Important Safety Recall

NOVEMBER 2018 Walther PPS M2 Pistols

Walther Arms, Inc. has recently discovered a potential safety issue with certain PPS M2 pistols. Walther is voluntarily initiating a recall to protect the safety of its customers because under certain conditions it is possible that some of these pistols may fire when dropped.
Please do not load or fire your Walther PPS M2 pistol and contact us immediately to arrange to have your pistol upgraded free of charge.
AN3020 – AN9999
AO0000 – AO9999
AP0000 – AP9999
AQ0000 – AQ9999
AR0000 – AR9999
AS0000 – AS9999
AT0000 – AT9999
AU0000 – AU7502

If your Serial Number is not listed above it is NOT affected by the Recall.
Link to Official PPS M2 Recall Page:

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Upcoming Review Crimson Trace CTS- 1000


The CTS-1000 is a 2 MOA dot with excellent optics and a quick detach mount. This sight is designed for use on a rifle and offers adjustable brightness settings, utilizes fully multi-coated lenses with an advanced notch filter for maximum clarity. The sight is built on an aluminum chassis, adjusts for windage and elevation, can also be adjusted for intensity,  is waterproof and  provide years of uninterrupted service with the provided battery. Lots to be excited about!

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P238 and P938 Legions are now shipping!

P238 and P938 Legion Features and Benefits

Learn more about the P238 Legion.Learn more about the P938 Legion.


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Springfield Armory Announces the New Saint Edge 5.56×45 Pistol

  • Caliber 5.56x45mm NATO (.223REM)
  • Magazine (1) 30-Round Magpul Gen M3
  • Barrel 10.3″ LW Profile CMV, 1:8 Twist, Melonite®
  • Front Sight SA Spring Loaded Flip-Up, 1/2 MOA Elevation Adj.
  • Rear Sight SA Spring Loaded Flip-Up, Dual Aperture, 1/2 MOA Windage Adj.
  • Muzzle Device A2 Flash Hider
  • Trigger SA Match Single Stage w/ Short Reset
  • Upper Receiver Forged Type III Hard Coat Anodized, 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Lower Receiver 7075 T6 Billet Aluminum w/ Accu-Tite™ Tension System
  • Handguard SA Aluminum Free Float w/ SA Locking Tabs & Hand Stop, M-Lok
  • Gas System SA Carbine Length .625, Low Profile Adjustable Gas Block
  • Receiver Extension Integral with Maxim System
  • Bolt Carrier Group Enhanced M16, MPT 9310 Steel Bolt, Melonite®
  • Buffer Assembly Maxim System
  • Charging Handle SA Mid-Size
  • Forearm Brace Maxim Defense CQB, 4-Position Adjustable
  • Safety Ambidextrous
  • Trigger Guard Integral to Receiver
  • Pistol Grip Bravo Company MOD 3
  • Length Extended 28.5″, Collapsed 24.6″
  • Weight 5 lbs. 11.5 oz.
  • MSRP $1,559



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RUAG and Elbit Systems Sign MOU to Form a Joint Venture in Switzerland

RUAG and Elbit Systems announced today that they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to form a Joint Venture Company (JVC). The two companies will establish this entity in Switzerland, under a joint team comprised of professionals from both companies who have already begun to work in collaboration.

The JVC will enable the companies to synergize and leverage their respective competences and serve as a national Communication and System Competence Center of Excellence. The Competence Center will cater to the needs and requirements of the Swiss Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS). Furthermore, it will act as a knowledge center to support the companies’ joint efforts with regard to a DDPS’ communication program of the Ministry of Defense of Switzerland (Swiss MOD) and other joint endeavors in the future.

Andreas Berger, CEO RUAG Defence: “We at RUAG Defence are looking forward to working with Elbit Systems and we are convinced that this collaboration will allow us to support the Swiss Army with our proven competence and professionalism.”

Haim Delmar, Senior Vice President Elbit Systems C4I & Cyber: “It is a privilege to be in a position to offer technologically advanced and operational solutions for the Swiss Armed Forces. We are proud to join forces with RUAG and believe that this collaboration will strengthen local support and engineering capabilities through transfer of knowhow.”


About RUAG Defence

RUAG Defence is a byword for technological expertise at the very highest level. Its core business includes products and services for tracked and wheeled vehicles, realistic training for soldiers and reliable information and communication infrastructures, as well as protection solutions to counter ballistic and electromagnetic threats. Its comprehensive portfolio also covers maintenance, operation and integration of relevant systems and innovative upgrades for these systems. RUAG Defence’s customers come from all around the world and include the Swiss Armed Forces and international forces, rescue and security organizations, public authorities and civilian organizations. Its global expansion strategy is based on consolidating and expanding its market position in Switzerland, Germany and France. Alongside its sites in Switzerland, the company has branch offices and sales offices in Germany, France, Singapore and the Middle East, as well as partnerships around the globe.

About Elbit Systems

Elbit Systems Ltd. is an international high technology company engaged in a wide range of defense, homeland security and commercial programs throughout the world. The Company, which includes Elbit Systems and its subsidiaries, operates in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance (“C4ISR”), unmanned aircraft systems, advanced electro-optics, electro-optic space systems, EW suites, signal intelligence systems, data links and communications systems, radios and cyber-based systems. The Company also focuses on the upgrading of existing platforms, developing new technologies for defense, homeland security and commercial applications and providing a range of support services, including training and simulation systems.

For additional information, visit: www.elbitsystems.com,

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American Outdoor Brands Corporation Joins Board of Regents of the American Knife & Tool Institute

Outdoor lifestyle products company joins other industry leaders on board of knife community’s premier advocacy organization

Brian Murphy, President, Outdoor Products & Accessories Division 

Cody, WY (November 15, 2018) – The American Knife & Tool Institute (AKTI) has announced the appointment of American Outdoor Brands Corporation to its Board of Regents.  Representing American Outdoor Brands on the Board will be Brian Murphy, President of the company’s Outdoor Products & Accessories Division.

Murphy joined American Outdoor Brands in 2016 and is responsible for building American Outdoor Brands’ presence in markets related to rugged outdoor pursuits.  He manages a large family of outdoor brands focused on hunting and shooting accessories, sporting knives and tools, survival products, and camping accessories.  These brands include the knife lines of Old Timer, Schrade, Smith & Wesson, M&P, Uncle Henry, and Bubba Blade.

“We are very excited to have Brian join the AKTI team and value his participation as we work collectively to represent our industry and the entire knife community,” said AKTI President CJ Buck, CEO, Buck Knives.  “Brian’s experience in the manufacturing and marketing of outdoor products will complement the expertise of other Board members.”

Brian Murphy joins Board members CJ Buck, CEO, Buck Knives, Les de Asis, CEO, Benchmade Knife Co., Kurt Ronacher, President, Boker USA, Rod Bremer, CEO, CRKT, Kalon Pilmanis, Vice President Product Development, Gerber, Kenneth Trbovich, Ontario Knife Company, Joe Mc Swiney, CEO, SOG Knives & Tools and John Sullivan, Director of Special Projects, W.R. Case & Sons, in directing the association’s initiatives and programs. AKTI is recognized worldwide as the most respected source of knife legislation input and industry information.

Murphy said, “As a company, we are proud to shepherd several of the industry’s respected, legacy knife and tool brands, including: Schrade, Uncle Henry, Old Timer, Imperial, Smith & Wesson, M&P, and our most recent edition, Bubba Blade.  As a result, I am especially proud to be our company’s representative and a supporter of AKTI, a group focused on helping build a secure future for knife and tool manufacturers, and the consumers who purchase them.”

For information about the American Knife & Tool Institute visit http://www.AKTI.org.  For information about American Outdoor Brands Corporation visit http://www.aob.com.

About AKTI

The American Knife & Tool Institute is the non-profit advocacy organization for the knife industry and all knife owners. Its mission is to ensure that Americans will always be able to make, buy, sell, own, carry and use knives and edged tools. Formed in 1998, AKTI is dedicated to educating, promoting and providing relevant and accurate information about knives and edged tools as important tools in daily American life.  For more information, visit AKTI.org

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Guntec USA to Celebrate its 30th Anniversary


Scottsdale, AZ (November 1, 2018) Guntec USA, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative tactical weapon accessories is proud to celebrate their 30th Anniversary. The company wasn’t always in the firearms industry; rather the company was a prominent player in the automotive industry. Guntec actually began when Owner and Founder Charles Kent produced gun-cleaning kits as part of a promotional program for his automotive customers. He saw the huge response and interest and in 1989 Guntec was born. From there, his CNC machines went from producing automotive parts to firearm accessories, mainly accessories and mounts for the AK-47 platform.
It wasn’t such a big leap for Mr. Kent, having first-hand knowledge of tactical weapons during his service in Viet Nam and his intimate knowledge of engineering and manufacturing, he took this experience and started creating key accessories for tactical weapons that would benefit the shooters experience. 
Since the Company’s successful debut, they’ve enjoyed introducing their customers to other innovative options for their factory rifles and pistols, with over 1200 sku’s. On the top of this list are hang-guards, conversions and accessories to increase usability and bring a more enjoyable shooting experience to factory, tactical firearms. Guntec pioneered the tactical industry by introducing the first quad rail to AK-47 platform and continue to lead the category by bringing new and never-before-seen products to the marketplace.
Philippe Kent, Vice President of Guntec USA tells us, “We are really proud of our 30thanniversary and how far we have come since our first product. Customers can expect the highest quality, precision and innovation at a really reasonable price from us for years to come.”
After specializing in “Direct-to-Consumer” sales offering the highest quality conversions and accessories, Guntec’s goal for the next 30 years is to establish itself as a leader in brick & mortar, offering more consumers the ability to purchase and see first hand the quality and innovation that has been at the forefront for Guntec for 30 years.

