One of the quickest and surest ways to introduce problems in your carbine is to start messing with its gas system to tune it for suppressed operation. When muzzle backpressure became a “problem” manufacturers developed a number of products that promised improved performance. Some where hokey like the gas tubes with a larger diameter for part of the tube’s length. It was also a time when you saw adjustable gas blocks enter the market. The end result, typically, was diminished performance: short strokes, failures to feed etc. GEMTECH went back to the drawing board and came up with a solution that has a great deal of merit, a 5.56 Suppressed Bolt Carrier. What GEMTECH has done is create a high quality 5.56 bolt carrier with a two position gas selector. In suppressed mode, a small amount of gas is allowed to vent through the gas key and out the weapons ejection port. This accomplishes several things: a reduction in bolt carrier speed, a reduction in cyclic rate, a reduction in weapon fouling resulting from gas venting directly into the receiver; more importantly, it does this without altering the weapon, it’s a simple drop-in solution.

The GEMTECH 5.56 Suppressed Bolt Carrier will be available Q1 2015 and have an M.S.R.P. of $249. It’ll be nice not to have to mess with buffers, springs, gas blocks and gas tubes won’t it!


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3M, introduced a number of safety products at IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi. Most notable is the new Peltor ComTac XPi headset, specifically geared towards the military customer. This new headset can be worn under the helmet or configured to attach to the side rails on a helmet. A neck band version is also available. The ComTac XPi features improved ergonomics and sound level reduction along with independent audio for external coms and talk through. The headset accommodates flexible boom microphones or bone conduction and comes in O.D. or Black.

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TLR2 HLGEAGLEVILLE, PA, February 27, 2015 –Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting equipment and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced the TLR-2 HL® G, a high lumen (HL) gun-mounted tactical light with green aiming laser. The new light is designed to provide maximum illumination with long-range targeting capability, making it an extremely versatile tool for tactical, outdoor and home defense users.

Using the latest in C4® LED technology, the new TLR-2 HL G gives users full situational awareness by flooding an area with 720 lumens of brightness in a wide beam pattern.  It also features an integrated green laser, which appears brighter to the human eye than other colored lasers, particularly in daylight, to improve focusing on targets. The new model also is equipped with a strobe function.

“The TLR-2 HL G gives hunters, first responders and other users a powerful weapon light that delivers extremely bright light in a flood-like pattern, revealing what might be concealed in dark corners or along perimeters,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah.  “It also features a powerful green laser to enhance targeting capability.”

The light is easily mounted to most standard rail guns using Streamlight’s one-handed, snap-on-and-tighten interface, which allows it to be attached safely in seconds.  It also can be stored on a handgun, so that should the situation arise, users can more readily identify a potential threat before taking any action.

In addition to its lumen output, the TLR-2 HL G delivers 14,000 candela peak beam intensity.  It features a shock-proof C4 LED, and a textured parabolic reflector that produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination to assist with navigation.  Its 510-530 nm green laser is integrated in the light’s reflector. 

The light can be deployed in Laser-Only mode to keep the gun on target, in LED-Only mode to provide bright, focused light, or in dual mode, which uses both light sources. It runs for 1.5 hours when using the LED and Laser modes simultaneously, and 17 hours in the Laser-Only mode.  A double tap of the light’s momentary paddle activates the strobe, which also can be disabled.

Powered by two single 3 Volt CR123A lithium batteries, with a storage life of 10 years, the TLR-2 HL G weighs 4.78 ounces and measures 3.39 inches in length.  The main body is constructed from 6000 Series machined aircraft aluminum with a black anodized finish, and the housing is fabricated from high impact, chemically resistant engineering polymer. 

The TLR-2 HL G mounts directly to handguns with Glock-style rails and to all MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rails.  A key kit with five interchangeable keys is included to securely fit the light to a broad array of weapons. The TLR-2 HL G fits all existing TLR-2® holsters.

The new light features an IXP4-rated design for water-resistant operation, and its impact-resistant construction also has been extensively live-fired tested. The operating temperature range of the green laser is -40o to 120o Fahrenheit.

The TLR-2 G has an MSRP of $580.00 and comes with Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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Yep you guessed it, it’s Friday and time for our weekly shoot-the shit. This is a special time when we talk and say anything that pops into our heads without the pressures that ensue from any organized or rational thought processes. It is a non-billable event, so you have nothing to loose.

I enjoy exceptional food. I’m not a glutton, but I love an excellent dinning experience. I’m especially fond of French cuisine because it’s generally very rich – lots of colors, aromas and texture; served in small portions – quality being the key objective as opposed to quantity.

Today’s LeMonde ran an interesting and, to some extent, funny story titled “ Foie gras : chronique d’une guerre” by JP Géné. BTW, LeMonde happens to be one of the best newspapers on the planet, I think it’s also available in English. The paper leans a little left, but comparatively speaking you get a fair representation of events. Back on track now… So, what the hell is foie gras?

Foie Gras is a pâté delicacy that is quite seriously controlled by the French government. In order for a pâté to be considered foie gras it must be made from duck livers but not just any duck. The duck or goose is force-fed corn using a feeding tube, the process is called gavage. These feedings occur twice per day for 12 days and three times per day for 17 days. The duck or goose is then slaughtered, and livers harvested, on the 100th – 112th day.

Foie Gras is amazing; ranking up there with Beluga Caviar. I like it as an aperitif with all forms of sauces but it can also be a main course, it has a very rich and creamy taste.

Well, it appears there’s a movement in France, active since 2012, to end the so called “torture” of these ducks.
Since the beginning of time, when man made his transition from nomadic hunter to farmer gatherer, societies have grown food and raised animals in captivity for consumption. Man’s quest has been to continuously improve quality and increase output, it’s how we feed the growing world populations. So, I don’t have an issue with pulling a fish out of water and watching it suffocate for minutes on end, or hearing that a duck is force-fed corn so I can have a little Foie Gras!

