst, a wounded animal.

“A quality laser rangefinder is one of the most important conservation tools hunters can carry into the field,” says Plano Synergy Vice President of Marketing, Pete Angle, who is a dedicated and experienced hunter, himself. “We have a responsibility to the animals we pursue to make a clean shot, and that responsibility begins with knowing the true range of any animal we set our sights on.”

Halo’s NEW XL450 Laser Rangefinder is packed with high-end performance features at a price that puts it within reach of nearly any hunter.

Delivering accuracy to +/- one yard, the Halo XL450 provides fast ranging out to 450 yards – plenty of distance for all but the most extreme hunting situations. Versatile 6x magnification provides bright, clear viewing, while an easy-to-read internal LCD displays the reticle, battery status, mode setting, numerical display and unit of measure, which is selectable by yards or meters.

The Halo XL450 Laser Rangefinder operates in dual modes. Standard mode provides a single precise distance reading with one push of the button, while Scan mode enables users to quickly range multiple targets without having to reactivate the laser for each target. AITM (Angle Intelligence) Technology automatically detects and compensates for slope in both mode settings, providing users with an accurate, “shoots like” reading regardless of topography.

The XL450’s durable and water resistant housing is built to hold up to tough hunting conditions while providing a comfortable and ergonomically correct grip for easy handling.


  • Maximum of 450 Yards to Reflective Target
  • 6x Magnification
  • AI™ Technology Accounts for Slope to the Target
  • Scan Mode Allows for Constant Ranging
  • Precise to +/- One Yard
  • Water Resistant
  • One Year Warranty
  • Uses One CR2 Lithium Ion Battery (included)

Model No: XL450

UPC: 6-16376-50813-4

Retail:  $99.99

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Magpul™ Tejas Gun Belt – "El Original" Shark Skin

The Tejas “El Original” Gun Belt is now offered with a rugged outer layer of shark skin. This fine grain exotic leather is amazingly durable and holds up to the wear and tear required of a belt.

As with the other Tejas Gun Belts, The “El Original” Shark Skin Gun Belt is made in Texas.  The Blue Shark species used are all a by-product of licensed and legal fishing activities, tracked from the time they are harvested until they are made into the final product.

This belt will be limited to the quantity on hand and may not be released again. Sizes and availability are limited.


  • Durable shark skin outer layer, top grade bull hide leather middle layer, and supportive but flexible reinforced polymer interior
  • Gun belt rigidity with dress belt comfort offers stretch and sag free performance
  • Removable buckle with branded “tool-free” fasteners
  • Standard 1-1/2″ wide and 1/4″ thick to fit most belt loops and holsters
  • Eight holes with 3/4″ spacing for a wide yet precise adjustment range
  • Multiple lengths available in limited quantities from 32-44 inches (please review Belt Sizing directions in Specs below*)
  • M.S.R.P.  $184.95
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Shell Shock Technologies Launches New Website

Westport, Conn. (August 2016)- Shell Shock Technologies, LLC., a startup technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry, announces that it has launched its new website.

“We knew from our early test results that our NAS3 cases would be a hit, but we had no idea… The demand has been overwhelming. The combination of market leading innovation, unsurpassed performance and lower cost is proving to be an unbeatable value proposition. Our new website reflects Shell Shock’s culture and market enthusiasm for our products and is as stunning as our ammunition technology,” said Craig Knight, CEO of Shell Shock Technologies.

The new website has a Product page where web users can view Shell Shock’s latest product offerings and a Technology page where they can learn about the innovative features that make Shell Shock’s products best in class. For those who want to buy, they can visit the Shop Online page where they will soon be able to purchase unloaded cases and reloading tools. For those who want loaded ammunition, they can visit the Where to Buy page to see a list of ammunition manufacturers that are using Shell Shock’s cases. For the latest news, articles featuring Shell Shock’s cases, videos, etc. shooting enthusiasts can visit the Resource Center. Check out the new website at www.shellshocktech.com.  

Shell Shock’s NAS3 9mm cases are 50 percent lighter than brass cases, offer greater lubricity and will not abrade, clog, foul, wear-out or damage breach and ejector mechanisms. The cases offer greater corrosion resistance, tensile strength (2x stronger) and elasticity than brass. NAS3 cases will not split, chip, crack or grow (stretch) and are fully-reloadable with Shell Shock’s custom reloading dies. Testers have reported up to 40 reloads. NAS3 cases have been tested successfully with pressures up to 84k psi. NAS3 cases eject cool to-the-touch and can be picked up with a magnet. The head can be colored for branding purposes and easy load identification.

NAS3 is “Best in Class” for maintaining consistent velocity between rounds. In an independent test performed by H.P. White Laboratory (a major munitions testing facility), rounds fired using NAS3 cases achieved a velocity standard deviation of 0.093 FPS (124 grain FMJ bullet, 4.2 grains Titegroup powder, 10 rounds, extreme variation 3fps).

To learn more about Shell Shock’s revolutionary technology, visit www.shellshocktech.com

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The .44 Auto Mag Pistol is Back!

Florence, S.C. (August 2016) – Auto Mag LTD, Corp, a new company created for the sole purpose of reviving the classic Auto Mag pistol, has signed Laura Burgess Marketing for all marketing and public relations efforts.

“The responsibility of managing the marketing of this rising firearm phoenix is both exciting and a little daunting,” Laura Burgess, President of Laura Burgess Marketing confessed. “We are convinced that this new version of the classic Auto Mag will be met with cheers from its dedicated and passionate fan base as well as introduce a whole new generation to the glamour and mystique of this magnificent firearm.”

Auto Mag prototype upper on original lower

The history of this much-loved and lauded pistol began in 1958, when firearms visionary, Harry Sanford, developed a pistol around the .44 Auto Mag cartridge, specifically for handgun hunting. Ten years later, through the efforts of a dedicated team of firearms designers and engineers, the big bore handgun was finally brought to market in small numbers. The Auto Mag Pistol (AMP) was a full-sized semi-auto featuring a multi-lugged rotating bolt and was operated by the short recoil system. The AMP was machined from stainless steel with a 6.5-inch barrel and total overall length of 11.5 inches. The magazine capacity was seven plus one in the chamber. The Auto Mag was expensive to produce and was underpriced on the market. It is estimated that Auto Mag lost $1,000 on every pistol produced.

Attempts to keep the production going by TDE, a holding company, proved unsuccessful even though the price was raised significantly to reflect the actual production costs and Auto Mag was remarketed as a “collectors” pistol. In 1982, after several attempts to revive the pistol, Auto Mag threw in the towel and officially retired from the market place.

Stuff of legends, the Auto Mag was popularized by Clint Eastwood as “Dirty” Harry Callahan in “Sudden Impact” and Mack Bolan of “The Executioner” book series who named his Auto Mag “Big Thunder.”