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Tic-Toc, Tic-Toc

Stopwatch Timer, Timers and Stopwatches, Item Number 408441

We made it through another week, that’s a good thing but you have to admit that it’s been a hell of year; mail bombs, synagogue killings, country western night club there seems to be no end to the wave of genetic defects. Unfortunately the gun gets the blame and not the individual perpetrator.

How about the California fires? At the latest count, there are over 50 fatalities and sadly this is just the tip of the iceberg for the state. When the rains come you’re going to see mudslides of biblical proportions.

We also have Thanksgiving just around the corner , November 22. So, there’s enough stress to go around but unless you like talking with people like the infamous Dr. Ford your best bet for dissipating all that stress is exercise and shoot the shit.

Shoot the shits are great because to participate you don’t need to know anything about the subject being discussed, like Congresswoman elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. You don’t have to worry about political correctness or use uncensored profanity if you wish. Want to insult someone? Go right ahead. And, if you ‘re tired of the subject just change it. More importantly you don’t have part with your hard earned cash to pay someone who studied psychology so they could understand themselves.

Have you had a chance to digest the “nationalist” crap the President has been putting up with?  It’s utterly amazing; I honestly thought, at one time, that the media had a measurable I.Q., but follow my thought process.

Nations are formed for the benefit and security of its citizens, not to benefit of others. They are defined by a common interest, language, and need for security. You can go back to Socrates, and beyond, to see the variations in origins and organization of countries. I don’t know about you but I want a nationalist leadership at all levels of government. I served in uniform, something that I did to serve my country, isn’t that nationalism? The media is either incredibly stupid or they’re overdosing on Call of Duty Modern Warfare video games where the good guys fight the ultra-nationalists.

Male readers pay attention, okay!

Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph.D. wrote a piece for ThoughtCo. titled “The Orgasm Gap.” In it she represents women as down trotted members of society who are paid less than men, hold less seats in Congress – on and on! She also states that when it comes to orgasms, women are “getting the short end of the stick.”

“The orgasm gap is a rigorously documented disparity in the rates at which men and women achieve orgasm during sexual encounters together. A nationwide survey of sexual practices found that women report only 1 orgasm for every 3 reported by a man.”

She continues …

lesbians are here to prove all of that wrong. The survey of sexual practices cited above found that women who have sex with women achieve orgasm far more frequently than do women who have sex with men. (she may be trolling, always a possibility)

My comment to  Dr. Cole is that women orgasm from the stimulus imparted by the clitoral hood to the clitoris. Anatomically, the female clitoral placement is such that there is little or no contact with the male penis during intercourse. Using the missionary position won’t get it unless she is having sex with a donkey. In order to achieve orgasm the female must position herself on top of the male allowing her hips to slide back so that as she moves the clitoral hood moves from the penal interaction with the labium minus. Other options include manual or lingual stimulation.

Ladies, here’s how you solve this problem? Position, position, position – get on top and use an egg timer so that the tic-toc breaks your male partner’s concentration.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my two topics, it could have talked about Senator “flakey” Jeff, but NOT!

Have a great weekend readers, be safe, be happy and be thankful as we kickoff the Holiday Season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! 



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Howard Leight by Honeywell UVEX Eyewear–A Brief Review


Howard Leight Shooting Sports, now a division of Honeywell Safety Products, introduced, in September, a line of sports eyewear marketed as UVEX HYPERSHOCK. I’ve had the opportunity to test drive these glasses over the past two months and over three range sessions and found them to be an excellent value offering for your eye protection.

For starters, their HydroShield Anti-Fog Coating gives these lenses 60 time longer anti-fog and twice the scratch resistance of competing offerings. I found that level of performance to be desirable in this hot and humid environment, but just to convince myself that my initial impression was empirically supported, I placed the glasses in the freezer and brought them out into an environment with a relative humidity of 70% and an ambient temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Pleasantly, there was no fogging, great!

All of the UVEX sport glasses provide 99.9% UV protection; important for shooters in the sunbelt where eye damage is almost a certainty without some form of UV protection.

The glasses offer excellent eye protection from foreign matter. Two attributes play a key role. First, these wrap-around glasses sit close to the face and completely surround and protect the eyes. Second, the UVEX Hypershock meets ANSI Z87.1+ specifications. Meeting that specification means that its lenses have the ability to withstand a high velocity impact from foreign matter. Note, I’m not suggesting any form of ballistic protection nor are they intended to replace your ESS, Revision or Oakley eyewear, but let’s face it, trips to the range can sometimes be hard on your kit and I would rather replace a $13 pair of safety glasses than $190 Revision.

Shooting with these glasses was surprisingly impressive. It’s been my experience that the application of coatings can at times degrade clarity particularly when focusing your eyes on a red dot or reticle. Again, no problem here, and the UVEX glasses were very good in that respect.

Comfort is also an important consideration and I usually have problems with the nosepiece cutting into my nose, but that was conspicuously absent with the UVEX glasses, its soft coated nosepiece took care of that issue. The polycarbonate lens and full frame construction is very light providing an excellent fit. The UVEX Hypershock glasses ship in a 125mm frame size, which worked just fine but I would prefer a size of 140mm.

The UVEX Hypershock glasses are excellent safety glasses that will keep those lovely peepers protected from nasty UV rays and debris. You are only given a single pair of eyes, and given current technology they are irreplaceable, but you can purchase a pair of UVEX sport glasses for under $15 USD.

Your eyes will be protected and you’ll look pretty sharp in the process. The glasses are available in a variety of frame styles and lens tints. Check them out!

– SP

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Bergara Muzzle Brakes Now In Stock!

The New ST1 Self-Timing Muzzle brake is Here!

The ST1 employs an angled baffle design that applies downward pressure while not venting gas into the line of sight or increasing ground disturbance. This results in a drastic reduction of felt recoil as well as minimal muzzle rise.

Take 15% off for Thanksgiving by using code TG15 at checkout!

To Purchase Click Here

Here is a video of how easy it is to install the Bergara ST1 muzzle brake.

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DoubleStar Hosts 2018 Veterans Day Sweepstakes to Benefit Mission 22™

DoubleStar is offering an exclusive Veterans Day sweepstakes to honor our Veterans with a unique package that includes a DoubleStar Fury™ (Crashete™), a 1911 A1 Pistol, 45 ACP magazines and challenge coins.

Winchester, Ky. (November 2018)DoubleStar Corp, manufacturers of high-quality, US-made AR components, rifles, pistols and edged weapons, has for 40 years demonstrated its commitment to our Armed Forces and this year is no different. This Veterans Day, DoubleStar will honor our military men and women with a unique sweepstakes of which all proceeds will go to Mission 22™.  The 2018 Veterans Day Sweepstakes prize package includes a DoubleStar Fury™ (Crashete™), a 1911 A1 Pistol, several 45 ACP magazines and challenge coins. Tickets are $25 to enter.

“DoubleStar has a tradition of recognizing those who have stood on the wall in defense of our freedom, by bringing awareness through special projects dedicated to honoring our Veterans. This year we have chosen to showcase one of the most triumphant victories in American history: The Battle of the South Pacific. Though our allies were many and sacrifices of blood and treasure were uncountable, the contribution of the Filipino people must be acknowledged. This is a tribute to one of the greatest unions in world history,” Rob Cabrera, director of the edged weapons division, remarked.

The DoubleStar Fury’s origins are based on a moro Filipino blade, which made it a perfect choice to be showcased in this tribute to the American-Filipino alliance. Cabrera dove into research and developed the Fury to combat, overpower and outclass other machetes or cane knives. The majority of production machetes are made from 0.089” – 0.125” thick spring steel, so DoubleStar chose to go with 0.25” thick 80CrV2 Carbon Spring Steel, which has a custom laser engraving of the American and Filipino flags. It also comes with a custom-made rawhide sheath with custom molded impressions of the American and Filipino flags. The Fury has a parkarized tumbled coating, custom Nitro-Blued handle hardware and custom CNC’d routered scales.

As DoubleStar created this GI-style 1911, its inspirations and thought process were “military circa WWII.” DoubleStar started by blending its new and older forged frames and slides, along with vintage military surplus parts from the time period, to create something one would produce under military contract during the World War: sleek and simple with a bit of American toughness. DoubleStar’s intent is to honor those who laid their lives on the line for America’s freedom; their sacrifice was the root of the inspiration to this design.