Do any of you sit in front of a freaking T-Bone steak and think about someone electrocuting a cow? What is wrong with these people? Farming and raising farm animals for eventual slaughter is the only reason they are here today and able to march the streets of Paris! When a farmer plucks an ear of corn, how the hell do they think the plant feels?

Continue reading

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New Bern, N.C. (February 2015) – Make Big Noise (MBN) is pleased to announce the official launch of its press release distribution software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for startups, small businesses and busy businesses in the outdoor, shooting sports, military and law enforcement industries. The result of a combined 36 years of Public Relations experience, MBN was developed by Laura Burgess Marketing (LBM) to provide manufacturers the opportunity to reach media and news outlets in the markets that matter most to them. All media, from bloggers to editor-in-chiefs, are opted-in and vetted by the MBN staff before receiving a single press release.
“Make Big Noise is a result of our years working with small companies and startups that had really great products to offer but not a lot of money to spend on marketing,” Laura Burgess, co-founder of Make Big Noise and President of Laura Burgess Marketing said.
She continued, “Unlike other PR distribution sites, MBN is completely focused on the outdoors and professional markets with 100% opted-in media. Reaching a quality media list at an affordable price will provide many of these companies with the leg-up they need to play in the big leagues.”
The MBN platform makes it easy for companies to upload and distribute their press releases to specific, dedicated lists of writers. Businesses can learn how to
submit a PR by reading MBN’s PR Tactics & Tips or by watching the tutorial video. Once approved and released, press releases will stream live on the MBN site under the Hear the Noise tab, as well as emailed directly to industry writers covering the markets the website user chooses to select. MBN offers four press release submission packages fit for every budget and market need. Pricing begins as low as $99 for distribution to two markets.
The initial launch of the platform focuses on 21 markets within the
Shooting Sports / Professionals Category, including, but not limited to, Ammunition, Firearms Accessories, Knives, Law Enforcement and various types of firearms and hunting. MBN will open up to the Fishing, Boating and Water Sport Categories in spring 2015, with the Camping and Hiking Categories opening up in early summer 2015. Writers are invited and encouraged to sign up to receive the news that interests them most at

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MONTEZUMA, Iowa – Brownells has proudly released the 11th edition of its very popular catalog specifically for the 1911, which is entirely devoted to John Browning’s timeless pistol design.

With more than 70 pages of the parts, tools and accessories for building, repairing and maintaining America’s favorite handgun, the new catalog features an expanded ammunition section with numerous calibers and loadings to accommodate the many conversions available today.

Fans of popular red-dot sights compatible with the 1911 platform will be excited to check out the Optics & Optics Mounts section, which highlights the C-More STS-2, the Burris Fastfire III and others.

Additionally, Catalog #11 features five new 1911 Dream Guns™ built by famous gunmakers and companies like Larry Vickers, Ed Brown and Cylinder & Slide – as well as Brownells’ own employees – to help provide customers with ideas for customizing or building their own 1911 Autos.

“The 1911 catalog is one of our most popular catalogs,” said Brownells President/COO, Matt Buckingham. “Number 11 is packed with thousands of top-quality parts, tools and accessories that appeal to every type of 1911 enthusiast – from skilled gunsmiths to first-time hobbyists. This is a must-have catalog for any 1911 builder or owner.”

Customers can obtain a free copy of Brownells 1911 Catalog #11 by visiting the catalog section of, or calling 800-741-0015 and requesting one.

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Czech firearms manufacturer Ceska Zbrojovka, CZ, introduced its first ballistic nylon product, the 4M plate carrier at IDEX 2015. The company has a number of patents in the 4M that increase body area coverage, heat dissipation at a very competitive price point. The vest is designed so that weight is evenly distributed across the torso and not just the shoulder. The designers included an integral hydration system. The 4M is also a quick release design. Rifle plates and side plates are outsourced from a number of suppliers depending on customer requirements. The company has secured contracts from the Mexican government as well as the Czech Republic.

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Lawrenceville, Ga. (February 2015) – Dead Air Armament™, the suppressor company founded by Mike Pappas and distributed through BPI Outdoors, is proud to announce the 7.62 Sandman™ product line-up of suppressors is now shipping to distributors nationwide.

Dead Air launched the Sandman™ suppressor series in November of 2014 at the National Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW) Expo and Annual Meeting. The 7.62 Sandman™ series includes the Sandman-S™, Sandman-L™ and the Sandman-Ti™ models. The Dead Air QD system allows for easy one-hand removal in seconds and the easy-on and off design does not impact shift or loss of precision. The unique feature of the Dead Air Sandman™ design is the detachable front cap and integrated flash hider. Not only does it afford better performance, even in low light conditions, the front cap can easily be replaced trouble-free if damaged.

The Sandman-S™ (short) measures 6.8″ and weighs 17.3 ounces and the Sandman-L™ (long) measures 8.9″and weighs 21.8 ounces. Both the Sandman S and L are made from Nitride® finished 17-4 stainless steel with 100% Stellite® baffles. The Sandman-Ti™ is made with a Cerakote® finished titanium tube with direct threads and the Dead Air detachable front cap.

For more information on Dead Air Armament™ and their line of suppressors, please visit  or join the conversation on Facebook or YouTube.

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When SWR became part of the Silencerco family, the subsequent consolidation resulted in a decision to terminate production of a majority of SWR suppressors including the Trident 9. I’ve had multiple requests, from readers, for information on the availability of  the various mounts supported by the Trident 9. For those of you still on that quest, I have some good news. I was just informed that Silencerco has a limited number of SWR Trident 9 mounts available for sale. You’ll need to call Silencerco Customer Service at (801) 417-5384. Act fast as this may be the only opportunity remaining to acquire the mounts you need.