In 2015, after 40 some odd years of cult status, a private investor purchased the rights, plans and spare parts from the Sanford family. The new company, Auto Mag LTD, Corp., based out of South Carolina, has spent the past year reengineering the iconic pistol using advanced materials in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Auto Mag is also now an officially registered trademark as of this month. As the prototype process continues to progress,  Auto Mag engineers are working to bring back the Auto Mag, better than ever, while taking advantages of the improvements in materials and manufacturing technology advances available today.

Auto Mag LTD, Corp. will be offering current Auto Mag owners refurbishing services for existing models, plus new caliber conversions will soon be available. ‘Go Behind the Scenes’ at Auto Mag and stay up to date with the prototyping and production of the new rendition of this legendary pistol at https://read.automag.com/.

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Tactical Tailor’s Jetboil Pouch


Tactical Tailor’s Jetboil Pouch provides easy access to your personal cooking stove without having to worry about the hassle of unpacking and repacking.  The pouch will fit a standard Jet Boil or Primus personal cooking stove and also allows enough extra room for a meal for quick access when you get a brief break, because we all know that the little down time you may get might be one of the only times you may be able to eat for a while.  The pouch has two Fight Light Malice clips on the back, allowing it to be attached to the outside of your pack, freeing up space on the inside.  The roll down top helps ensure a proper seal to keep out dirt and debris that inevitably comes when trekking anywhere other than up an escalator. This pouch comes in several color options and is a staple to any long term packing expedition.

M.S.R.P. $20.75

Measures 16.5″ Tall x 15.25″ DIA

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Sneak Preview: Streamlight TLR-6 Combo Pack

About a year ago I reviewed Streamlight’s TLR-6 for the Glock-43 ; since then, this laser-light accessory, from one of the country’s leading manufacturers, has developed quite a following. A trend that is clearly visible from the number of holster manufacturers producing IWB and OWB holster for the Glock / TLR-6 platform.

Earlier  in 2016, Streamlight made a TLR-6 Combo Pack available which provides support for a variety of popular CCW pistols. The TLR-6 engine remains the same, but the owner can use one of several included housings to fit the platform of their choice. Great marketing form an outstanding company.

Catch our upcoming review…

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Magpul DAKA Essential Wallet Now Shipping

Magpul DAKA™ Essential Wallet


  • Made of reinforced polymer fabric with anti-slip texture Magpul DAKA™ Essential Wallet
  • Permanent, RF welded seams
  • Wallet is 4.13” x 2.75” and just 3mm thin
  • Holds 3–7 standard Credit/ID/Access cards comfortably
  • Slim profile reduces printing in pocket
  • Suitable for EDC (everyday carry) and travel
  • Rounded corners ease pocket entry and exit
  • Extremely durable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Non-hygroscopic
  • M.S.R.P. $16.95
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Daniel Defense Introduces Its New DDM4V7 Pro


Black Creek, GA – August 19, 2016 – Daniel Defense, manufacturer of the world’s finest firearms and accessories, has released the latest member of its firearms family: the new DDM4V7 Pro. This lightweight (7.4 pounds unloaded) 5.56mm platform was built with the needs of multi-gun competitive shooters in mind, to deliver the speed, controllability, and precision required to effectively engage targets in even the most difficult multi-gun stages.

The DDM4V7 Pro features Daniel Defense’s newest 18” Strength to Weight, Cold Hammer Forged barrel, for guaranteed accuracy, and a rifle-length gas system that allows for shorter split times, more precise follow-up shots, and reduced fatigue. The rifle comes standard with DD’s new modular MFR XS 15.0 rail with M-LOK® attachment points, which provides significant weight savings as well as superior cooling and enhanced ergonomics. This 15” rail gives operators the option to extend their support hand out closer to the muzzle, allowing for more precise driving of the weapon and also preventing over-travel when transitioning between multiple targets. An uninterrupted Picatinny rail on top and M-LOK attachment points provide plenty of real estate for shooters to attach optics and other accessories while allowing for the maximum sight radius for accurate shooting with rail-mounted iron sights.

12Competitive and non-competitive shooters alike will appreciate the larger Vltor Gunfighter Mod 4 Charging Handle on the weapon, which is easily manipulated even while under magnified optics. To keep shooters on target and allow for faster follow-up shots, the rifle is equipped with DD’s newly designed Muzzle Climb Mitigator, which redirects propellant gasses through calibrated ports, countering recoil and muzzle rise. A Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic 3 Gun Trigger provides superior trigger control with its short pull and quick reset, and a Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol grip provide the comfort and control shooters need to stay in medal contention during marathon all-day competitions.

The new DDM4V7 Pro has an MSRP of 1849.00 and is available for purchase from authorized Daniel Defense Stocking Dealers or retailers.

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VP9-TACTICAL-RIGHT-night sights thread protector-JUN-23-2016

Columbus, Georgia – Two new models of Heckler & Koch’s VP striker fired pistol have been added to the company line-up this summer.  New Flat Dark Earth (FDE) colored frame variants and threaded barrel “Tactical models”join the renowned VP family of 9 mm and .40 caliber pistols.

The new VP FDE models are manufactured using special colorants added to the frame during the molding process and are available in both 9 mm (VP9) and .40 caliber (VP40). The color frame cannot fade or chip and is unaffected by chemicals, sun, and exposure to the elements. FDE models have all of the highly regarded VP features-with the addition of their colored frames. Flat Dark Earth is a tan/brown color scheme that has gained favor among many military and security units in recent years (http://hk-usa.com/hk-models/vp-fde/).

The VP Tactical models (available in both 9 mm and .40 S&W) are also identical to standard HK VP pistols, except for the addition of premium grade threaded barrels -only their weights and lengths differ due to the longer and slightly heavier threaded barrel (http://hk-usa.com/hk-models/vp9-tactical/).

The threaded barrels are manufactured at HK’s Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany, using the legendary Heckler & Koch cold-hammer forging process. HK cold hammer forged barrels -made from proprietary cannon grade steel -are well known for their long service life. Similar HK barrels on P30 models have fired more than 90,000 rounds in endurance tests.

“Adding color frame models and VPs with threaded barrels is our response to the many customer requests we received on this phenomenal handgun,”said Michael Holley, HK-USA Vice President for Commercial Sales and Marketing. “Look for us to continue fleshing out the VP Series with customer-driven product improvements. The VP is one of HK’s most successful handguns. Its ‘precise pull’trigger is recognized as industry-leading. VP pistols are accurate, rugged, safe, easy to fit to any shooter’s hand -and they’re fun guns to shoot.”

Both the VP FDE color frame models and the VP Tactical models are made completely in HK’s Oberndorf factory in southwest Germany using all of the company’s advanced technologies for barrel manufacturing, as well as production of the machined steel slide, polymer frame, and all internal components. HK VP pistols are competitively priced and covered by Heckler & Koch’s lifetime warranty.

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T.G.I.F. readers, it’s time for our Friday shoot-the-shit. This is the time of the week when readers are free to make unsupported comments, use uncensored profanity, insult anyone you wish or altogether change the subject. So, if you’re fed up with politics or squatty-body pseudo intellectuals with obsessive preoccupations of self shoveling 20 tons of bull for 1 oz. of concept, we are the place for you. So, let us get started.