1911 A1 Pistol Specifications:

  • Frame and Slide: DoubleStar
  • Arched Mainspring Housing: Vintage Military Surplus
  • Safety: Vintage Military Surplus
  • Hammer: Vintage Military Surplus
  • Mag Catch: Vintage Military Surplus
  • Barrel Brushing: Vintage Military Surplus
  • Trigger: Vintage Military Surplus
  • Sear and Disconnector: Wilson Combat Bulletproof
  • Grips: Wood Vintage Military Surplus
  • Barrel: DoubleStar Match
  • Frame and Slide finished in black parkerized
  • Small parts, polished nitre blue

Mission 22 is a non-profit which combats the ever-rising veteran suicide rate. Every day, more than 20 veterans are lost to suicide. Mission 22 wants to bring that number to zero. It does this with three main programs: veteran treatment programs, memorials and national awareness. Mission 22 provides treatment programs to veterans for Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues they may be facing. It organizes events and builds memorials to create social impact and awareness for these issues. Mission 22 also has an Ambassador volunteer program for people to get involved as well. Ambassadors educate the public on veteran issues, help get veterans into Mission 22 treatment programs and create resources in their communities. Through these three programs, it enables a push for the betterment of our nation’s heroes and stands united in the war against veteran suicide.

The 2018 Veterans Day Sweepstakes runs from now through 11:59 p.m. EST, Nov. 25, 2018. The random winner will be drawn at 12:00 p.m. EST on Nov. 26, 2018. An FFL will be required of the winner.

For more information about DoubleStar, visit www.star15.com.

About DoubleStar Corp.:

DoubleStar Corp., located in Winchester, Kentucky, was formed when customers of J&T Distributing, a leading manufacturer and supplier of thousands of AR15 parts and accessories, requested complete rifles and pistols crafted from the same high-quality, U.S.-made components. DoubleStar now manufactures and supplies not only the commercial market but military and law enforcement forces across the world with rugged and dependable firearms. www.star15.com

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Big Horn Armory AR500 Auto Max Now Available in Pistol Model

In response to overwhelming customer requests, Big Horn Armory now offers the 500 Auto Max AR500 in a pistol model.

Cody, Wyo. (November 2018)Big Horn Armory, makers of big-bore firearms, entered the AR platform market in the summer of 2018 and due to overwhelming customer demand, are now offering the 500 Auto Max AR500 in a pistol version. The AR500 pistol lacks nothing the rifle version has except length, making it ideal for SWAT officers, tactical and security professionals in and out of vehicles or as a personal defense weapon.

“After the AR500 rifle came out, we started to receive inquiries regarding a pistol version,” Greg Buchel, president of Big Horn Armory, said. “While listening to our customers, we also required the time to source and test parts that would create a compact AR500 without compromising on the quality our customers expect out of our guns. We believe that the AR500 pistol achieves that goal.”

Built using lightweight black anodized aluminum with a 10-inch nitrated barrel, full length Picatinny rail and pistol brace, the new AR500 packs a punch yet felt recoil is similar to a .308.

The 500 Auto Max was developed by Big Horn Armory using a 500 S&W rimless straight walled casing with the same ballistics. It is capable of feeding and firing any .500 diameter bullet between 200 and 700 grains. The AR500 has an adjustable gas block to allow the user to run sub sonic loads using a suppressor. 500 Auto Max ammunition is currently shipping from Buffalo Bore and Underwood Ammo. It is also available at Midway USA.

The Big Horn Armory AR500 pistol is perfect for hunters wanting a more compact, but powerful platform for big game, whether in a vehicle or on horseback. For law enforcement, military or private security use, the AR500 pistol is perfect for vehicle carry or as a powerful breaching weapon capable of clearing any obstruction, including bullet proof glass.

Big Horn Armory AR500 Pistol Specifications:

  • Caliber: 500 Auto Max
  • Rate of Twist: 1 in 24
  • Barrel Length: 10 inches
  • Muzzle: Threaded
  • Crown: Recessed
  • Butt Stock: Pistol brace
  • Fore end: Fore arm brace
  • Action Materials: 7075 Aluminum hard anodized
  • Metal Finishes: Hunter Black Nitride on SS parts
  • Swing Swivel Mounts: Integral rear
  • Mag Capacity: 5
  • Overall Length: Varies
  • Weight: 8.1 lbs.
  • MSRP: $2,199.00

For more on Big Horn Armory, visit www.bighornarmory.com

About Big Horn Armory:

Big Horn Armory was founded in 2008 with the expressed intention of designing a Browning-type lever-action gun chambered in 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum. The Big Horn Armory Model 89, made in America, closely follows the work of John Browning with refinements courtesy of modern metallurgy and machining capabilities. The first rifles began shipping in September of 2012 and since then, BHA has added to their big bore lineup with a Model 90 Carbine in 460 S&W, the Model 90A in 454 Casull, the Model 90B in .45 Colt, the Model 89A in 500 Linebaugh and the Model 89B in .475 Linebaugh. In 2017, Big Horn Armory took a departure from its lever-action series and developed the AR500 Auto Max, the most powerful short-range, semi-auto based on an AR .308 platform.

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MasterPiece Arms (MPA) Launches Bolt Action Academy

Designed to fill the void of long-range shooting education and training, MPA, a leader in the development of precision rifles and chassis, introduces the MPA Bolt Action Academy.

Comer, Ga. (November 2018) – MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, is building on its leadership position in the precision rifle shooting world by opening the MPA Bolt Action Academy at the Arena Training Facility in Blakely, Georgia.

Unlike other training schools and academies, the Bolt Action Academy is specifically focused on long-range rifle marksmanship. Training classes will be held at the 2,300-acre Arena, a multipurpose training complex with multiple long ranges, and will also be held at other locations around the country.   The BA Academy welcomes shooters of all levels to the fastest growing shooting sport. For beginners, an Introduction to Long Range two-day course will build the basic fundamentals to get students off on the right footing with strong shooting positions, understanding windage and elevation, reading atmospheric conditions, troubleshooting rifle problems, scopes and ammunition.

Students ready to enhance their skill set will find the Advanced Long Range course to fulfill their needs. This two-day course covers the mechanical setup of the rifle, advanced position building, methods to ensure extreme accuracy performance, ballistics, data gathering, dope cards, ballistic calculators and wind meter reading, moving target strategy and dealing with mind and time stress events.

Ready to get started in Precision Rifle Competitions such as Precision Rifle Series (PRS), National Rifle League (NRL) Club Series or any of the regional Sniper competitions? The Competition Preparedness two-day course will focus on time management, building stable and consistent positions, advanced wind and mirage reading, stage strategy and preparation, equipment usage and ballistic and caliber considerations.

“MasterPiece Arms decided a long time ago to concentrate on the precision rifle market and today we are proud to be the number one chassis on the PRS, as well as the choice chassis for the NRL’s 2018 top shooter, Jon Pynch,” Phil Cashin, president of MasterPiece Arms and the Bolt Action Academy, commented. “Because we have been there from the beginning, we have developed the necessary tools, skills and information critical to successful long-range marksmanship, and we are honored to share our expertise at the Bolt Action Academy.”

The MPA Bolt Action Academy also offers long range shooters additional services, such as Load Development, by which MPA will develop a precision load for a customer’s long-range objectives. MPA will also help design a customer’s ultimate precision rifle, including the chassis type, caliber, barrel length and contour, optic and mount type and auxiliary equipment. MPA is currently working on a Video Instruction series to provide training on advanced usage on MPA’s precision rifles and chassis, positional techniques and handloading methods. These videos will be available on the MasterPiece Arms website in the near future and available to all MPA customers.

Please refer to the Masterpiece Arms website for their upcoming schedule of classes and other BA Academy Services.

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of rifles, chassis systems and accessories, visit www.masterpiecearms.com.

About MasterPiece Arms:

MasterPiece Arms main offices, located in Comer, Georgia, combines quality engineering and state-of-the-art manufacturing to design and produce firearms, such as highly successful BA Rifles and Chassis Systems. Masterpiece Arms uses high accuracy CNC machining, turning, barrel making, laser cutting and bending in its manufacturing process controlled by their ISO9002/TS16949 Registered Quality System.

MPA engineers test and retest our weapons to provide customers with one of the most enjoyable guns available. With versatile uses, such as personal and home protection, long range shooting, hunting and tactical interests, MPA products are one of a kind and backed by a lifetime warranty for original owners. Learn more about MasterPiece Arms products atwww.masterpiecearms.com or call 866.803.0000.

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Essex Junction, Vermont (November 12, 2018) – Revision Military, a world leader in tactical eyewear, armor and protective systems, announced today it has expanded to create a new brand in the outdoor industry, Revision Outdoor.

Designed to meet the needs of hunters, anglers and outdoor adventurers who demand a lot from their equipment, Revision Outdoor will utilize state-of-the-art facilities and technologies, while building on the expertise of Revision Military, to produce performance-focused eyewear designed and assembled in the United States.

The brand is launching with three styles of eyewear: the Revision Pursuer™, made for the high elevation hunt; the Revision Caller™, made for the water’s edge; and the Revision Seeker™, made for everyday adventure.