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The Benchmade Ultimate Experience

February 26th, 2015

(Oregon City, OR) Benchmade Knife Company, manufacturer of premium sports cutlery for over 26 years, is pleased to announce the Benchmade Ultimate Experience Contest.

Benchmade owners will have opportunity to share their “Benchmade Story” with the company for a chance to win a trip for two (2)Benchmade_ultimate_experience to Oregon City, Oregon to visit the Benchmade Factory. Included in the grand prize is airfare for two (2) to Portland, hotel accommodations in Downtown Portland, a personal tour of the Benchmade factory, and a “meet & greet” with members of the Benchmade staff including founder and President, Les De Asis.  In addition, the winner of the Benchmade Ultimate Experience will work with the Benchmade Product Team to design their own, one of a kind, prototype knife that will be built and sent out following the trip.   

To enter visit and submit a highly detailed explanation about the history of your Benchmade knife(s) over time and provide a large image of our Benchmade knife(s) and pictures from the field.  Stories must be factual.

All entries must be received by 11:59 pm PST on April 1st, 2015 to be eligible for the grand prize selection.  Limit one (1) entry per person.

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Thermal imagine technologies keep getting better and smaller. At this year’s IDEX 2015, Selex ES introduced a new medium wave thermal imager sold as the Horizon Medium Wave Infra-Red (MWIR).

The Horizon is sold in either Standard Definition or High Definition thermal arrays. The camera uses an integrated detector/cooler assembly that contributes to its ease of maintenance. The cooling engine has a estimated life span of 50,000 hours. Other features include Ethernet support, digital and analog video outputs and the camera can be operated with a wide field of view for greater situational awareness or a very narrow 0.6° FOV in long-range mode.




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The KS-K comes with a left side folding stock and feeds from an 8 round magazine. The bolt locks back on the last round fired. It also features a double duty flash suppressors / door breaching tool and a threaded muzzle to accommodate other muzzle devices. The KS-K is outfitted with Picatinny rails along the top of the receiver, smaller rail sections can be found at the 6 o’clock position under the barrel and on the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions on the gas block. All forward of the receiver rail segments are part of the gas block assembly. An interesting departure from the more traditional Kalashnikov architecture is the addition of magazine guide intended to facilitate reloading of the weapon.

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Beretta took the wraps off its first striker fired pistol, the Beretta APX, at IDEX 2015 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The new pistol is a timely response to the U.S. Army’s on again off again rejection of the the company’s ECP for the Beretta M9; upgrading the M9 to the M9A3.

The APX will be chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W with a magazine capacity of 17 rounds and 15 rounds respectively. Beretta designers followed SIG Arms’ lead with the SIG P320 and the APX will use a serialized stainless steel frame enclosed in a polymer body to keep weight at a minimum. Controls are fully ambidextrous.

The APX also has some very nice ergonomic features that include a finger rest and a wide and flat trigger guard that should help with operator grip and not get in the way of rail mounted accessories. Trigger pull is reported to be slightly over 6 lbs. but having a very short trigger reset of 3mm.

Beretta plans to have fully certified its APX pistol by the end of Q2 2015. It’ll be interesting to see how it fares against its competitors.

Call me an incurable romantic, but I’ve had hands-on the M9A3 and I would be willing to wager dollars to donuts that we haven’t seen the last of the M9A3. In ALL respects the M9A3 is a combat system. We’ll just have to see how this entire MHS initiative shakes out!

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Screenshot 2015-02-23 14.59.58

What motivated this article is the irrational phobias floating around, sparked by the media, and a byproduct of the NSA / Edward Snowden extravaganza. All of the sudden we have people running around slashing their wrists, developing constipation, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and self imposed sleep depravation over the technologies being used to fight 21st Century threats and solve crimes.

I absolutely do not give a rats ass that my mobile device is exploited in the process of locating a terror cell or finding a missing child. Furthermore, the secrecy surrounding this technology puts people in a junior G-man mentality feeding fantasies a la Edward Snowden. If you’ve come to the conclusion that I dislike Snowden you are both perceptive and correct. Snowden’s crania-vaginal inversion has done considerable harm in spite of the fact that he was simply a minor functionary. That was my non-billable moment of self expression.

So let’s demystify the cell tower simulator. Cell tower simulators are devises designed to interact with a mobile device, within a limited range, for purposes of collecting information that can then be used to identify and track a mobile device. They have two modes of operation: active and passive. In active mode, they function as a cell tower forcing the phone to connect to the simulator and exchange information like the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and the device’s ESN (Equipment Serial Number). The IMSI provides country, network and phone number, while the ESN is your phone’s unique serial number; they may also collect the M.A.C. address of the WiFi device on the phone. Simulators come in all shapes and sizes: some are rack mounted and hard-wired, others are handheld. The more sophisticated simulators have the ability to increase the phone’s output power or load executable files into the phone’s memory.

How is this information used? To best answer that question we need to understand how cell phones interact with their networks.

Cell phones communicate using one of two protocols GSM or CDMA, so a cell tower simulator needs to support one or the other. In GSM, which is used extensively in Europe and by two carriers in the U.S., a cell phone is assigned one of 124 frequencies each being 200 kHz wide. Think of it as a multilane highway where each unique vehicle is assigned a lane to use for the duration of their travel. The 200 kHz is the width of the traffic lane. Because these traffic lanes are used for communications, there must be an inbound and outbound corridor or you wouldn’t be able to hear your significant other interrupting to tell you to pick up a gallon of milk. That’s what occurs, every time you use your mobile device to place a call or for data access. So collecting the ESN and IMSI is what allows us to identify what device is using what traffic lane as well as what content (voice or data) belongs to what phone. Once court orders are obtained, the intercept usually occurs at the switch and not at the r.f. side of the network.