You’ll find no one on this planet that is more receptive to innovation than we are; however, we are vehemently opposed to mindless displays of worthless and ineffective “enhancements.” The razor and razor blade of 2016 is such a display. How the hell did we go from this…

To this…


The safety razor, made its debut in 1880. This was a simple device with a handle attached to a head that allowed a two edged blade to be removed and replaced with a new one, brilliant! Men rejoiced because they no longer sliced their face or rely on a barber to get a clean shave with a straight razor. Now I don’t know what the hell happened to men’s beards since 1880 but for some reason or another we were convinced by slick marketers that you needed a 2 blade cartridge razor because the second blade would catch the stubble before it receded into your face, hence a closer shave. Well hey, if 2 blades is good ten 5 blade cartridges must be better! Not to be outdone, Gillette, Schick and others started adding more and more blades to the cartridge; successfully turning a reliable, inexpensive and functional system into utter and complete crap!

613qRR3wyhL._SL256_Can someone please explain to us what benefit multi-blade cartridges provide other delivering a shaving system that clogs easily, is harder to clean and costs you upwards of $16, quantity three, to buy. What the hell were we thinking folks?

Gillette Silver Blue Double Edge Razor Blades, 5-pak

Compare the cartridge razor with the double edge safety razor which will provide you with a close shave and cost you $1.75 to $2.25 for a pack of five.

The moral of this story readers is be receptive to change but change for its own sake, lacking meaningful improvement that adds real value is to be avoided in any product or industry.

We encourage your participation, thoughts, gripes and comments. Have a safe weekend and spend some quality time with your buds and family.

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Morphix Technologies Inc., Virginia Beach, VA developed the Trace X Explosives Kit under contract with the DoD to enable the war fighter to determine the presence of home made explosives (HME) like those used in the Paris and Brussels attacks. The kit is inexpensive, compact, is usable across a broad range of environmental conditions and with a single test, detects up to 9 types of HMEs. Using the kit successfully does not require extensive operator training or specialization…
In this review, I’ll take you through the Trace X Technology.


Read Our Review



We shot this informal video to document the process used to evaluate the test kit in a non-laboratory environment
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General Features:

  • Mid-sized patrol pack, capable of carrying three plus days worth of gear, MREs, cleaning utilities etc.
  • Adjustable, padded, and curved shoulder straps with mesh on the reverse side for breathability and load distribution
  • Three points of breathable mesh padding on rear for comfort and load bearing support
  • Removable waist strap, used for equalizing the load across the wearer’s hips
  • Two (2) Interior pockets in main pack
    • One (1) hydration sleeve, can also accept internal frame for structural rigidity (Not included)
    • One (1) laptop/Toughbook sleeve for secure stowage
  • Heavy duty reinforced carry handle with recessed channel
  • Two adjustable cinch straps on sides of pack; good for spare barrels, sleeping mats, SMAW rockets etc.

Front Pack

  • Removable slick front pack, secured by way of heavy duty zipper
  • Hook and loop area field for identification, morale patches, etc.
  • Front accessory pocket
  • Medium sized main compartment
  • Carry handle in center of pack for quick grab/go
  • Sling style (left OR right) carry option via main pack waist strap -attaches via quick-attach fast clips for over the shoulder use
    • Overall pack: 20H x 14W x 9D / Approx. 2520 cubic inches
    • Main pack: 20H 14W x 6D / Approx. 1680 cubic inches
    • Front Pack: 14.5H x 13W 4D / Approx. 754 cubic inches
    • For more information: http://lbtinc.com/1476intro
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    The New and Improved…G-Code Website


    You can visit G-Codes new site at http://www.tacticalholsters.com/ They may still be doing some maintenance but I’m looking forward to visiting the new site

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    We’re presently working on a review of the company’s Trace X explosives test kit and I found it expedient, simple to use, your operator does not need to be a chemist. It’s about as sailor proof as you can make something. The significant benefit is that with one kit, the operator can test for 9 HMEs (home made explosives) and their precursors. Great technology that you won’t want to miss!

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    Bushnell Introduces AK Optics Red Dot and Riflescope Sighting Systems For The AK-47 Platform


    Bushnell has introduced a pair of sighting solutions aimed at the AK-47 platform, the AK Optics 1-4 X 24mm magnified optic and the AK 1 x 25 Red Dot with 3 MOA dot.

    The AK Optics 1-4X 24mm Riflescope highlights targets with an illuminated 7.62×39 BDC reticle. Eleven brightness levels let shooters instantly adapt to any setting, while the 30mm-diameter, 1-piece aircraft aluminum tube is as rugged as its AK-47 namesake. Fully multi-coated optics raise the bar in visual acuity; all air-to-glass surfaces boast multiple layers of anti-reflective coatings to deliver the brightest, highest contrast images with the least amount of eyestrain.

    The AK Optics 1x 25mm Red Dot delivers lightning fast, surefire shot placement in any shooting scenario. The 3 MOA dot reticle covers 3 inches of your target at 100 yards, while the Amber-Bright high-contrast lens coating enhances detail and suppresses lens flare. For added versatility and convenience, the sight’s integral mount works on any Picatinny rail or Weaver-style case.

    To ensure total waterproof and fogproof performance no matter the weather or humidity, both the AK 1-4X 24mm Riflescope and AK 1x 25mm Red Dot are also O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged. Even complete submersion in water won’t faze them.
    For more information, visit

    M.S.R.P. AK 1-4 x 24 Rifle Scope $279.99

    M.S.R.P. AK 1 x 25 Red Dot $119.99

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    SilencerCo Hosts U.S. Republican Senator for Utah

    U.S. Republican Senator for Utah, Orrin Hatch, Speaks to SilencerCo Employees About the Second Amendment and the Upcoming Presidential Election

    WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah – August 10, 2016 – SilencerCo LLC, the industry leader in silencers, is honored to have hosted U.S. Republican Senator for Utah and three-time National Rifle Association Man of the Year recipient Orrin Hatch at their headquarters in West Valley City. Senator Hatch, a prominent pro-gun leader since his election in 1977, spoke to more than 350 employees about the important role their jobs actively play in keeping our Second Amendment alive, the role all citizens play in this year’s presidential election, and his continued pride in the advocacy work SilencerCo CEO Joshua Waldron has championed.

    “As our Constitution makes clear, American citizens have a right to keep and bear arms, plain and simple.” said Senator Hatch. “I have long opposed any encroachment upon the Second Amendment and will oppose any future attempt to erode the rights of law-abiding gun owners.”
    As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Senator Hatch was the author of the seminal 1982 Committee report entitled “The Right to Keep and Bear Arms,” one of the many works that earned him the title “Mr. Constitution” in the Senate.
    “Senator Hatch continues to be a great representative for our state and a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment.” says Waldron. “We are very thankful to him for taking the time to visit us and I can’t think of a better man to encourage our team to vote in the upcoming election.”
    About Senator Hatch
    Orrin Grant Hatch currently serves as president pro tempore and is in his seventh term as Utah’s senator, making him the most senior Republican in the Senate. Senator Hatch is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance. He is also a member (and former Chairman) of the Judiciary Committee, a member (and former Chairman) of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee, and a member of the Joint Committee on Taxation. He also has the honor of serving on the Board of Directors for the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.