“As we talked to members of the hunting community we discovered a need for technical eyewear built for the modern hunter,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO of Revision. “We set out to fill that need using our military experience and insight from expert hunters and anglers to build the most protective and high-performance eyewear available for use in the extreme outdoors.”

Four polarized lens tints are available, each treated with the company’s proprietary OcuMax® AF lens coating technology to provide anti-fog, anti-scratch and smudge-resistant performance. In addition, each lens meets military ballistic impact requirements, providing remarkable protection matched with exceptional style. Custom prescription lenses are also available.

The lenses are paired with durable, ultra-light frames that weigh just over an ounce to offer all-day comfort that will last season after season. A choice of three frame colors and three lens options allows users to fully customize each pair for their specific styles, needs and preferences.

Products are available to order on the brand’s website at www.revisionoutdoor.com. Each model is priced at $279. Every piece of eyewear comes with a custom retention strap, an innovative storage system that includes an eyewear pouch with microfiber cloth and a protective dry-bag, and a limited lifetime warranty.

The Revision Seeker™

Above: The Revision Seeker™ shown in mountain shadow frame and cedar lens tint.

The Revision Pursuer™

Above: The Revision Pursuer™ shown in rocky scree frame, slate lens tint and integrated retention strap.

The Revision Caller™

Above: The Revision Caller™ shown in mountain shadow frame and indigo lens tint.

About Revision:

Revision Outdoor designs, develops, and delivers custom eyewear and accessories for the modern hunter. Established as a protective eyewear company in 2001, targeting military and tactical users, Revision grew into a vertically integrated solutions provider—adding advanced helmet lines, power management technology, communications headsets, and integrated systems. Leveraging this experience for the consumer market, Revision creates technical eyewear designed for outdoor adventurers. Privately owned, Revision’s operational headquarters is located in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA. For more information, visit  www.revisionoutdoor.com, write media@revisionoutdoor.com, or call +1 802-879-7002.

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Atlanta Campaign Targets Illegal Gun Purchases

Don't Lie for the Other GuyATLANTA, Ga. — As part of an ongoing national effort to help prevent illegal “straw” purchases of firearms, the National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) are reminding the public in the Atlanta area that stiff penalties are in place for individuals convicted of such purchases.

Billboard, radio and digital advertisements for the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy program have been purchased by NSSF in key locations throughout the region with the message: “Buy a gun for someone who can’t and buy yourself 10 years in jail. Don’t Lie for the Other Guy.”

The month-long public awareness campaign was officially launched today with a short program at the Cobb County Safety Village. Joining NSSF’s Lawrence G. Keane, Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Government and Public Affairs at the launch event were ATF Special Agent-in-Charge Art Peralta and ATF Director of Industry Operations Diana Mitchell.

More than 26.4 million impressions will be delivered via billboards, radio and digital and social media advertising around Atlanta. Atlanta was chosen for this special campaign by ATF. No taxpayer dollars are used. The program is funded in full by the firearms industry.

“As evidenced today, the firearms industry is proud of its longstanding cooperative relationship with the ATF and the entire law enforcement community by assisting them in their efforts to combat the criminal acquisition and misuse of firearms,” said Keane.

Don’t Lie” is a cooperative program ATF and NSSF, the trade association for the firearms and ammunition industry. The effort was developed more than a decade ago to raise public awareness about the seriousness of the crime of purchasing a firearm for someone who cannot legally do so. The program also helps ATF educate firearms dealers so they can be better prepared to deter potential straw purchases. The public campaign drives home the message that anyone attempting an illegal firearm purchase faces a stiff federal felony penalty of up to 10 years in jail or up to $250,000 in fines.

To legally purchase a firearm, a person must be able to pass an FBI National Instant Criminal Background Check and fully comply with state and local laws. When a criminal knows he cannot pass this check, he may try to induce a friend or other person to make the purchase on his behalf, which is known as a straw purchase and is a felony.

This public awareness campaign constitutes only part of the Don’t Lie for the Other Guy outreach effort. The full Don’t Lie for the Other Guy program, which also involves educating firearms retailers to better detect and prevent straw purchases, has been rolled out in major cities throughout the country. In the retailer segment, federal firearms licensees are provided a Don’t Lie for the Other Guy retailer kit containing a training video and informational brochure for store owners and staff, as well as point-of-purchase displays aimed to deter illegal straw purchases.

Some of the Atlanta area billboard locations are provided below:


  • Several locations along I-75
  • Several locations along I-85
  • Several locations along I-285
  • Several locations along I-20
  • Several locations inside the metro Atlanta area

Radio stations airing public service announcements are: WBZY-FM (105.3), WHTA-FM (107.9), WSTR-FM (94.1), WVEE-FM (103.3), WWPW-FM (96.1), WYAY-FM (106.7)

Learn more about Don’t Lie for the Other Guy at www.dontlie.org.

About NSSF

The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the trade association for the firearms industry. Its mission is to promote, protect and preserve hunting and the shooting sports. Formed in 1961, NSSF has a membership of more than 12,000 manufacturers, distributors, firearms retailers, shooting ranges, sportsmen’s organizations and publishers. For more information, log on to www.nssf.org.


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The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) to Offer One-Day Seminar Ahead of SHOT Show 2019

The NTOA will offer a full-day seminar on investing in your agency’s defensibility. In addition, the NTOA will present two seminars during SHOT Show’s Law Enforcement Education Program.

Colorado Springs, Colo. (November 2018) – The National Tactical Officers Association(NTOA) is proud to announce it will be offering a one-day seminar, “The Most Defensible Position Possible,” just prior to SHOT Show 2019 this coming January. Law enforcement agencies invest significant time and resources in training and response capabilities in order to prepare themselves for critical incidents, but have you invested in your defensibility? This full day seminar, taught by Attorney Eric Daigle, will explore the most recent and relevant civil litigation cases that impact law enforcement operations. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the steps necessary to ensure their decision making and subsequent operations are in the most defensible position possible.

The one-day seminar will take place at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Monday, Jan. 21, 2019 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Register now to make sure you have a seat in this timely and important training.

The NTOA will also offer SHOT Show attendees the opportunity to participate in NTOA training seminars during the SHOT Show Law Enforcement Education Program (LEEP). As part of LEEP, participants will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion, confirming course participation and documenting their training. The LEEP program focuses on protection measures and tactical execution. Attendees must be law enforcement or military and registered through SHOT Show to attend the LEEP programs.

“We are excited to once again participate in the LEEP Program at the upcoming SHOT Show 2019. We look forward to educating our fellow law enforcement officers and military personnel on some of the most in-demand and timely topics of today. We are gratified that our seminars continue to be some of the most highly demanded LEEP sessions offered,” commented Don Kester, the NTOA’s Director of Training.

The NTOA will be offering the following seminars:

Active Shooter Update

Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2019; Marcello 4402; 0815 – 0945

Active shooter events continue to concern communities and their law enforcement agencies. This presentation will review recent incidents for lessons to be learned and examine the ongoing evolution of law enforcement response. The NTOA’s Active Shooter program is designed to prepare first-arriving officers to confront and neutralize the threat and save lives.

Top Tactical Concepts for Law Enforcement Operations

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2019; Marcello 4402 ; 0930 – 1030

This course will present many of the top 20 tactical concepts that are important for every officer, team member, team leader and team commander. These concepts are applicable to patrol critical incidents and SWAT operations. The concepts will be delivered through the use of lecture, class discussions, incident debriefs and videos. Students will come away with a better appreciation of concepts, such as safety priorities, officer jeopardy, opportunity, the 4C’s, space and time, tactical pause, tactical aim points, soft skills (de-escalation) and scenario-based/integrated training.

To register for any of these seminars, please visit here: https://registration.experientevent.com/ShowFFL191/. A one-time registration fee of $25 gives attendees access to all 2019 LEEP courses, except for the full-day “The Most Defensible Position Possible” seminar, which has a separate $89 registration fee.

Keep updated on the latest announcements by following the NTOA on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and LinkedIn. For more information on the National Tactical Officers Association, visit www.ntoa.org or call 800-279-9127. Join the NTOA today and start receiving the benefits of better training and stay on top of the ever-changing and challenging world of law enforcement.

About the National Tactical Officers Association:

The mission of the NTOA is to enhance the performance and professional status of law enforcement personnel by providing a credible and proven training resource as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange. The association’s ultimate goal is to improve public safety and domestic security through training, education and tactical excellence. www.ntoa.org

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SEATTLE, WA. MOHOC, Inc., creator of the world’s first military-optimized helmet cameras, has been chosen to supply the Personal Recording System for the US Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC). After extensive competitive trial and evaluation through Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane, NECC selected MOHOC® Cameras over other video solutions. The tactically-designed and ruggedized cameras will be used to record both training and key mission activities.
Following the award, MOHOC recently completed delivery of over 2,000 MOHOC® Cameras and accessories to the US Navy’s Coastal Riverine Group 1 (CRG1). CRG1 conduct maritime security operations, defending high value assets and critical maritime infrastructure on both inland and coastal waterways. They are one of numerous groups under NECC now eligible to procure MOHOC® Cameras.
Eric Dobbie, Vice President of US Sales at MOHOC, commented, “We’re excited to support CRG1 with MOHOC® Cameras. We believe more NECC units and other branches of service will recognize the advantages of our field-proven helmet cameras tailored to the requirements of operators.”
MOHOC® Cameras feature a patented form-factor that provides a low-profile, helmet-contoured, and snag-free fit. They are ruggedized to IP68 rating (10m waterproof, 2m drop-proof), and easy-to-use in extreme conditions with simple, tactile controls. The cameras capture 1080p HD video and 12MP photos in visible light and infrared illumination, run on multiple battery types, and live stream video over Wi-Fi. Already deployed with Special Forces and SWAT Teams around the world, the NECC selection continues the trend of MOHOC® Cameras being adopted by broader Armed Forces and First Responders.