Much of the need for secrecy surrounding this technology  is simply to deny a potential target knowledge of the capability, but some component of that is to avoid unfounded privacy concerns in the general population.

In addition to detection, the technology also allows for direction finding of a signal. To estimate location of a device requires a minimum of two direction vectors but preferably three or more.

The picture below illustrates a typical fixed installation.


The are numerous manufacturers of cell tower simulators, Sting Ray is but one type manufactured by Harris Corporation, in Melbourne, FL. If you look at the front panel you’ll see that it supports 4 transmit antennas, 3 receive antennas and two direction finding antennas along with their corresponding control signals. The direction finding antennas are rotated to locate and provide a direction to a signal of interest. The Sting Ray is also usable in a mobile application so it has a built-in GPS receiver with its corresponding antenna jack so that the system knows its exact location at all times.

These devices are not eavesdropping devices they detect and track signals of interest as well as determine direction of a known IMSI and ESN Could they be used to turn a cell phone into an active bug? The answer is yes, but actual eavesdropping requires other technologies.

So, don’t stop talking dirty with your wife or girlfriend and know that in the event of a threat or crime, we have the ability to employ modern technology to increase our odds in the fight.

Your only real issue becomes: do you trust the authorities to conduct themselves within established guidelines and are guidelines free from ambiguities that would allow too much latitude?

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Last year, I wrote about Raytheon’s Excalibur guided 155mm munitions, but I did not have a good visual to provide you with a sense of just how accurate this round is. Raytheon has had enormous success with its Excalibur and is now adapting it for Naval application. When completed, it will provide the MK45 Naval guns with a working range of 50km at a very high level of precision that’s presently 2 meters on average.

This video shot by Shephard Media at IDEX 2015 will provide you with a system overview along with an excellent visual of Excalibur’s accuracy.

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Newington, N. H. (February 20, 2015) – SIG SAUER, Inc. has issued the following statement relative to the January 2015 open opinion letter issued by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms regarding the SB15 and SBX Pistol Stabilizing Braces.
BATFE Technical Branch issued an open opinion letter dated January 16, 2015 regarding the Pistol Stabilizing Brace (SB15 and SBX) which is marketed by SIG SAUER®. Contrary to several statements subsequently made in social media, this opinion letter did not make or otherwise declare that the SB15 product is illegal. The BATFE letter stated that the SB15 is a product “which is legal to own, legal to purchase and legal to install on a pistol.” SIG SAUER believes that the PSB enhances the shooter’s experience and offers the products as an accessory and pre-installed on a number of pistols. In all of its opinions, BATFE has consistently stated that a pistol with a stabilizing brace attached remains a pistol under the Gun Control Act when used as designed.

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I had an excellent opportunity to check out TRUGLO’s TFX sights while covering SHOT SHOW 2015, in Las Vegas, and I was highly impressed with their sharpness and contrast. These sights use a combination of tritium and fiber optic strands to provide an excellent sight picture. TRUGLO uses Swiss made tritium tube inserts, which as I recall are luminescent for a period of 12 years. One of the maladies with tritium inserts is that they can break when the sight is subjected to strong impact, TRUGLO’s construction is as robust as I’ve seen. I think you’ll be favorably impressed. TRUGLO currently offers them for Glocks, SIGs and 1911s in a Novak configuration. They are not inexpensive at an M.S.R.P.of $175 but certainly worth every penny.

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Friday is here and it’s time for our weekly shoot-the-shit. This morning’s topic is a great one because it gives us an opportunity to vent in a non billable setting with equal or superior benefit. Venting be it mental, oral or digestive is a good thing, so here’s what pissed me off today.

Early this morning, I headed out to WALMART on my perpetual quest for the elusive .22LR ammunition. I’d have better luck finding the Holly Grail or a virgin living in the Upper East Side. Unscathed by my failure, I decided to swing by the produce department to pick up some fruit. I walked up to the banana section and saw a display that looked very much like this.


The entire display looked like this! I pointed that out to the employee working the produce section to which she replied, “I’m sorry they are all like this and that’s all we have.” I stood there dumbfounded and asked “is this what you want your customers taking home?” Reply, “well that’s all we have.” I stood there thinking where the hell is the section manager, or the store manager? So here’s what pisses me off – the presumption that a customer cares as little as you care about them.

Feel free to tell us about what pisses you off and have a safe and outstanding weekend everybody!

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FN America, and Bawidamann Blades partnered to produce 250 limited edition knives exclusively for FN.  Serial number 001 was auctioned off  during SHOT SHOW with the proceeds donated to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF).  The remaining 249, priced at $449 each, could be preordered at the FN America booth during SHOT Show 2015.

The collaboration is based on the Pogn “L” model,  but with a longer blade, hand finished and blasted G-10 Bawidamann chunk grips, and a custom Grey Wolf Cerakote that has been stonewashed for a distressed look.

Some of these may still be available directly from FNH.

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MVB is based in Deerfield Florida and they’ve recently released a collapsible stock, sold as the MVB ARC Stock,  for the AR platform that’s been receiving some very good press. The difference between the MVB ARC and others is that with the ARC you keep the same bolt carrier group; in fact, you can also use the stock with a 9mm bolt carrier group by removing the weight on the 9mm carrier. The ARC uses a buffer (H1, H2 and H3 are available)  and spring capture detent that holds the spring and buffer in the buffer tube allowing for a more traditional take-down of the weapon. MVB is now accepting pre-orders at an M.S.R.P. of $395

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Rock River Arms introduced a compact carbine stock that it markets as the NEAG CCS. This is a two position stock that’s made from 6061 aluminum and 4140 steel. The stock ships complete with stock, adaptor, buffer tube, spring and the modified bolt carrier group / buffer. The NEAG CCS is designed to be a drop-in retrofit compatible with most 5.56/.223 AR-15s. Collapsed length is 4.5 inches and extended length is 8.5 inches. This is a great mod for vehicle born weapon systems or folks that shoot with ballistic protection. M.S.R.P. is $330

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We’ve been working on our Burris XTR II review and thought readers might like to see a couple of photos. This XTR II is impressive and I’ll leave it at that until the review is out.


