RESET's RIPR Powered Rail System

I first came across RIPR at the SOFIC Conference and was so impressed by it that I referred to it as “having the potential to revolutionize…” I stand by that remark without reservation or modification.

RESET’s powered rail, know in the market as RIPR, delivers an opportunity previously unavailable to further integrate the soldier to the networked Army of the future.

Much of what you’ll hear from the brass at RDECOM is their renewed emphasis on a horizontal view of the Army using a systematic approach designated as system of systems. The day where one unit has one level of capability while the other does not are nearing an end and is inconsistent with RDECOMs view of the world, going forward.

As such, much of their work will focus on an enterprise wide integration of capabilities and Reset’s RIPR is uniquely position to take advantage of that transformation.

RIPR is a carbine mounted rail system that provides power and data distribution using a three-buss architecture. Its design could solve some very poignant problems.

First, by creating a power distribution architecture the RIPR rail opens the door for manufacturers of weapon-mounted accessories to greatly reduce their footprint and weight. All of the sudden, devices like reflex sights; tactical lighting, laser designators and thermal imaging equipment can be made smaller, lighter and cheaper. Furthermore, by providing a common power source, in the form of a weapon mounted battery pack, the individual soldier or unit no longer needs a drugstore array of battery types.

RESET included a data buss in the design making it possible to fully integrate the soldier to the ad hoc network in the AO.

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