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    Creedmoor Ammunition’s New .38 Special 125gr XTP +P: Is Now Shipping.

    54617a8d-0111-468d-b38e-3e91086fa30dCreedmoor Ammunition’s new .38 Special 125gr XTP +P is the perfect handgun round for hunting, self-defense, and law enforcement–and is even accurate enough for target shooting.

    The XTP (Extreme Terminal Performance) bullet achieves controlled expansion thanks to precise serrations that divide the bullet into symmetrical sections, weakening the jacket at just the right points for maximum expansion, even at low velocities. At the same time, the solid core holds together and drives on through!

    The +P velocity of the .38 Special 125gr XTP +P round drives the bullet faster and with more power, for those “extreme” situations.

    Energy ft-lb
    50 Yards
    100 Yards

    Creedmoor Ammunition’s .38 Special 125gr XTP +P is Made in America at the company’s facility in Anniston, Alabama. And, the .38 Special 125gr XTP +P is actually affordable, costing just $12.25 for a box of 20 or $11.64 per box on orders of five boxes or more. Order direct from the Creedmoor Sports website at http://www.creedmoorsports.com/product/2515/398.

    Every round Creedmoor Sports produces is hand inspected, after being loaded in new state-of-the-art AmmoLoad machines. Like all Creedmoor Ammunition, the .38 Special 125gr XTP +P handgun rounds are offered at the lowest prices possible because Creedmoor sells directly to consumers. No distributors or middle-men to drive up prices!

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    Breakthrough Clean Technologies Adds More All-Star Brands to OEM Line-up

    Breakthrough Clean Technologies® is proud to announce their partnership with firearms manufacturers, Innovative Gun Fighter Solutions ®, Rebel Arms Corp. ®, & Viking Armament ®. These great brands will be offering Breakthrough Clean Technologies® products with every firearm sold. All three brands have also implemented Breakthrough’s solvent, and lubricants to their manufacturing/ production process.

    “As our presence grows in the industry people have taken note, and have approached us for partnerships. We are completely humbled, and thankful for these great opportunities that we have been given. Our goal is to keep pushing hard, and show folks THE DIFFERENCE IS CLEAR.” said Erick Navarro, CEO of Breakthrough Clean.

    Innovative Gun Fighting Solutions® is best known for their expert machining and unconventional pistol platform modifications. This includes Patent Pending accessories such as their “Enhanced Duty Trigger”.

    Rebel Arms Corp. ® is the embodiment of the modern patriot, and it shows with their commitment to equip the 2nd Amendment community with the best firearms available. From their RBR-15, to their new RBR-30 precision rifle Rebel has the gunfighter’s needs in mind.

    Viking Armament ® has changed the game with their innovative platforms like the Gungnir, Ulfberht, and the ULLR. Their meticulous quality control procedures ensure that only the best product makes its way to the end consumer.

    Learn more at: www.InnovativeGunFighterSolutions.com, www.RebelArms.com, www.VikingArmament.com

    About Breakthrough Clean Technologies®: Breakthrough Clean Technologies is a subsidiary of the AvioTrade Group of companies, which specializes in the distribution of chemicals within the aerospace industry. AvioTrade has been in business over 12 years servicing major airlines, MRO’s and repair stations worldwide. Being gun enthusiasts, the owners of AvioTrade realized a growing need for having a more effective user-safe and eco-friendly cleaning solvent for the performance, protection, and maintenance of firearms. Utilizing their combined 50+years of aerospace chemical experience, access to the best solvent technology, and manufacturing resources specializing in environmental technology, AvioTrade Group brought Breakthrough® Military-Grade Firearm Cleaning Solvent to consumers. In 2014 Breakthrough released Battle Born Grease and Battle Born Oil, upholding the same standards of purity as found in Breakthrough. Breakthrough Clean advocates using state of the art research, processes, and the best chemists to provide the most effective and truly eco-friendly products to consumers around the world.

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    Mommy Where Does Capital Come From ?

    TGIF readers, we’re another week closer to Christmas and time for our weekly shoot-the-shit topic. We’ve been hoping to steer clear of politics but the importance of this 2016 election to our industry and country is undeniable, and we’ve never seen more baloney dispensed to voters than in this year’s election.

    At the very top of the bull pile is the Clinton  campaign, calling it remarkable is a colossal understatement!

    Forgetting Benghazi, E-mails servers, Mishandling of Classified Information, Clinton Foundation, Russian Reset and Influence Peddling questions we’d like to give you our view of the Clinton “economic” plan.

    1. She wants to see firearm manufacturers sued out of existence in civil courts “a la Newtown Families.” The Newtown lawsuit names Bushmaster (Remington ), as well as Camfour, a firearms distributor, and Riverview Gun Sales, the defendants. The argument made by the plaintiffs is based on the concept of negligent entrustment, which means that if a party manufactures a product that can cause the death of another, and it is subsequently used by a third party to kill someone, the manufacturer is liable.  So, Mrs. Clinton wants to see a $50 billion  industry employing 288,000 people sued out of existence. If elected, she will achieve that goal through court appointees and regulations.
    2. She wants to see the fossil fuel industry disappear and replaced by renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Domestically, her approach would increase the price of a kilowatt hour exponentially. The United States has the resources to be a global competitor in the energy sector. Her position would shut that opportunity down; along with the jobs and add to GDP. Now, imagine a developing nation without a source of inexpensive energy to grow an economy – a petri dish for terrorism. Under Mrs. Clinton’s plan, the cost of energy will skyrocket, but because energy is essential to life, it is a price inelastic commodity. Heating and cooling your home or business would quadruple which has the net effect of a huge tax destroying discretionary spending, consumer consumption and business investment.
    3. We’ve arrived at the finishing touches of her plan, taxing the rich. Which brings us to our shoot-the-shit topic. Readers, the wealthy are the source of capital, not the government. The wealthy do not stash their money in a mattress, they use it to make more money. Penalizing the wealthy through aggressive taxation means they have less to invest in the market or invest in business creation.
      1. There is a well accepted and understood principal in economics that capital is allocated where it receives the highest return for a given risk level. The situation we face in our economy is that government regulations and business taxes have driven returns from business lower making business creation riskier and less profitable than alternative investments. In addition to virtually zero interest rates since 2009, this is the reason why we see huge amounts of capital moving into the stock market and driving the market to historical highs. The problem with this condition is that current market price levels are not supported by the real economy, so long term price support is absent. If you want to see why the market is at historical highs in an economy that has been under performing for years, take a look at what margin debt has done since 2009. This was during a period when consumers and small businesses could not get loans and lines of credit. So, the market is feeding on itself – not healthy and not good. You didn’t read this here but we feel the market is over priced by about 2,700 points – one hell of a bubble. Low interest rates, draconian business regulations and taxation are directly responsible for this condition. Mrs. Clinton wants to regulate even more and destroy sectors of the economy
      2. Aggressive taxation of the rich transfers capital from the financial markets and business creation to the government who is notoriously inefficient.
    4. Here’s what we think should be done. Start by eliminating excessive government regulations, many of which are overlapping, and add to the size of government, then reduce business taxes. Doing so will reduce the cost of doing business, reduce risk and increase returns on investment leading to business creation. Next, put the stock market under a microscope and encourage investing not speculation by increasing the holding period for long term treatment of capital gains from 12 months to 24 months; investors holding for more than 24 months their capital gains are tax free, irrespective of investor tax bracket. Tax all short term capital gains, meaning investments held for less than our suggested 24 months, at the current 35% rate regardless of investor tax bracket.  Also increase margin account requirements so portfolios can’t be highly leveraged.