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PHOTOS. Avec les tireurs d'élite du 13e BCA ,

This is an excellent photo expose by Monsieur Cyril Bonnet of L’Obs.  There’s a total of 18 superb photos documenting his time with what L’Obs refers to as “les tireurs d’élite” or elite shooters. It’s annotated in French. Click on the photo to see these great pictures.

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If you ever drop by a RADETEC exhibit, at any venue, and mention the words “FN Shot Counter” it’s guaranteed to get you a response of “how many have you seen…” Before I get into an explanation that supports the company’s response, I’d like to give you just a quick background on this EU company. RADETEC translates to RADE Technologias . They were founded in 2004 and have two offices in Madrid and Zaragoza, Spain. They’re actually part of a technical medical group called Grupo Empresarial Electromédico (GEE). GEE has been in business for 30 years managing and maintaining electronic equipment for hospitals across Spain. The company has expanded its global presence through strategic partnerships that in 2010 established RADETEC’s first U.S. office in Bethlehem, PA. The company’s core competency is the integration of electromechanical components and plastic polymers

M1911The company has recently launched a product that it markets under the name of “Ammo Control;” there are two versions of the product, one displays the actual number of rounds left in a weapon’s magazine and the other displays an LED that changes color as rounds are expended. Ammo Control Digital Counter displays the actual round count remaining and Ammo Control LED Advisor which changes the LED color as rounds are expended.

Presently the Ammo Control Digital Counter and Ammo Control LED Advisor are available for the M4 carbine, M1911 pistols and Beretta 92FS.

RADETEC also has a software product that supports the armorer’s function. It’s a data base that collects shots fired, weapon serial numbers, maintenance history  as well as any relevant comments.

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Browning’s Buck Mark Carries Crimson Trace Laser Sight

Browning Buck Mark Black Label pistol with Crimson Trace Rail Master

(Wilsonville, OR)—While Browning Buck Mark pistols have been produced for several decades, and made available in many styles, the newest version introduced at the recent 2015 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is a tactical Buck Mark .22 pistol equipped with a Crimson Trace Rail Master®. The Browning Buck Mark Black Label Carbon Fiber has a unique carbon fiber finish, a 4-inch steel barrel and an under barrel accessory rail. The firearms are shipped with a red Crimson Trace Rail Master laser sight pre-installed on that rail.

“We are very pleased to have a laser sight pre-installed on such a high-quality Browning product,” said Jeff Goddard, Crimson Trace Director of Sales. The new Buck Mark Black Label Carbon Fiber features textured grip panels, a gold plated trigger, and detachable magazine. There is also a second model, the Buck Mark Black Label Carbon Fiber Pink, with unique pink grips. The equipped handguns can be seen at:

Crimson Trace’s Rail Masters are well known for being small, powerful, easy to operate, and for producing a brilliant laser dot onto the target. Rail Masters have been available with red diodes, and are now available with green diodes—the affordable CMR-206. Rail Masters feature tap-on Instant Activation™, provide three modes of operation (momentary, strobe and constant on) and can be easily and quickly attached to nearly any firearm’s rails with Crimson Trace’s proprietary Secure Lock Technology®.

Crimson Trace laser sights and light products can also be found pre-installed on firearms from Kimber, Ruger, Smith &Wesson, Beretta and others.

Crimson Trace, America’s recognized leader in laser sights and tactical lights for firearms, manufacturers nearly 200 laser sight systems and lighting products. For more than two decades, the Oregon-based company has been setting the standard in laser sight options for firearms—and those seeking to upgrade or equip their concealed carry firearm(s) with laser sights.

Crimson Trace’s new Condition Crimson campaign is underway. For more details, visit or call 800-442-2406. Crimson Trace is the Industry Leader in laser sighting technology and offers products that are proudly Made in the USA.

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Walther Arms Inc. has added a new model to their existing line of tactical  rimfire rifles, the Heckler & Koch G36 .22LR. Everything from the folding stock, ambidextrous charging handle, safety lever and bolt locking control mimics the G36. The barrel is threaded in 1/2 x 28 for compatibility with a variety of muzzle devices. Unique to the Walther’s G36 is the reciprocating charging handle, which Walther claims will provide the shooter with the feel of the 5.56mm version. The Walther G36 Tactical Rimfire is available in 30, 20 and 10 round magazines, and will set you back about $500, give or take a couple of bucks. For the G36 aficionados this is the G36K variant.




  • Caliber:                    .22 Long Rifle
  • Mag Capacity:         20 rnds
  • Weight with Mag:   6.74 lbs
  • Overall Length:       37.8 in
  • Barrel Length:         18.1 in
  • Operation:              Blowback
  • Front Sight:             Fixed Front Sights
  • Rear Sight:             Adjustable For Windage & Elevation
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As nearly everyone knows, Aimpoint is the industry standard for the ubiquitous red dot reflex optic be it micro or full-sized red dots. Battery life is nothing short of amazing as is their reliability and robustness. When you buy an Aimpoint sight, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is dot size and form factor, everything else is a given and those are the facts. Over the years, the value of the red dot reflex sight has, like the proverbial chicken,  come home to roost. Company after company has entered the very lucrative market but at a price point that was totally ignored by Aimpoint. Very experienced optic centric companies like Bushnell, Burris, Leupold Stevens, Weaver and several others have red dot products they placed in the $200 to $400 range. They don’t give much up to Aimpoint, but are far more wallet friendly. So, the consumer is faced with rationalizing the cost to benefit of 80 feet of depth tolerance and 30,000 to 50,000 hours of battery life with a 1 meter for 30 minutes depth tolerance and 3,000 hours of battery life. A decision translating to save or forego an average of $300 – $400. As a business, Aimpoint had to do something to get a foothold in that mid-price space without running the risk of cannibalizing sales of its premium product, so in October, 2014 Aimpoint announced the Aimpoint Carbine Optic or ACO.