Founded in 2014, MOHOC develops specialized cameras and accessories for elite end users. By combining the leading sport camera technology with a deep understanding of tactical requirements and design input from Special Forces, the company provides solutions to customers not satisfied with action cameras or body cameras. Released in 2016, the original MOHOC® Camera was soon complimented by the MOHOC® IR Camera (infrared model), iOS and Android apps for live streaming, and a range of accessories for mounting positions beyond the helmet (K9, Weapon, Shoulder). MOHOC products are now in service in over 60 countries. For further information, please visit www.mohoc.com.

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SMYRNA, Ga. – Nov 12, 2018 GLOCK, Inc. is pleased to announce that Greensboro Police Department in North Carolina has selected GLOCK as their sidearm of choice.

The list of agencies who put their trust in GLOCK pistols is continuing to grow as local and state agencies trade in their current competitor pistols for the newest generation of GLOCKs.  Since the development of the commercial version of the GLOCK M pistol used by the FBI, the 5thGeneration of GLOCK pistols has been the focus of interest among the majority of the transitioning departments.

The Greensboro Police Department has 700 sworn officers who protect their community of over 290,000 residents.  Greensboro recently transitioned from Sig Sauer P320 to the GLOCK 19 Gen5 with Ameriglo BOLD sights.

“The Greensboro Police Department has had a great experience with our recent GLOCK handgun transition, said Greensboro Chief of Police Wayne Scott, “I believe this product works well for our officers and our community.”  Greensboro PD has fully outfitted their department with new duty pistols and is confident in the platform.

“GLOCK is proud to welcome the Greensboro Police Department to the GLOCK family and offer continued support to the law enforcement community by providing the next generation of reliability,” stated GLOCK, Inc. VP Josh Dorsey.  “The reputation of our pistols, their performance during the demanding agency testing, and our industry leading customer service are the foundation of the partnerships we have with those who protect and serve every day.  Simply stated, the GLOCK focus has been and will remain on those that go in harm’s way as we all understand the vital importance of reliable dependability.”

About GLOCK, Inc.

GLOCK is a leading global manufacturer of firearms. The simple, safe design of GLOCK’s polymer-based pistols revolutionized the firearms industry and made GLOCK pistols a favorite of military and law enforcement agencies worldwide and among pistol owners. In 2018, GLOCK celebrates its 32nd Anniversary in the United States. Renowned for featuring three safeties, GLOCK pistols offer users of every lifestyle confidence they can rely on. GLOCK, Inc. is based in Smyrna, Georgia. For more information, please visit us.glock.com.

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Parabon® NanoLabs to Attend the 2018 Southeastern Homicide Investigators Association Conference (SEHIA)

The 2018 SEHIA Conference will be held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Nov. 12 – 16, 2018.

Reston, Va. (November 2018) – Parabon® NanoLabs, a vertically integrated DNA technology company that develops next-generation forensic and therapeutic products, will be attending the 2018 Southeastern Homicide Investigators Association Conference (SEHIA), to be held at the Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Nov. 12 – 16, 2018.

Parabon representatives will be on hand to discuss its suite of Snapshot® Advanced DNA Analysis services, including Genetic Genealogy, DNA Phenotyping, a revolutionary forensic DNA technology that accurately predicts the physical appearance and ancestry of an unknown person from DNA, and its Kinship Inference service that can determine kinship between DNA samples out to six degrees of relatedness. The Snapshot suite of services can aid in generating investigative leads, narrowing suspect lists and identifying unknown remains.

Parabon’s newest service, Genetic Genealogy, is the combination of genetic analysis with traditional historical and genealogical research to study family history. For forensic investigators, it can be used to identify remains by tying the DNA to a family with a missing person or to point to the likely identity of a perpetrator. It has already led to arrests in several high-profile cold cases.

SEHIA brings together homicide detectives, crime scene investigators, state and district attorneys, medicolegal investigators and those responsible for the tireless pursuit of justice for the victims of homicide and their families. The goal of the conference is to enhance the dialogue between members of law enforcement tasked with investigating the most heinous and impactful life events faced by members of society. This is achieved by presenting lessons learned through experience during the lengthy and diverse investigations necessary to bring closure to such cases. The conference creates an atmosphere of law enforcement sharing, which can be maintained and drawn upon through SEHIA’s resources.

About Parabon® NanoLabs, Inc.:

Parabon® NanoLabs is a vertically integrated DNA technology company that develops next-generation forensic and therapeutic products, which leverage the enormous power of DNA. Staffed by a uniquely qualified team of scientists and technologists, with expertise ranging from bioinformatics and oncology to chemistry and computer science, the Company is bringing to market revolutionary new products and services made possible by recent advances in DNA sequencing, processing and manufacturing technologies.

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Image result for FACT DUTY cameraMINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – November 12, 2018 – Viridian Weapon Technologies announces that the Williams Police Department, located just west of Flagstaff, Arizona, has deployed the FACT DutyWeapon-Mounted Camera (WMC). Viridian and the Williams Police Department will hold a joint press conference on Wednesday, November 14 at 10:00 a.m. at police headquarters located at 501 West Route 66, Williams, AZ 86046.
The Williams Police Department was one of the first in the country to evaluate the FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera. To date, more than 400 agencies are in the process of testing, implementing and deploying the FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera.
The FACT Duty fits officer weapons and holsters and records automatically, providing an unobstructed view from the end of an officer’s firearm. The need for this product continues to be validated in current events throughout the United States.
“We’ve seen the need for something like this for a while,” said Williams Police Chief Herman Nixon. “We had a chance to test this product right away, and it makes sense for our department. What we like about it is the fact that we don’t need to retrain anyone, it records automatically and it provides visibility into an officer-involved-shooting if it occurs.”
Viridian has created an important new category for law enforcement with the introduction of the FACT camera. This unique Weapon-Mounted Camera provides an unobstructed view of critical use-of-force events from the end of the firearm, addressing limitations officers can face with body cameras. The highly advanced WMC employs a 1080p full-HD digital camera with a microphone and 500 lumen tactical light. Viridian’s proprietary
INSTANT-ON® technology automatically activates the camera and microphone whenever the officer draws the firearm from its holster. Not only does this eliminate risk of failure to manually turn on the camera during a critical event, but it also keeps the officer from fumbling with cumbersome equipment.
“Being able to announce the deployment by Williams is an important milestone for the department, the community and our company,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “When you have a completely new product that creates a new category, the feedback and support from end users is critical. The trust Chief Nixon and his department have put in this product reaffirms our reasoning for bringing this to market. Current events point to the fact that body and dash cameras alone are inadequate. And everyone involved in an officer-involved-shooting deserves to know what really happened. Our WMCs provide an unfettered perspective for these and other use-of-force incidents.”

Easy Implementation
FACT WMCs do not require the purchase of supplemental equipment or services and are designed exclusively to answer the needs of today’s officers. The WMC generates just a small fraction of the data to manage compared to other law enforcement recording options because it only records when the officer’s weapon is drawn. This results in significantly lower comparative data management costs. The WMCs fit on existing standard-issue firearms and fit seamlessly in multiple duty holster platforms. The cameras feature a recording time of over three hours to handle virtually any scenario. They also incorporate secured data access and are easily rechargeable.
Body and dash cameras were not designed to capture officer-involved shootings. However, Viridian WMCs were designed specifically for this purpose.

Category Creation and Importance Today
The need for this technology was recognized several years ago. While the product was in development, events continued to unfold that only increased the urgency for Weapon-Mounted Cameras for police officers across America.
“As we closely monitor these events around the country along with the aftermath when affected parties do not believe justice was served, we realize that our solution cannot be implemented soon enough by more departments,” said Matthew Plowman, General Counsel at Viridian. “Much of the controversy in so many past incidents and trials was what the officer saw when pulling the trigger. The FACT Duty is a tool to provide objective evidence, both for potential legal proceedings and in helping the community understand what happened. Our WMC also aids police communication to the general public to help eliminate the uncertainty in officer-involved shootings that is the source of much conflict.”
More information on FACT Duty WMCs can be found at
Interviews, video/digital assets and additional information are also available by contacting

About Viridian Weapon Technologies 

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Viridian Weapon Technologies is devoted to applying cutting-edge technology to design compact, powerful self-defense products for the civilian, military and law enforcement markets. Viridian® is the leader in weapon-mounted technology and responsible for a number of firearm innovations including green and red laser sights, LED weapon-mounted illuminators and several shooting accessories including the Tacloc® Holsters. Viridian products are designed and built in the USA. More information is available at www.ViridianWeaponTech.com.

