Kestrle’s 4500NV Horus

Sniper teams operating across a range of AOs face a similar problem, how to develop a precise firing solution given weather, range and target variables.

To address this need, several companies developed and fielded stand alone solutions with varying degrees of success. In order to integrate the systems, components had to be interconnected with cables, or in many cases integration was not achievable; requiring the operator to manually intervene. Simply stated, it was messy setting the stuff up and taking it down.

That has now changed with the introduction of Kestrle’s 4500NV Horus. Now, the operator has at, his or her, fingertips a compact and easy to use, energy-efficient, system that with a press of a button supplies a precise firing solution. What used to be carried in a tactical case can now be carried in a M.O.L.L.E. compatible pouch attached to a vest or weapons case.

The 4500 NV Horus retains all of its individual characteristics too, so you can still provide an incoming Helo with wind speed, direction and station pressure. You can also use the tried and true Horus technology to build a weapons list with the corresponding unique operating parameters and quickly calculate the correct aiming point.

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