The ACO delivers the quality and most of the performance available from Aimpoint’s higher end products, at a selling price of $393. What are you the consumer giving up? Three things; battery life is reduced from 50,000 hours to 1 year; night vision compatibility is absent; and water resistance goes from 80 feet to 3 feet indefinitely. Contrast what you give up with a potential savings of $400 and you begin to see tons of value.

Aimpoint’s ACO still faces stiff competition but at least the company has entered the game, a game it could very well win with the Aimpoint Carbine Optic.

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SWANSBORO, NC 15FEB2015 – Over the past few months High Speed Gear® has been acquiring the appropriate materials to produce our Battle Proven Tactical Nylon Gear™ in Wolf Grey. High Speed Gear® is proud to officially announce that our premium products are now offered in the tonal shade Wolf Grey developed by Arc’teryx LEAF for Urban and Industrial environments.
About Arc’teryx LEAF Wolf Grey:
In situations with marginal light, or from a distance, the greyscale tone of most surfaces appears as dark grey. Concrete, glass, asphalt and rooftops are common modern backgrounds. These typical urban and industrial environments are often subject to low ambient light and shadows. In these conditions, black stands out of the shadows, is easily identifiable and can be clearly defined. Wolf introduces a covert tonal shade for law enforcement purposes in urban environments.
High Speed Gear® is now offering our top products including TACO®’s, SureGrip® Belts (including Slim and Cobra Riggers w/ Pad) in this tone.

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When you take a close look at HK’s award winning VP9 it’s not surprising to see why it was selected to receive Guns & Ammo’s Handgun Of The Year Award. The pistol was released in June of 2014 and it’s a rendition of the experience gained with the VP70, introduced in 1970 and the first polymer frame pistol to enter the market, and the P7 pistol, which utilized a striker fired firing pin introduced in 1979. It was this experience that laid the groundwork for the VP9. Now for the salient points…

The VP9 is a polymer frame striker fired 9mm semiautomatic pistol. It has no external safeties but implements what I’ll call mandatory restrictions that prevent accidental discharges when field stripping the pistol for cleaning. The operator can not break down the pistol with a magazine in the magazine well. Second, you don’t need to pull the trigger to release the slide. This design overcomes some of the issues identified with competing pistols like the Glocks.

The VP9 includes an extended trigger guard that will easily accommodate a gloved hand. H&K incorporates European style ambidextrous magazine release paddles as opposed to the more familiar grip magazine release button. I like this feature as it reduces the risk of accidentally dropping the magazine during firing or repositioning of your hand. Some will disagree, but to each his own.

TheVP9 features a Picatinny accessory rail molded into its polymer frame. Interestingly enough, H&K wants you to limit accessory weight to no more than 160 grams or 5.6 oz. I’m not sure of the reasons for that parameter, but I can’t see that it would prevent cycling of the pistol or create structural stresses that could crack the frame. However, 5.6 oz. is probably on the high end of what is practical, but I’m going to have to check that out just out of curiosity.

One of the “complaints” you hear about the Beretta M9 is that the position of its external safety/decocker leads to accidental engagement of the safety when charging the pistol. That problem is nonexistent in the VP9, which has no external safety and includes charging supports at the rear of the slide (a la FN five-seven).

Ergonomics on the VP9 are simply outstanding; not only is the back strap interchangeable but the grip side plates as well. H&K includes three sizes of grip hardware; small, medium and large. Changing the grip to fit any size hand only requires a punch to remove a small roll pin. No other tools are required. Once the back strap has been removed you can then simply slide the side plates out. This feature makes the pistol customizable to any shooter.

Operator controls include ambidextrous slide locking levers, extended ambidextrous magazine release levers and a takedown lever. H&K includes a cocked indicator at the rear of the slide. When the pistol is cocked a bright red indicator protrudes from the rear of the slide, so even in low light or no light condition the operator knows if the weapon is cocked and locked.

As of this writing, H&K offers the VP9 in 9mm but representatives informed me that a .40S&W and .45ACP are in the works. I’d love to see a VP9 in .45ACP with a threaded and extended barrel. Maybe 2016?

The VP9 is available in 15 round and 10 round capacity and three choices of sights that includes a tritium night sight. Plan on spending from $600 to $750 depending on configuration.

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View Point Tactical Magazine is one of the more recent tactical magazines to enter the space. VPTM is a veteran owned business that does something consistent with my personal philosophy and that is educate the reader. With a veritable cornucopia of tactical rags entering the market, one of the things that is quite often left behind is educating the reader and not simply telling sea stories and who you know that gave you “inside” information. I’ve read both issues and I like what I see, so check them out.

By the way, what is the driver for this surge in tactical journals? that’s a question that I posed to one of my EU go-to guys and he informs me that it is the airsoft community. There is gold in them there hills business people.

Read Issue 2

Read Issue 1

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NBC’s Brian Williams Yeah That’s Right

Thank God It’s Friday and time for another shoot-the-shit topic. Yeah that’s right, a shoot-the shit topic, you know, like the one we had last Friday. Yeah that’s it!