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Walther Arms PPQ SC 9mm Conceal Carry Confidence


The PPQ (PolizeiPistole Quick Defence) SC (Subcompact) is Walther’s newest and best ,by orders of magnitude, 9mm conceal carry pistol. Its superb trigger and ergonomics make the PPQ SC an awesome EDC companion.

Front and rear slide serrations contribute to safe, efficient and controllable weapon manipulations.

The ten round magazine trumps its competitors who need magazine extensions to get beyond 6 rounds mitigating the need for reloads should your situation deteriorate. Optionally the PPQ SC will feed from a 15 round extended magazine giving this German subcompact impressive capabilities.

Read my review…

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Firefield Introduces its New BattleTek Laser and Flashlights Sights!

(MANSFIELD, TEXAS) – Firefield introduces its new BattleTek Sights, ideal for quick target acquisition and tactical training, these sights are primed to deliver pin-point accuracy.

Designed to fit the needs of every user, BattleTek sights are available in five different models. Offering a compact and lightweight design, the Firefield BattleTek Flashlight with green and IR laser (FF25014), Flashlight (FF25015) and Flashlight with green laser (FF25018) all offer a 150-lumen flashlight, bright enough for any situation. BattleTek sights are crafted out of ABS material, an oil-based plastic for a strong made-to-last surface. BattleTeks mount perfectly to a Weaver and Picatinny rails.

Firefield BattleTek red (FF25016) and green (FF25017) laser sights feature the same compact, lightweight design and are crafted out of the same ABS material. All laser models feature a 5mw laser, offering up to 50 yards of visibility in daylight. BattleTek sights also feature an ambidextrous digital switch to fit the needs of every user.

About Firefield®

Firefield offers force multipliers and accessories for mission-critical operations and extreme shooting sports involving rifles, shotguns and pistols. Designed for next generation shooters, boot-on-the-ground operators and serious gun enthusiasts, Firefield provides products for hard-charging, action-oriented situations. Firefield—Victory Justifies Everything®! For more information about Firefield products, visit www.fire-field.com.

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Image result for veterans day 2018

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Remington Reintroduces Premier Scirocco Bonded Centerfire Rifle Ammunition

Lonoke, AR – Remington Arms Company, LLC, (“Remington”) announces the reintroduction of the Premier Scirocco Bonded centerfire rifle ammunition line.


Premier Scirocco Bonded is some of the most versatile and reliable big-game ammunition offered today. Factory fresh brass is loaded with Swift Scirocco Bonded bullets, specially blended powders and Kleanbore primed for top performance.

Scirocco bullets feature a precision shaped polymer tip that defies frontal air resistance for less drag. Progressively tapered, heavy-based, pure copper jacket is bonded to the lead core for controlled expansion and maximum weight retention at all velocities. A secant ogive bullet profile and boat tail base offers a high ballistic coefficient while precise concentricity produces match grade accuracy.


Order #


Bullet Wt.

Bullet Type



243 Win


Swift Scirocco Bonded



270 Win


Swift Scirocco Bonded



7mm Remington Mag


Swift Scirocco Bonded



7mm Rem Ultra Mag


Swift Scirocco Bonded



30-06 Sprg


Swift Scirocco Bonded



30-06 Sprg


Swift Scirocco Bonded



300 WSM


Swift Scirocco Bonded



300 Win Mag


Swift Scirocco Bonded



300 Rem Ultra Mag


Swift Scirocco Bonded



300 Rem Ultra Mag


Swift Scirocco Bonded



308 Win


Swift Scirocco Bonded


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Steyr Arms USA Announces End-of-Year Cash-Rebate Program

BESSEMER, Ala. (Nov. 5, 2018) — The Steyr Arms USA End of Year Consumer Rebate Program has begun and will provide customers cash rebates of $50 on any Steyr A1 pistol purchased between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, 2018.

The Steyr A1 pistolline is known for its low bore axis, which reduces felt recoil and improves control. The natural grip angle combined with the renowned trapezoidal sights allow for faster and more accurate target acquisition. The polymer frame is designed with the best grip ergonomics in mind, and all metal surfaces are coated with Steyr’s patented Mannox™ finish. With a fully supported chamber, trigger safety, drop safety and lock out key, the A1 pistol line sets a standard for safety and reliability. All four models are available in either 9mm or .40 S&W.

To receive the cash-back rebate, simply purchase an A1 pistol within the designated time frame, from Nov. 1 until Dec. 31, 2018; download and fill out the rebate form, which can be found at https://www.steyr-arms.com/us/rebate; and mail it with a copy of the original dated sales receipt to: PROMOTION #86239, STEYR ARMS A1 PISTOLS $50 MIR P.O. Box 22092, Tempe, AZ 85285-2092. Mail-in forms must be postmarked by Jan. 31, 2019. To check the status of a rebate, please visithttps://steyrarms.rebateaccess.com/ or call 800-953-3098. A rebate check will be received within six to eight weeks of submission.

This cash rebate is only applicable to retail transactions of new A1 pistols, and it cannot be combined with Steyr Arms’ Law Enforcement and Military Sales Program or any other special offer. This rebate is void where prohibited, taxed or restricted by law.

Visit the Steyr website at www.steyr-arms.com/us for more information and to sign up for the Steyr Arms Newsletter for the latest news and exclusive deals from the company.

Established in 1864, Steyr Arms, GmbH, is one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious firearms manufacturers. Steyr’s comprehensive lines of premium hunting rifles and precision sporting and tactical firearms are technically mature, and their subtle elegance also communicates the harmony between appearance and substance. Steyr’s legendary SBS actions and cold-hammer-forged barrels are distinctive and unparalleled. Steyr Arms USA is the subsidiary headquarters of Steyr Arms, GmbH, in the U.S. For more information, contact Steyr Arms at 2530 Morgan Rd., Bessemer, AL 35022; call (205) 417-8644; or visit www.steyr-arms.com/us.


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Enter for a Chance to Win: ZULU9 15x56mm HDX Binoculars


Enter for a chance to win The ZULU9 15X56 MM HDX binoculars.


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Honoring the Life of Maj. Brent Taylor

Mayor – Soldier – Father
Range Benefit Event, Saturday November 10th, 10AM
Tickets: $12 each, includes a pass to the indoor range. 100% of proceeds directly benefit the Taylor family.

Maj. Brent Taylor’s story has been told nationwide and we wish to honor his memory this weekend by helping his surviving family.  On November 3rd, 2018 Brent was allegedly killed by an insider attack while serving in Afghanistan.  It was his 4th deployment as a member of the Army National Guard.  He truly gave it all. Brent lived a life of service, serving our local community as a mayor and in the field as a soldier.  We sincerely thank your participation in helping the family through a range benefit in his name this weekend.  Tickets will be $12 and 100% of your contribution will be given to the family. If you’re unable to attend, please donate to the family using the link provided below.  Thank you!

‘I have given my life to serve.’
-Maj. Brent Taylor

Learn More About Maj. Brent Taylor via NY Times

This Saturday, all range proceeds will be donated to the Brent Taylor family.  Please join us at our Ogden, UT and Boise, ID locations to honor a fallen hero. Maj. Brent Taylor was our friend, neighbor, and a warrior.  He will be dearly missed in our community.  Brent is a true hero who honorably served his country both at home and abroad.  All proceeds from the indoor range event will go directly in support of his family.  Please come and support a fallen hero’s family this Veteran’s Day Weekend.

Donate to the Taylor Family via Go Fund Me

Maj. Brent Taylor shared a picture from the mountains of Afghanistan on Facebook in April. He was on leave as mayor of North Ogden, Utah, during his deployment.  He was killed on Saturday in an insider attack, apparently by one of the people he was there to help.

Maj. Taylor is survived by his wife and seven children.  Ms. Taylor now faces the task of raising the couple’s children.  Please help us honor this family this Veteran’s Day Weekend.  Your support will go directly to helping our neighbors, the Taylor family.

See the Facebook Event Here

Donate to the Taylor Family via Go Fund Me

Learn More About Maj. Brent Taylor via NY Times

Ogden location:  2710 S 1900 W Ogden, UT 84401
Boise location: 11655 W Executive Dr. Boise, ID 83713

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Brownells Product Manager, Paul Levy, Goes Over Some of the New Products for the Week

Paul Levy, Brownells Product Manager, offers a look at this week’s new products. Included in today’s overview is the B&T USW Sig 320 Chassis, Smith Tactics AR-15 Lightning bolt release, Faxon .458 SOCOM AR-15 Gunner Big Bore Barrel, Wilson Combat 300 HAM’R AR-15 Match Grade barrels and Brownells Safety Selector with no tick mark. Learn more: http://www.brownellsvideos.com

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Hogue® Inc. Announces New Beavertail HandALL® Grip Sleeve for SIG Sauer P365


Henderson, NV – Hogue Incorporated is proud to announce the latest addition in their line of HandALL® Beavertail™ Grip Sleeves with a model precisely designed to fit micro-compact sized SIG SAUER P365s. “The high capacity SIG Sauer P365 has taken the industry by storm,” said grip sleeve designer Matt Hogue. “The effortless carry and concealability of this firearm makes it a top choice for today’s compact carry shooters. The precision features of our new grip sleeves enhance the comfort and grip of this already super functional firearm.”