    The net effect of these actions is to cool down the stock market, which when combined with the elimination of burdensome regulations and punitive business taxes will increase business creation adding jobs and output to the economy.

    In closing, my question to you is, does the Clinton Camp have a viable solution for the U.S. economy? We don’t think so, DO YOU?

    We hope we’ve given you food for thought but in case we haven’t, remember that all shoot-the-shit rules apply. Have a great weekend! Enjoy some quality time with your buds and family.

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    The new light, is designated  SureFire M600IB and leverages all of the many excellent features of the legacy Scout light with SureFire’s proprietary IntelliBeam™ Technology. The system incorporates an intelligent sensor and microprocessor that continuously evaluates the environment where the beam is aimed and automatically adjusts light output to the optimal level, between 100 and 600 lumens. The graduation occurs faster than the human eye can detect.

    This is a long overdue feature, particularly with the high lumen outputs. Having tightly focused high output beams is great when you’re outdoors or in a large structure trying to light up the corners; however, clearing a short room is a much different story and you can easily blind yourself or your teammate; this is where self regulating light outputs come into play.


    • Virtually indestructible ultra-high-output LED generates up to 600 lumens of blinding light; produces tactical-level light for 1.5 hours on a set of batteries
    • Proprietary IntelliBeam™ Technology seamlessly adjusts light output between 100 and 600 lumens to optimal level
    • Hard-anodized aluminum body, tempered window & O-ring seals make light rugged, durable, and combat ready
    • Tailcap click switch—partially press for momentary on, click for constant-on activation; patented lockout feature prevents accidental activation
    • Thumbscrew mount attaches quickly & securely to MIL-STD-1913 rails
    • Backed by SureFire’s No-Hassle Guarantee
    • M.S.R.P. $299 USD
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    ATN Activates the X-Sight II’s Smart Shooting Solution

    South San Francisco, Calif. (August 2016) –ATN, innovators of advanced night vision, thermal imaging and digital Smart HD optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, is pleased to announce its latest firmware update (V2 1.05.619) for the X-Sight II HD 3-14x and 5-20x has been released.

    As part of the new firmware update, new features have been added to the X-Sight II:

    • ATN has activated the X-Sight II’s Obsidian Smart Shooting Solution. The Smart Shooting Solution gives users the option to use an intuitive and intelligent ballistic calculator that does the hard work for you. Range in with your Smart Range Finder, enter your wind readings and watch the Obsidian Core do the rest. Turn through the wind, change your incline angle, adjust distance and instantly, your point of impact will shift, so you’ll have the perfect shot every time.
    • X-Sight II owners will now have the option to use the newly added NP-R2 MOA reticle.
    • The “USB Mode” dialogue notification has been improved. Now, by default, when using an external power source, the X-Sight II device goes to power supply mode.
    • A notification message has been added whenever ballistic compensation is active.

    To download the new update, visit the ATN update center. To learn more about the X-Sight II, click here. To stay up-to-date with the future of optics follow ATN on Facebook.

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    Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical is a retired US Army 1st SFOD- Delta combat veteran with years of experience in the firearms industry as a combat marksmanship instructor and industry consultant. In recent years he has hosted tactical firearms related TV shows with the latest being TacTV of which Bravo Company is a presenting sponsor. Larry Vickers special operations background is one of the most unique in the industry today; he has been directly or indirectly involved in the some of the most significant special operations missions of the last quarter century. During Operation Just Cause he participated in Operation Acid Gambit – the rescue of Kurt Muse from Modelo Prison in Panama City, Panama. As a tactics and marksmanship instructor on active duty he helped train special operations personnel that later captured Saddam Hussein and eliminated his sons Uday and Qusay Hussein. In addition he was directly involved in the design and development of the HK416 for Tier One SOF use which was used by Naval Special Warfare personnel to kill Osama Bin Laden. Larry Vickers has developed various small arms accessories with the most notable being his signature sling manufactured by Blue Force Gear and Glock accessories made by Tangodown. In addition he has maintained strong relationships with premium companies within the tactical firearms industry such as Blue Force Gear, BCM, Aimpoint, Black Hills Ammunition, Wilson Combat, Mile High Shooting, Red State Tactical, and Schmidt & Bender.

    Larry Vickers travels the country conducting combat marksmanship classes for law abiding civilians, law enforcement and military and has partnered with Alias Training to coordinate classes to best meet the needs of the students attending the class.

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    Meet Eric Greitens

    A combat veteran and Navy SEAL, Eric served four tours of duty overseas, including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. After coming home, he founded The Mission Continues, a Missouri-based non-profit that helps returning veterans get back on their feet and give back to their communities. In 2014, Fortune Magazine named Eric one of the “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders.”

    He has my vote Missouri!

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    This is one of the original designs in the Bawidamann Blades Bloodline. The GUNNR TANTO SPEAR POINT. There have been a few put out here and there over the years, and there is always a buzz about it from those who have seen or held one. It is definitely a favorite of ours. Features 5/32 blade stock, Full tang construction with S-35VN steel.

    • Blade length: 4 1/2 in
    • Steel: S-35VN
    • Finish: Cerakote
    • Overall length: 9 1/2 in
    • Weight: 7.5 oz with kydex sheath: 9 oz

    The new systems have quickly surpassed the old Kydex sheaths in both areas of form and function. Much time and thought has gone into providing these solutions, that now come INCLUDED in the price of your Bawidamann Blade.
    We have successfully merged our UBER SHEATH with our past/current scabbards to make the UBER SCABBARD; a true multi position carry scabbard. This is the scabbard we always wanted to be able to design and field. We would like to stress the importance of these upgrades to the experience you will have with our products.

    -10 + Ambidextrous carry positions.

    -ADJUSTABLE RETENTION. Retention can be adjusted by tightening/loosening and removing/adding screw/posts.
    – Rivets have been replaced by screws/postnuts so you can completely disassemble the scabbard for cleaning
    – PUP and MINI PUP Compatible.
    -Ready to carry out of the box

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    Two New Options From HSGI®



    The new Mini EOD V2 was updated with input from local EOD techs. The new design works for medical options as well.