Well folks, I don’t envy Brian Williams; in fact, I feel sorry for the guy. I’m not sure what need he was trying to fill but he sure discredited one of the more prestigious professions in a democracy. What bugs me most is the level of support Williams has received from the media; quite frankly, I wish Stan McChrystal and his staff could have seen the same level of understanding and support.

By everyone’s account Brian Williams is a likeable fellow so I sincerely hope he can pull his life back together again; I mean that wholeheartedly, because right now it must be like an acute case of hemorrhoids.

It looks like NBC’s management may have found a permanent replacement for Brian Williams. So, tells us what you think. Remember that on shoot-the-shits anything goes!


Have A Great Weekend Everyone! Stay Safe and Be Good!

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Nampa, Idaho (February 2015) – Adaptive Tactical, LLC, manufacturers of innovative firearm stocks and accessories is proud to announce the release of its Sidewinder Venom SE Kit with an M4 style stock and pistols grip, 10 Round Box Magazine and Wraptor forend. The Sidewinder Venom SE Kit is an at-home installation kit that transforms your Mossberg 590, 500 and 88 series 12 gauge pump action shotgun into a magazine fed, smooth operating, fast cycling tactical shotgun.  Installation is simple with Adaptive Tactical’s quality instructions and instructional videos. Now your Mossberg will have increased load capacity, with reliable, quick reloads.

The Sidewinder Venom SE Kit comes with an adjustable M4 style stock with pistol grip. The SE Kit configuration wil l replace the standard shotgun stock with a comfortable stock that allows the user to easily adjust the length of pull for improved comfort and performance. The ergonomic pistol grip ensures proper trigger placement and comfort no matter the application.

The included Venom 10 round magazine is compatible with 12 gauge 2.75″ ammunition.  It allows for rapid reloads while maintaining reliable feeding. Each magazine is made of durable polymer construction with strong composite and metal components. The interchangeable design makes this not only an innovation for the range but for home defense. Individuals now have the ability to leave their shotgun unloaded with an easy, quick loading option. This also allows for speedy transitions from buckshot to slugs or whichever ammunition the user chooses.

The Wraptor Forend is specifically designed for the Sidewinder Venom Conversion Kits. The forend allows the user a comfortable, ambidextrous grip and the ability to add multiple accessories using the several rails available. The Wraptor forend also comes with the patented “sight tunnel” allowing the user to rapidly attain a sight picture with faster target acquisition.

Sidewinder Venom SE Kits with 10 round Box Magazine include:

  • Adjustable M4 style stock with pistol grip
  • Includes 10 rnd. box magazine, Wraptor forend w/action bars, magazine tube, shell follower, barrel clamp, kelly grip, emery cloth and installation guide.
  • Available in Black, A-TACS, MultiCam, or Desert Digital
  • Available for 590 series or 500* & 88** Mossberg® 12 gauge pump shotguns configured with 5/6 shot magazine tubes and 18″ barrels

For more information on Adaptive Tactical visit or “Like” us on Facebook and “Follow” us on Instagram. For more information on Adaptive Graphx or StōnCamo, visit and

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2015_02_12_1HSGI has introduced the HSG Clips, an alternative to Malice Clips, that promises to make attaching your HSG TACO much faster and less of an effort.

The company’s clips feature a tapered leading edge and very slight width adjustment, which make these clips much easier to weave through MOLLE. The final attachment step is a breeze as the clip passes through itself before snapping. See video below!

HSGI will offer long and short straps sometime in Q1 2015. This will be a welcomed change from the existing attachment system. No doubt about it!

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Grey Ghost Gear’s Paladin Riggers Belt


The Paladin Belt is a high performance riggers belt made from a double layer of Mil Spec webbing and terminated in an Austrialpin® Cobra Buckle. The benefit to this buckle design is that it will not accidentally release under load, yet still provides a quick release. The Austrialpin buckle is machined from 7075 aluminum alloy with a solid brass and stainless steel internal release mechanism that is tested to 9kN. The belt is 1-3/4 inches wide with channels sewn in the body to attach standard modular pouches. The Paladin belts are available in Black, Coyote Brown and MultiCam. in sizes from X-Small to X-Large. The belt is available from Grey Ghost Gear at an M.S.R.P. of $74.95

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Steyr has been producing the SSG 69 for 40 years. Over that time it acquired a reputation for being one of the most sought out sniper rifles on the market. This was particularly true for models with the second set trigger. Just an amazing rifle and I consider myself fortunate to have been exposed to it.

The last 1,000 units were produced in 12 different models PII and PIIK (some are the first ever with threaded barrels). They will be offered in single trigger, double trigger, green and black stocks.  They each come standard with a factory mounted 20 MOA picatinny rail.

Anyone interested in an SSG 69, contact CDNN Sports in Abilene, Texas at 1-800-588-9500 or online It looks like most of these rifles are priced at $1,500.

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Adobe Photoshop PDF

MTM Spec Ops watches is introducing its crowning jewel The TriggEr. It is the company’s first automatic movement chronograph and they went whole hog with this timepiece.

As consumers, we are all exposed to watchmaker claims that their wrist watch is a chronometer and quite often those claims are false. So, before I reveal what’s under The TriggEr’s hood I’ll tell you what a chronometer is and how you can separate the wheat from the chaff.

In order to be described as a Swiss chronometer, a watch must first be tested by Controle Officiel Suisse des Chronometeres or COSC. They are an independent association that is governed by Swiss Civil code, Companies that wish to designate their timepieces as chronometers must submit their watch for testing in one of three test centers located in Geneva, Bienne and Le Locle. The Swiss have been testing chronometers since 1878 and COSC, as it exists today,  has been testing since 1973. Of the 800,000+ watches tested by COSC 80% meeting chronometer certification belong to Rolex the remaining certifications are distributed among five or so manufacturers. So, what does it take to be legally called a chronometer.

