USSOCOM Solicitation – Biomedical Research Topic

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Biomedical Research Topic – USSOCOM is soliciting pre-proposals focused on applied biomedical research topics that may be of interest to Special Operations Forces (SOF)-relevant aspects of medical care, particularly related to: Damage Control Resuscitation (including Hemorrhage control, Hypothermia [prevention and mitigation, treatment and reversal], Fluid Replacement, Field Diagnostics, and Analgesia;  Casualty Data Management (including Wounding pattern database [3D mapping], Point of injury care record, and Preventable Death Analysis);  Environment-specific Medicine (including Optimal acclimatization strategy, High Altitude Pulmonary Edema/High Altitude Cerebral Edema [pharmaceutical interventions, alternative treatments], and Chemical, Biological, Radiological,Nuclear, and High Yield Explosives [rapid diagnostics];  Canine Medicine (including Altitude [optimal acclimatization strategy, High Altitude Pulmonary Edema/High Altitude Cerebral Edema-positive diagnostic test, pharmaceutical interventions, alternative treatments], Olfaction, Optimal nutrition, Optimal anesthesia protocol, Optimal trauma resuscitation strategy, Visual spectrum, and Post trauma training / behavioral issues;  Force Protection (including Personal protective equipment [armor effectiveness, helmet effectiveness], Preventative medicine [rapid field diagnostics, universal anti-venin], and Repetitive low-impulse blast exposure.  Pre-proposals may be submitted from the date of posting until 5/31/11. Pre-proposals will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Solicitation #: F2VUG0-MedTech-BAA08102010
Issue Date: 8/17/10

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