    Key Features:

    · Two additional vertical slots on back of pouch allow storage and quick access to trauma shears

    · Now includes 3 inside pockets

    · Sewn elastic pieces expanded to three 3” and two 1.5” pieces for more versatility

    · Adjustable parachute cord suspension system

    · Comes with large HSGI Clips for PALS mounting




    The First Responder Combo includes the Padded Leg Panel, Mini EOD V2 pouch and the M.A.C. Radio pouch the combination provides quick deployment option for multiple gear combinations

    Key Features:

    • Belt loops of leg panel can be left on belt for quick installation
    • Rubberized leg strap provides stable platform
    • M.A.C. pouch holds multiple radios and allows access to side controls
    • Newly designed EOD pouch works great for multiple needs including medial supplies
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    CCI Ammunition Adds 4 New Loads To Its Handgun Shotshell Line

    LEWISTON, Idaho – August 5, 2016 – CCI Ammunition, the only American manufacturer of handgun shotshells, introduces all-new handgun shotshells featuring larger shot for deeper penetration and extended range. They are available in four popular handgun calibers. Shipments of this new product are being delivered to dealers.
    Centerfire handgun shotshells have long proven themselves as highly practical options for close-range pests. CCI has added to its one-of-a-kind offering with exciting new CCI Big 4 loads to extend the range and capabilities of these downsized shotshells, thanks to a payload of No. 4 lead shot. The resulting energy and patterns enable Big 4 loads to take down larger pests at longer distances, making them even more useful.
    Features & Benefits
    • American-made centerfire handgun shotshells
    • No. 4 lead payload delivers more energy and longer range than conventional
    handgun shotshells
    • Packed in reusable boxes of 10 shotshells
    • Available in a variety of popular calibers
    Part No. / Description / MSRP
    3712CC / Big 4 9mm Luger / $17.95
    3714CC / Big 4 38 Special – 357 Magnum / $14.95
    3718CC / Big 4 44 Special – 44 Magnum / $19.95
    3722CC / Big 4 45 Colt / $19.95
    CCI is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. For more information on CCI Ammunition, go to

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    We hope everyone has had a great week and are now looking forward to a great weekend. In this week’s shoot-the-shit will show you three spoons that you’ll likely encounter in formal dining. Think of this as therapy and if anyone has been watching the DNC convention and subsequent 2016 Presidential campaign, you definitely need therapy. Regrettably, psychologists, psychiatrists and the behavioral sciences on aggregate are living proof that free market economies produce sufficient surpluses to support their asses.

    As with all shoot-the-shits, you can make any unsupported comments, insult anyone you wish, use profanity without censure or change the subject altogether. It doesn’t get better than this guys. And, it’s all pro bono!

    Readers, there are 30 different types of spoons; we’re going to show you just three. If you learn just these, I can assure you that you’ll be viewed as sophisticated and worldly.

    A. soup spoon

    The Soup Spoon


    icream spoon

    Ice Cream Spoon

    C. saucier spoon

    Saucier Spoon

    The soup spoon has a rounded and deep bowl so you can eat your soup. Recall that we never stick the spoon in our mouth, we bring our lips up to the edge and sip the soup. Were you to use a soup spoon to eat ice cream the bowl will become packed with ice cream requiring the dinner to tongue the spoon. Tonguing of a spoon is completely unacceptable, even for current and former USMC. However, tonguing of a soup spoon may have its place if you’re dinning in company offering the potential for a moment of intimacy and you’d like to subliminally convey a skill set.

    The ice cream spoon has a very flat bowl to avoid the problem discussed in the previous paragraph. The length of the handle is not a material characteristic. The defining attribute is the flatness of its bowl and not its shape. In very elegant settings you may even be presented with an ice cream fork.

    Last is the very specialized saucier spoon. This is a very specialized spoon and its defining characteristic is a shallow bowl combined with a pronounced notch. This is a spoon that is only used for tasting of a sauce. Let’s assume that you’ve been presented with a fish dish and you are now selecting an appropriate sauce. You would sample the various sauces with a saucier spoon.

    We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s shoot-the-shit topic. Let’s us hear from you and stay focused on this upcoming 2016 Presidential election. From what we’re seeing the known entity is by far the worse of the two choices and we’ll comment with more specificity as we get closer to election day. Much of what you’re hearing in the news can be dismissed as absolute falsehoods and can readily be dismissed as mushroom compost.

    Enjoy the weekend and spend some quality time with your buds and family!

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    The Hartman MH1 Reflex Sight Has Landed In the US


    The ultimate red dot reflex sight, designed by Lt. Col. (Ret) Mikey Hartman, IDF sniper and founder of the sharpshooting and marksmanship school of the Israel Defense Forces, now available at retailers.

    Pompano Beach, Fla. (July 2016)Hartman Ltd., an optics company co-founded by Lt. Col. (Ret) Mikey Hartman of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and founder of the IDF Marksmanship and Sharpshooting School, is proud to announce the arrival of the MH1 reflex sight to retailers across the U.S. The game-changing features of the patent-pending MH1 sight have been specifically designed to meet and exceed the demands of military, law enforcement and sportsmen around the world. The Hartman MH1 reflex sight is distributed exclusively in the U.S. by CAA.

    The MH1, is an advanced tactical red dot sight, featuring multiple ground-breaking technologies, including: the largest field-of-view on the market, an optional customizable user interface and a USB charging port that allows the user to charge the sight via any mobile device, computer or wall socket (a single CR123 backup battery provides additional extended battery life). In addition, the sight is motion activated and will stay in battery saving mode until its dual 30° motion sensors perceive the firearm is being moved in a shooting position.

    The MH1’s rear panel and activation buttons are uniquely angled allowing the user to mount additional optics or night vision gear behind it without impeding access to the controls even when using gloves. Optionally, as part of the interface feature users can customize a variety of controls: PTT on or off, sleep mode duration, motion sensors enable/disable, low battery indicators and adjusting brightness levels. In addition, an optional remote control PTT strap allows the user to activate the sight as well as control brightness while maintaining two handed control of the firearm, useful when moving from low light to bright light conditions or vice versa.

    Hartman MH1 Reflex Sight Specifications:

    • Power Source: USB rechargeable Lithium battery + a single backup  Lithium CR123 battery
    • Window Size: 1.377 x .9448 in. / 35 x 24mm
    • Weight: 12.77 oz. / 362 gr
    • Height Max: 2.5 inches
    • Length Max: .375 inches
    • Width Max: 2.0625 inches
    • Reticle Brightness Settings: 10 brightness levels (5 day & 5 night) user adjustable with the optional interface
    • Motion Sensor: Dual X, Y and Z axis. Activation on a 30° motion
    • Night Vision Mode: Yes
    • Charging Time: Two hours
    • Low Battery Indicator: Reticle flashes rapidly two hours before shutdown user adjustable with optional interface
    • Parallax: Near Parallax Free
    • Dot Size: 2 MOA dot 2 inch @ 100 yard / 5.8 cm @ 100 meter
    • Windage & Elevation Adjustment (per click/range): 1/4 mrad per click = 0.86 MOA per click (0.9 in at 100 yd. / 25mm at 100m)
    • Mount: MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny mount
    • MIL-STD: 810F
    • Housing Material: Aluminum base and Polymer cover
    • Colors: Black, Tan, Green
    • MSRP: $650.00

    For more information on the MH1 sight, visit www.hartman-il.com. To purchase the sight, visit www.caagearup.com.