The Beavertail Grip Sleeve is installed by slipping it over the P365’s polymer frame until it seats perfectly into position. The sleeve is precision manufactured to provide a secure and comfortable fit. Once installed, the HandALL sleeve’s finger grooves offer instinctive handling and control of the firearm. The grooves lead into a gentle palm swell that has been carefully designed to fit naturally in the hand. The beavertail built into the grip sleeve rises high along the backstrap of the frame. This provides hand comfort higher on the grip. In addition, the beavertail also cushions the hand during recoil by providing better distribution of recoil forces. The built-in features of the grip sleeve provide comfort and confidence which in turn promote accuracy.

The HandALL is built from a long-lasting durable thermoplastic elastomer compound. This rubber ages very gracefully and keeps a firm, tacky feel throughout the life of the grip. It will not harden, split or crack with age or usage. The surface is covered with Hogue’s familiar Cobblestone™ texture, a series of small circular bumps that provide an efficient non-slip, non-irritating grip on the rubber. This model of HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve has an MSRP of $10.95 for black, and $12.95 for OD green, flat dark earth, aqua, pink and purple.

Hogue Grip Sleeves are manufactured in their family-owned and operated facilities under the direct supervision of the Hogue family. Hogue, Inc. supports local dealers and encourages customers to purchase Hogue products locally. For more information please call Hogue directly at 1-800-438-4747 or visit http://www.hogueinc.com to find a Hogue dealer near you.

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Long Range Shooting Champion Jon Pynch Closes out 2018 with Multiple Wins

Pynch, using the MasterPiece Arms BA Competition Chassis and MPA Bolt Action Mount cinches top wins in National Rifle League competitions.

Comer, Ga. (November 2018) –With the 2018 precision and long range shooting competitions coming to a close,MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA BA Rifles and Chassis Systems, are proud to announce the MPA BA Chassis system took home more top awards and provided champion shooter, Jon Pynch with the winning platform for his 2018 National Rifle League Championship and Final Winner award.

Jon is also currently the number one rated shooter (300 points overall) within the Precision Rifle Series (PRS).  Pynch won 3 out of 6 PRS bolt-action matches he participated in in 2018. Pynch lives in Oregon with his wife and two young sons. He runs a small landscaping business and can be found traveling to competitions around the country on weekends. He grew up around guns, starting with his trusty BB gun, and the passion grew. About 14 years ago, Pynch started to dabble in long range shooting from the hunting side. In the past few years, he has focused more on competition and continues to grow with this sport.

“Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed it feels like the level of competition and the level of quality products are growing at an incredible rate,” Pynch explained. “One of the best things about MPA is that they are always at the cutting edge of innovations, and those innovations help me stay competitive in the dynamic world of precision rifle shooting.”

The MPA Competition Chassis, which was the number 1 utilized chassis in 2016 and 2017 PRS, is the rising star platform in the precision shooting world taking 69 1st, 2nd and 3rdplace awards in various matches across the country. What sets the MPA BA Competition Chassis apart from its competition it’s evolving design based on the needs of the long-range shooter. MPA machines the chassis on their CNC Horizontal Machining Centers to exacting tolerances. MPA driving force for the entire design of their chassis system has the sole focus of giving the shooter the best opportunity to successfully engage targets at a multitude of distances with the highest percentage of impacts.

Additionally, the MPA BA Competition Chassis employs several features that give competition shooters the MPA advantage, including the RAT System, which multi-function Arca Swiss Rail designed to give the shooter a variety of bipod  locations based on the shooting scenario as well as other unique accessories that utilize this rail system, a rotating barricade stop that locks the rifle in place when shooting on a variety of barricade designed stages, a spigot mount which attaches to the front of the forend giving the shooter additional distance between front and rear support l, the revolutionary EVG (Enhanced Vertical Grip), plus the Weight Tuning System which gives the shooter the ability to weight tune the rifle, improving balance and reducing felt recoil. All of these are innovations that MPA has brought to the long-range precision market.

Pynch also employs MPA’s Bolt Action Mount which provides him with a positive engagement via a superior clamping surface and an extreme bore size consistency.  The design simply provides a stronger, more consistent interface between the optic and the rifle. The MPA BA Mount was the #1 Mount used in the PRS in 2017.

“MasterPiece Arms was one of the first firearms companies to seriously delve into the long-range, precision rifle market. This was not a niche marketing decision but a business-direction decision,” commented Phil Cashin, president of MasterPiece Arms. “That commitment has served MPA well with multiple wins in the most prestigious competitions. For our customers that hunt with our rifle and chassis systems or use them professionally, the prevalence of our chassis in the competition world and taking home top prizes is validation of the system’s superiority.”

For more information on MasterPiece Arms and their product line of rifles, chassis systems and accessories, visit www.masterpiecearms.com.

Jon Pynch’s 2018 competition record:

  • 2018 National Rifle League Champion
  • 2018 National Rifle League Finale Winner
  • Rock Lake NRL Match – 1st Place
  • 2018 JC Steel High Mountain PRS Match – Jon Pynch – 1st Place
  • 2018 Meaford PRS Match – Jon Pynch – 1st Place
  • 2018 NCPPRC NRL Match – Jon Pynch – 1st Place
  • 2018 Gunwerks PRS Match – 1st Place – Jon Pynch

Follow Jon Pynch on his Facebook page and Instagram.

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SIG SAUER Academy Adds Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor to 2019 Course Line-Up

Newington, N.H. (November 7, 2018) – SIG SAUER Academy, the leading provider of the highest quality firearms instruction and tactical training in the world, is pleased to announce a new course offering for 2019 with the addition of Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor to the SIG SAUER Academy course line-up. The first offering of this class is January 31, 2019 at the SIG SAUER Academy in Epping, New Hampshire.

SIG AIR Introduces the M17 ASP Air Pistol

Students enrolled in the Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor course will learn the techniques to properly teach the use of pistol mounted optics (PMO) for self-defense and duty use. This two-day course is an in-depth, comprehensive training program focusing on the fundamentals and capabilities of PMO’s to learn the proper techniques for PMO sight-in and red-dot acquisition under various conditions and circumstances. Upon completion of this course, instructor-level students will have the skill set and techniques necessary to provide PMO training.

To register and review the course outline for the Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor course, or learn more about the SIG SAUER Academy and its comprehensive course offering visit sigsaueracademy.com.

About SIG SAUER, Inc.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors, and training. For over 100 years SIG SAUER, Inc. has evolved, and thrived, by blending American ingenuity, German engineering, and Swiss precision. Today, SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. Additionally, SIG SAUER is the premier provider of elite firearms instruction and tactical training at the SIG SAUER Academy – a world class, state-of-the-art, 140-acre training facility. SIG SAUER is headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, and has more than 1,700 employees across eight locations, and is the largest member of a worldwide business group that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. For more information about the company and product line visit:


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Introducing Galco’s WalkAbout 2.0 for revolvers!

WRevolverUniNeutral1 2

Part of Galco’s Concealed Carry Lite™ line of holsters, the WalkAbout™ 2.0 offers all the benefits of the Tuck-n-Go 2.0 – with the addition of an attached speedloader carrier! It’s an exceptional combination of high performance, comfort and affordability.

The WalkAbout 2.0’s open top allows a very fast draw, while the reinforced mouth allows a smooth and easy return of the gun to the holster. The WalkAbout 2.0’s belt clips are adjustable for cant, making it suitable for the strong side, cross-draw, or appendix carry positions.

The ambidextrous WalkAbout 2.0 is supplied with two types of interchangeable tuckable clips. The first is the UniClip™, designed to go over the belt, but which also works well without a belt. The second is the Ultimate Stealth™ clip with hook, which fits on the trouser waistband, under or behind a belt with just the clip showing, for the ultimate in stealthy concealment!

Made for compact revolvers, the WalkAbout 2.0 is available in black and  priced at a very affordable $53!

FrontCantedUS3 2USCantedSideView4

Contact: Mike Barham * 800-874-2526 * mikeb@galcogunleather.com

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Helping Heroes Move Onward – Harley-Davidson

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Stiletto – 650 Lumens Multi-Output Rechargeable Pocket LED Flashlight




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SIG AIR Introduces the M17 ASP Air Pistol

Newington, N.H. (November 5, 2018) – SIG AIR adds to its world-class Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) line of airguns with the introduction of the new M17 CO2-powered air pistol. This semi-automatic .177 caliber pellet pistol is a replica of the U.S. Army issued P320 M17 and is field strippable like its centerfire counterpart. It has the same look and feel as the M17 featuring a polymer frame and metal slide with realistic blow-back action. The proprietary drop magazine houses a 20-round Rapid Pellet Magazine (RPM) and 12g CO2 cartridge which has a patented cam lever loading port for quick and easy replacement of the CO2 cartridge.

