SWR Brings Back Its Highly Successful Specwar 5.56mm Supressor.

SWR's 2011 rendition of its highly successful Specwar.

SWR (Southeastern Weapons Research) Laurens, SC brings back its highly successful Specwar 5.56mm suppressor.

The new design incorporates SWR’s Active Spring Retention (ASR)™ mounting system that guarantees a solid and secure mounting arrangement on any carbine. The Specwar is made from 300 stainless steel and 718 Inconel making the suppressor full auto rated and suitable for use on any length barrel including 10.5” M4 configurations. The Specwar is finished in highly durable Gun-Kote.

The outside dimensions are 7.2″L x 1.5″D giving it an internal volume of slighty over 208 cubic centimeters. The added volume and improved baffle designs delivers an impressive 133 db on a 14.5″ M4.  At a weight of 19.5 ounces, weapon balance is not adversely impacted.

SWR has been producing extreme quality suppressor for quite some time and have developed and industry wide reputation for excellent customer service.

Additional details are available at http://www.swrmfg.com

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