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    Spartan™ Light & Laser Sets New Record for LaserMax.

    Screenshot 2016-08-01 13.10.13

    August 1, 2016 (Rochester, NY) – Beginning this week, LaserMax will begin its first shipments on the second addition in their award winning Spartan series, the Spartan™ Light & Laser. LaserMax has once again sold out their first production run for a new product introduction. Spartan™ Light & Laser has also broken the previously held record for the first Spartan series presale volumes.

    Capitalizing on the most visible wavelength in the color spectrum, Spartan Light & Laser delivers 120 Lumens of groundbreaking Mint Green™ LED light and quickly adapts to a multitude of rail platforms with exclusive Rail Vise Technology. Lasers come in vivid red or daytime green. This is LaserMax’s first offering that uses a readily available AAA battery. Spartan Light & Laser packs vital target identification and illumination capabilities into the smallest housing available today. Protected by a 5-year warranty, Spartan™ Light & Laser are priced for every shooter’s budget at just $175 for red (SPS-C-R) and $215 for green (SPS-C-G). LaserMax is now accepting pre-orders for the next production run.

    See more on the Spartan Light & Laser:


    Complete information on LaserMax products are available atwww.lasermax.com or by phone at (800) 527-3703.

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    Lyons Falls, NY: Otis Technology is excited to announce a line of four cleaners, three lubricants, two protectants and two CLPs to complement its already extensive line of firearm maintenance products.  These American-made formulas feature packaging and naming that easily identifies product usage.  Several complementary accessories complete the product line.

    Otis’ new cleaners are biodegradable and designed to break down buildup and fouling.  Complete Cleaner, Copper Remover and MSR/AR Cleaner are available in 2 & 4 oz. bottles; Firearm Surface Prep takes care of hard-to-reach internals and is available in a 10 oz. aerosol.

    For protection against friction, Otis adds two biodegradable formulas, Firearm Grease and Firearm Lubricant, alongside its popular Dry Lube formula.  The half-ounce tube of Grease also includes tools for precision application.  Firearm Lubricant is available in a 2 oz. bottle as well as 4 & 10 oz. aerosols.  Dry Lube is now available in a 4 oz. aerosol.

    To combat rust and corrosion, Otis offers two biodegradable formulas, Firearm Protectant and Long Term Protectant.  Protect your firearm from the elements with Firearm Protectant, available in a 2 oz. bottle or 4 oz. aerosol.  At the end of the season, apply Long Term Protectant before storing your firearm; available in a 4 oz. aerosol.

    Otis offers two CLPs for times when you need a quick, all-in-one formula to Clean, Lubricate and Protect.  Choose from Otis’ tried-and-true O85® CLP – now available in 4 oz. aerosol and wipes in addition to 2 & 4 oz. bottles, or the new biodegradable Bio CLP formula, offered in 2 & 4 oz. bottles.

    In addition, Otis offers a Starter Pack which includes half-ounce tubes of Complete Cleaner, Firearm Lubricant and Firearm Protectant as well as an all-purpose receiver brush.  The Precision Applicator Pack features a twist and lock cap with several varying size tips for precision application.

    “Otis Technology has focused on gun cleaning since its founding in 1985.  Offering cleaners, lubricants, protectants and CLPs to complement our Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning systems is a natural progression.  All our formulas are American-made with a majority being biodegradable, making it safe for the consumer too,” stated Frank Devlin, Director of Commercial Sales at Otis Technology.

    The new line of cleaners, lubricants and protectants will also debut Otis’ new logo.  The new logo redefines Otis as a leader in the American design and manufacturing of innovative firearm maintenance products.

    For more information on the new line of cleaners, lubricants, and protectants, please visit www.otistec.com.

    Otis Technology is known for manufacturing the most advanced gun cleaning systems available.  The superior Breech-to-Muzzle® design combined with unmatched quality has positioned Otis as the gun care system of choice with the US Military.  Otis Technology is SMART GUN CARE.

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    Empty Shell XM556 Microgun Project

    The XM556 Microgun was designed and engineered around the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. This defensive suppression weapon is significantly smaller and lighter than it’s big brother the M134. It was meant to stand in place of anywhere high suppressive fire wanted without the weight or footprint of the larger M134 electrically driven Gatling gun system. The current XM556 Microgun is smaller and lighter than some current 5.56mm beltfed Squad Automatic Weapons currently on the market, with 4x’s the firepower.

    The XM556 is a new platform system that was designed from scratch by the ground up. The parts are not just a smaller imitation of the larger M134, but were designed on its own. An absolutely all new style of bolt was conceived and designed to eliminate current known issues with the M134. The bolts combined with many other improvements have been made to not only extend the life of the gun but reduce wear and reduce or eliminate stoppages.

    The gun is sold as a complete weapon system. Some mounts and accessories designed for the M134 will work with the XM556 Microgun to make adoption easier.     

    I can see this being part of the TALOS architecture!!          

    Visual Size Reference

    File May 31, 8 30 35 PMXM556 Microgun Specifications

    • Caliber:                                          5.56mm
    • Barrel Length:                                10″ or 16″
    • Total Gun Weight:                             16lbs*
    • Rate of Fire                                  2000/4000*
    • Total Length:                               Handheld 22″
    • Total Height:                                       6″
    • Total Width:                                        9″
    • Feed System:                    M-27 Linked Ammunition Belt
    • Fire Mode:                                  Full Auto Only
    • Power Requirement:                      24 Volts DC
    • Barrel Life:                                        TBD
    • System Life:                                      TBD
    • Status:                            Prototype / Still in Development
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    HSGI Announced A Line Of New TACOS For Law Enforcement

    Handcuff Pouch – Covered

    This covered handcuff pouch will hold almost any brand or style of handcuffs, including oversized cuffs.  Also ideal for field compasses, tins and other similarly shaped items. The four soft sides allow it to expand and collapse generously and provide an opportunity to adjust the retention.  Available in MOLLE and belt mounted options.

    LEO TACO® – Covered

    This combination of our Pistol TACO® and Handcuff TACO® will hold almost any combination of pistol magazines, small flashlights, multitools, handcuffs, field compasses or dip cans.  Available in MOLLE and belt mounted options.

    LEO TACO® – Open

    This combination of our Pistol TACO® and open top Handcuff TACO® provides the same versatility of the covered version with the option for faster access to contents.  Available in MOLLE and belt mounted options.



    Stun Gun TACO®

    Although our customers will find many uses for this pouch, it was designed for law enforcement officers who needed a TACO® style solution for the X26 and X2. The four soft sides allow it to expand and collapse generously and provide an opportunity to adjust the retention. Available in MOLLE and belt mounted options.