COSC performs seven different tests. Failure to meet the minimum standard in any one of the tests means that a movement is rejected.

  • Test 1 : Mean Daily Rate: After 10 days of tests, the mean daily rate of the movement must be within the range of -4 to +6 seconds per day.
  • Test 2 : Mean Variation in Rates: COSC observes the movement’s rate in five different positions (two horizontal, three vertical) each day over 10 days for a total of 50 rates. The mean variation in rates can be no more than 2 seconds.
  • Test 3 : Greatest Variation in Rates: The greatest of the five variations in rates in the five positions can be no more than 5 seconds per day.
  • Test 4 : Horizontal and Vertical Difference: COSC subtracts the average of the rates in the vertical position (on the first and second days) from the average of the rates in the horizontal position (on the ninth and tenth days). The difference must be no more than -6 to +8 seconds.
  • Test 5 : Greatest Deviation in Rates: The difference between the greatest daily rate and the mean daily test rate can be no more than 10 seconds per day.
  • Test 6 : Rate Variation Due to Temperature: COSC tests the movement’s rate at 8 degrees Celsius (46 degrees Fahrenheit) and at 38 degrees C (100 degrees F). It subtracts the cold temperature rate from the hot temperature rate and divides by 30. The variation must be no more than 0.6 seconds per day.
  • Test 7 : Resumption of the rate: This is obtained by subtracting the average mean daily rate of the first two days of testing from the mean daily rate of the last test day. The resumption of rate can be no more than 5 seconds.

If the timepiece meets these tests, the COSC will issue a certificate. About 2% of Switzerland’s total watch production meets the requirements to be designated a chronograph.

MTM’s The TriggEr uses a COSC certified chronograph movement set in a CNC machined grade 5 titanium case. The watchcase back is an exhibition type, utilizing sapphire glass, and is protected by MTM’s dagger insignia.

The bezel acts as a safety mechanism that can be engaged or disengaged. By simply rotating the bezel counter-clockwise, the TriggEr’s proprietary gearing mechanism will raise the entire bezel 1mm above the watch’s sapphire crystal.  This allows for an added level of protection for the crystal when the wearer encounters extreme use.  By repeating the counter-clockwise rotation once, the bezel returns to its normal position.

The dial is a specially designed dial with integrated raised block indexes and numerals.  The chronograph’s 3 sub-dials are also raised and correspondingly trimmed to coordinate with each of the TriggEr’s finishes and complement a 3’oclock positioned day/date window. 

The TriggEr bracelet is an articulating ball bearing link design. What is special with this bracelet is that no pins are used. Each individual CNC machined link is solid titanium and connected via precisely machined and polished bearings. This approach makes for a very smooth and comfortable bracelet.

mechanical rendering

Now for the bad news… It’s 10 Large. The retail price on this work of art is $10,000 certainly not an impulse buy. However, it is a limited edition item. MTM adviced me that production will be limited to  50 pieces in each of the following finishes; black, grey, silver and gold

Manufacturer Specifications:

  • Movement – ETA COSC Automatic
  • Case/Band Material – Titanium
  • Case Diameter – 44mm
  • Crystal – Sapphire
  • Water Resistance – 200 Meters (660 Feet)
  • M.S.R.P. $10,000 USD
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GA Precision AT SHOT SHOW 2015


George Gardner’s smile flows from success and the fact that he’s one hell of a nice guy. He started GA Precision back in 1999 and has been making precision rifles ever since. GA Precision rifles are some of the best in the world; in short GA Precision will build anything you want and deliver a SUB MOA product. He is on my list of the top five best stick makers in the U.S.

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Although not new for 2015 Colt’s Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) remains an exciting system for me. The SCW is built on Colt’s patented monolithic upper receiver  that features a Colt’s collapsible folding buttstock. This is an arrangement that provides the operator with the maximum amount of flexibility to adapt the weapon to a variety of operating conditions. The SCW is a selective fire weapon chambered in 5.56 x 45. Because of its design and compactness, you can issue the SCW to aircrews in lieu of a MP5 and provide them with a tool that provides the full benefit of the 5.56 x 45 round along with its longer effective range. With the stock collapsed, the SCW’s overall length is 23.5 inches or 596.9 mm when compared to H&K’s MP5 with the R butt stock and a shortest overall length of 550 mm. Again, the SCW also compares favorably against the HK M7A1 at 415mm. The MP7A1 in its shortest configuration is only 7 inches shorter than the SCW but you give a longer effective range and terminal ballistics.


If you like a compact low profile 1911 pistol for conceal or discrete carry, Colt’s New Agent is just the ticket for you. The New Agent is chambered in .45ACP and features all of the safety features and operation of a full sized 1911. The New Agent has a 3 inch barrel and is available with the Crimson Trace laser grips, which is the route I would suggest for this pistol. Trigger is smooth and brakes cleanly at 3 lbs. M.S.R.P. with the CTC laser grips is $1366 but the street price will be somewhat better so definitely shop around for your best deal.

New for 2015, and part of  Colt’s Classic Remake Program, is the Colt 1903 General Officer’s hammerless pistol; chambered in .32 ACP. The 1903 is an exact replica of the Type II General Officer’s pistol. Colt is making 3,500 units of which 2000 will be parkerized,  1000 blued and the remaining 500 units will have their serial numbers to the Generals that were originally issued the Type II pistol. So, it’s a historically correct offering from Colt. Something to note with the 1903 pistols is that they were always snag free and the .32 ACP is a mild soft recoiling round. So, ladies this might be an excellent opportunity to own a piece of history.

Screenshot 2015-02-11 12.06.39

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