SIG AIR Introduces the M17 ASP Air Pistol

SIG AIR adds to its world-class Advanced Sport Pellet (ASP) line of airguns with the introduction of the new M17 CO2-powered air pistol. This semi-automatic .177 caliber pellet pistol is a replica of the U.S. Army issued P320 M17 and is field strippable like its centerfire counterpart. It has the same look and feel as the M17 featuring a polymer frame and metal slide with realistic blow-back action. The proprietary drop magazine houses a 20-round Rapid Pellet Magazine (RPM) and 12g CO2 cartridge which has a patented cam lever loading port for quick and easy replacement of the CO2 cartridge.

The M17 ASP pistol weighs 2.15 lbs. The sights are fixed with a white dot front sight and the accessory rail allows easy mounting of a laser or tactical flashlight. Velocity is up to 430 fps; however, velocity results may vary depending on pellet weight, temperature and altitude. Available in Coyote Tan.

MSRP: $139.99

To purchase and learn more about the M17 Air Pistol, visit sigsauer.com.

About SIG SAUER, Inc.
SIG SAUER, Inc. is a leading provider and manufacturer of firearms, electro-optics, ammunition, airguns, suppressors, and training. For over 100 years SIG SAUER, Inc. has evolved, and thrived, by blending American ingenuity, German engineering, and Swiss precision. Today, SIG SAUER is synonymous with industry-leading quality and innovation which has made it the brand of choice amongst the U.S. Military, the global defense community, law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, and responsible citizens. Additionally, SIG SAUER is the premier provider of elite firearms instruction and tactical training at the SIG SAUER Academy – a world class, state-of-the-art, 140-acre training facility. SIG SAUER is headquartered in Newington, New Hampshire, and has more than 1,700 employees across eight locations, and is the largest member of a worldwide business group that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. For more information about the company and product line visit:


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German Precision Optics (GPO) USA Relocates Operations to New Facility

RICHMOND, Va. (Nov. 5, 2018) — Just two years after its creation,GPO, USA, the industry’s newest premium optics company, has moved into a new and larger headquarters facility on Moorefield Park Dr. in Richmond. The new facility is seven miles from its previous location in Midlothian, Va.

This investment is part of the company’s strategic plan to continually meet the increasing demands of its customers. The new 2,600-square-foot facility houses five offices and has increased the GPO, USA building space by more than 400 percent. It is a direct result of the tremendous sales of the company’s binoculars and riflescopes. The offices and increased warehouse space will house GPO sales, service, warehousing and distribution.

“We never expected our growth to be so rapid, but in order to meet current and future demands for our product lines, we recognized the need for additional space,” said CEO and owner Mike Jensen. “We are committed to our customers and their ever-growing demand for GPO optics.”

Image result for German Precision Optics


About GPO, USA

GPO, USA is an American-based company that creates and sells premium outdoor sporting optics to avid outdoor enthusiasts who seek high quality premium optics for their sport. Based in Midlothian, Va., it is owned and operated by Michael Jensen, an outdoor-industry veteran who has successfully assisted in leading numerous premium brands such as Zeiss, Swarovski, Remington and Marlin to benchmark success levels. GPO, USA works in tandem with GPO, GbmH, a German-based company, owned and operated by Richard Schmidt, formerly CEO of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, GmbH. GPO, GmbH is the global owner of the GPO brand. Together, GPO, USA and GPO, GmbH design, engineer and create optics that meet the highest specifications in the products price/class segments. GPO, USA is committed to enhance the experience of outdoor enthusiasts by bringing to market premium products with better features at similar prices or similar-quality products at better prices. GPO, USA is unique in the fact that it not only creates premium sporting optics, but it also offers one of the best warranty-service policies in the industry, and it publicly supports select organizations that protect conservation, our country and our Constitutional rights. For more information about GPO, USA, write to 711 Moorefield Park Drive, STE C. Richmond, VA 23236; call toll-free (844) MY-BINOS (844-692-4667); e-mail info@gpo-usa.com; or visit gpo-usa.com.

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Crimson Trace Now Shipping Lightguard for M&P Shield Pistol

Lightguard LTG-770 for Shield

(Wilsonville, OR) — Crimson Trace® today announced that it has begun shipping the Lightguard® LTG-770 light, designed for secure fit onto the popular Smith & Wesson® M&P Shield® pistol. This easy-to-install light secures onto the pistol’s trigger guard and is activated with dual-side Instant Activation™ pads. The bright 110-Lumen LED white light Lightguard is powered by two 1/3N lithium batteries which can be easily replaced using the rapid-change battery cap on the light’s exterior. The Lightguard offers constant light and strobe modes and delivers an extremely light weight of just 1 ounce (approximate) with the batteries installed.

The new Lightguard LTG-770 light is designed to fit onto Smith & Wesson M&P Shield and M&P Shield M2.0™ pistols in 9mm and 40S&W calibers. Customers can purchase the lights in retail stores and outlets soon, as well as on commercial websites that sell Crimson Trace products, and at the company’s online store at www.crimsontrace.com. The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price is $89.

Crimson Trace continues to expand the tactical, mounted, remotely activated and other light options for America’s firearms owners. The company recently released several new Tactical Lights for use on long guns and continues to offer numerous models of lights paired with laser sights under its popular Rail Master®, Rail Master® Pro™, Laserguard® Pro™, and LiNQ® product lines, as well as others. These innovative products are easy to install and operate and provide up to 900 lumens of white light output.

Crimson Trace leads the firearms accessory category by providing laser sights, lights, riflescopes and electro-optics sights through 2,500+ dealers across America. Those dealers include gun stores, ranges, big box outlets and numerous on-line retailers. Crimson Trace products can be easily installed without requiring modification of the firearm — or special gunsmith skills. For more information on Crimson Trace products and dealer locations, and to obtain a free copy of the company’s catalog, visit www.crimsontrace.com or call 800-442-2406.

About Crimson Trace Corporation

Based in Oregon, Crimson Trace Corporation offers laser sights, tactical lights, red dot sights, and riflescopes focused on the tactical, long range, hunting, and self-defense customer. The company’s riflescopes and red dot sights are engineered to meet the needs of professional users and recreational firearms and outdoor enthusiasts and incorporate numerous performance features including proprietary illuminated reticle designs.  The company’s industry leading laser sight innovations include: Lasergrips® laser sights, Laserguard® laser sights, LiNQ® wireless operated laser and light systems, and Lightguard® lights for firearms, each with Instinctive Activation™ firearm laser activation technology. Additional product lines include tactical lights and Defender Series™ and Rail Master® firearms accessories. Full details are available at www.crimsontrace.com or by calling 800-442-2406.

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AeroVironment Awarded $3.2 Million Puma AE Unmanned Aircraft Systems Contract by United States Department of Defense for U.S. Indo-Pacific Command Ally

  • Puma all-environment system supports ground, riverine and maritime missions
  • United States Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales program facilitates interoperability among U.S. and allied forces

MONROVIA, Calif., Nov. 6, 2018 – AeroVironment, Inc. (NASDAQ: AVAV), a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems for both defense and commercial applications, today announced it received a $3,228,856 firm-fixed-price contract on Sept. 14, 2018 from the U.S. Department of Defense to provide RQ-20B Puma AE II small unmanned aircraft systems, training and support to an allied nation in the U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) area of responsibility.  Delivery is anticipated by March 30, 2019.

“The vast, diverse landscape of the INDOPACOM area of operation demands small unmanned aircraft systems that can support ground, riverine and maritime operations effectively,” said Kirk Flittie, vice president and general manager of AeroVironment’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems business.  “The combat-proven Puma has demonstrated its unique effectiveness in a wide range of operating environments, from mountains to deserts, from the Arctic to Antarctica, on land and on the open ocean, delivering actionable intelligence to help customers proceed with certainty.”

AeroVironment’s family of small drones comprise the majority of all unmanned aircraft in the U.S. DoD inventory and its rapidly growing international customer base numbers more than 45 allied governments.  “This contract is a good example of the additional procurement potential among our international customers,” said Flittie.

The AeroVironment Puma is designed for land-based and maritime operations. Capable of landing in water or on the ground, the all-environment Puma, with its Mantis i45 sensor suite, empowers the operator with extended flight time and a level of imaging capability never before available in the small UAS class.

About AeroVironment Small UAS

The RQ-11B Raven®, RQ-12 Wasp® and RQ-20A/B Puma™ comprise AeroVironment’s Family of Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Operating with a common ground control system (GCS), this Family of Systems provides increased capability to the warfighter that can give ground commanders the option of selecting the appropriate aircraft based on the type of mission to be performed. This increased capability has the potential to provide significant force protection and force multiplication benefits to small tactical units and security personnel.  AeroVironment provides logistics services worldwide to ensure a consistently high level of operational readiness and provides mission services for customers requiring only the information its small UAS produce.  AeroVironment has delivered thousands of new and replacement small unmanned air vehicles to customers within the United States and to more than 45 allied governments.

About AeroVironment

AeroVironment (NASDAQ: AVAV) provides customers with more actionable intelligence so they can proceed with certainty.  Based in California, AeroVironment is a global leader in unmanned aircraft systems and tactical missile systems, and serves defense, government and commercial customers. For more information visit www.avinc.com.

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