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    Stevens Announces Its First Semi-Automatic Shotgun


    SUFFIELD, Conn. July 28, 2016 –Stevens is proud to offer its first semi-automatic shotgun, the new 12-guage S1200. The S1200 provides reliable, inertia driven semi-automatic performance at an attractive price. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.
    The 6.6-pound S1200 features a smooth-shooting inertia system and is available with a walnut, camouflage synthetic, or all-weather matte black synthetic stock. It has a 3-inch chamber, rotating bolt and is offered with a 26- or 28-inch vent-rib barrel that accepts the Beretta Mobilchoke system.
    Features & Benefits
    • Inertia-drive semi-automatic action
    • 3-inch chamber and rotating belt
    • 28- or 26-inch vent-rib steel barrel; blued or full camo finish
    • Black synthetic, walnut and full camo finish stock options
    • Accepts interchangeable Beretta Mobilchoke System
    • Weight: 6.60 pounds
    • 14.25-inch length-of-pull
    • Five-plus-one capacity
    Part No. / Description / MSRP
    22580 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Black synthetic / $573
    22581 / 12 gauge, 26 inch, Black synthetic / $573
    22582 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Walnut / $685
    22583 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass / $629
    22584 / 12 gauge, 28 inch, Mossy Oak Bottomland / $629
    Stevens by Savage Arms is a brand of Vista Outdoor Inc., an outdoor sports and recreation company. To learn more about Savage Arms, visit

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    BLACKHAWK! New Apparel Line Available In Stores


    OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – July 28, 2016 – BLACKHAWK!’s new apparel line is now available in stores. The line features 14 new clothing styles and 10 new headwear options – everything needed to feel comfortable and confident while performing at the highest level.
    “BLACKHAWK!’s line provides function, style and durability while staying true to the military roots it came from. We are really excited to provide a diverse line with such a high level of quality to our customer base,” said Jamie Lindberg, BLACKHAWK! Senior Manager of Apparel Merchandising.
    With two distinct categories, the new apparel line has something for everyone. Durable ripstop fabric, waterproof technology and a new pocket system show that the garments are designed for operators who demand quality in both form and functionality. Everyday concealed carry will be more comfortable for the customer with non-printing casual shirts and polos made from fabrics with well-designed features.
    BLACKHAWK!’s steadfast dedication to quality traces back to the roots of the company, and the attention to detail shows in every stitch. That tradition continues with the 2016 apparel line. BLACKHAWK! apparel fights hard and wears easy.

    BLACKHAWK!, a Vista Outdoor, Inc. brand, is constantly researching, refining and perfecting every detail to provide the best class of tactical gear. For more information, visit www.blackhawk.com.

    You can find out which locations are carrying the new apparel line here: http://www.blackhawk.com/Dealer-Locator.aspx.

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    Readers, we made it through another week, it’s Friday and time for another shoot-the-shit. This week has been a little slow and  that gave us a chance to get caught up. It’s also been a week where we’ve seen more manure coming out of the DNC, in Philadelphia, than out of Nature’s Care compost plants. It’s unbelievable!

    You have Bloomberg calling Trump dangerous and reckless. Now, this is the same guy who in 2012 decided to ban large-sized sweetened beverages in NYC (ruled unconstitutional in 2013 and upheld in 2014) and who sent out squads of investigators to travel the South  for the purpose of investigating firearm retailers – in GA, Bloomberg never even contacted GBI to extend the simple courtesy of notifying  them! This guy calls Trump dangerous and reckless! That deserve its own shoot-the-shit.  Instead we decided to shoot-the-shit about Russia’s hacking the DNC mail servers and the accusation that Trump is encouraging a foreign power to hack our communications.

    Current and former military personnel are very good at separating the mission from policy; here’s what that means. It means that right, wrong or indifferent we execute the mission to the best of our ability. The policy issue is what you look at to make sure that your not stepping on your own genitalia, and the way we solve problems is by leaving no stone unturned even if it points home.

    So, why would Russia mess with our 2016 elections by releasing compromising e-mail messages obtained from a DNC server? To do that, we need look no further than 2010-2013 of Ukraine’s history. Let’s refresh our recollection of events by listening to a recorded conversation between US Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt, United States Ambassador to Ukraine . A BBC transcript is also available here.

    Unless you’re incredibly naive, its pretty clear that the United States was attempting to install a government in the Ukraine that favors the West and deposes Viktor Yanukovych the Ukrainian President who was friendly to Russia (the mission). Nuland is even heard telling Ambassador Pyatt to keep Vitali Klitschko (who she calls Klit, Klitch or something to that effect), leader of the Ukrainian Democratic Alliance, out of government! How rude! The exact date of Nuland’s conversation with Ambassador Pyatt is unknown but it’s safe to say that our desire to depose Yanukovych has been an active project since he assumed the Ukrainian Presidency in 2010. Victoria Nuland was part of the Clinton State Department.

    We’ll be first to admit that we don’t have access to all of the data, but it sure looks like Hillary Clinton was up to her eyebrows in a botched Ukrainian coupé. If you recall the Yevromaidan Revolution occurred in Feb 2014 but the ground work leading up to that event was laid during Secretary Clinton’s term at the State Department.

    This event is a clear indication that policy and poor execution of a mission has us standing on our own labia majora. I guess no one ever briefed senior State Department Diplomats to limit sensitive conversations and/or e-mails to secure networks! – be that as it may. The fact that the Ukraine is historically and economically important to the Russian government and people, and Russian intelligence services didn’t just fall out of the banana trees, it’s quite possible that our actions in the Ukraine served as the catalyst for the Wiki Leaks disclosure of illicitly obtained DNC e-mail messages.

    In closing, Donald Trump never suggested that the Russian government hack Mrs. Clinton’s e-mails but it’s quite probable they have. Be honest, who among you wouldn’t want to read through Secretary Clinton’s 30,000+ deleted e-mail messages.

    We hope that you’ve enjoyed our shoot-the-shit topic for the week!

    Have a safe and relaxing weekend. Spend quality time with your buds and family and above all don’t let the bullshit get to you. If you must drink Kool Aid don’t drink someone else’s, just your own.

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    Kinetic Concealment Introduces KAR-1 Tactical Knife

    Kinetic Concealment introduced the latest product in their defense accessory line, the KAR-1 Knife. The KAR-1 is a Karambit-style fixed blade knife that comes with a paddle holster sheath.
    Manufactured for Kinetic Concealment by MTech Cutlery, the KAR-1 is the ideal conceal carry knife for any activity or situations where firearms are not allowed. The KAR-1 is 5″ in overall length and has a 2″ stainless steal blade, hooked for better cutting torque. The paddle style sheath makes it a quick and easy attachment to any belt and secures the knife in place.


    • 5″ OVERALL
    • MSRP for the KAR-1 is $29.95. It can be purchased online at www.kineticconcealment.com .

    For more information on Kinetic Concealment, visit www.kineticconcealment.com.

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