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If you like success stories, then you’ll like modeling your business strategy like Horus Vision, San Bruno, CA.

Traditionally, precision shooters, like military and police accurately place a shot under varying conditions. Snipers, used the vertical and horizontal dots to determine range to a

Mildot Reticle

target or in the case of a moving target, he used the horizontal dots to estimate the target speed. Al though the system worked reasonably well, it was error prone and lacked the wherewithal for quick and accurate followup shots, particularly in changing wind conditions.

H37 reticle pattern

  Recognizing its limitations, the folks at Horus® came up with the better mousetrap. They successfully introduced a precision targeting reticle consisting of a two-dimensional pattern. The design provides instant feedback to assist the sniper in determining the proper aiming point. The reticle pattern was just the beginning and the company quickly moved to develop a complete system; one that included advanced ballistic software. Snipers using the ATrag software, in conjunction with the Horus reticle patterns, no longer need to make manual elevation and wind adjustments and in the case of a first shot miss; the reticle pattern immediately provides the correct wind and holdover point. Seeing its merits, the U.S. military was quick to adopt the Horus® system.

Shortly after, Horus® made their reticle patterns available in Leupold tactical rifle scopes and in the Leupold MkIV tactical spotting scope.

  For 2011 Horus® will add the Horus® ATrag, a joint venture between Kestrel® Wind Meters and Horus Vision, LLC. The Horus ATrag, is the first ever integration between a wind meter and ballistics software.

The company will also be adding the HDMR 3.5-21×50, featuring the H58 reticle. This is a first focal plane advanced optic with sufficient magnification to complement the 300 Win Mag and 338 Lapua platforms currently in theater.

Horus, in collaboration with Bushnell, will be offering the Excursion 15-45×60 spotting

Bushnell Excursion 15-45x60

 fitted with the H32 reticle, a first focal plane spotter. This is a great move for Horus and Bushnell; bringing the acquisition costs to $899 or less. Given the budget crunch faced by the law enforcement community, the Horus® Excursion 15-45×60 will deliver the same level of performance available in military units and Special Forces to Law Enforcement.

This Spring you can also look for an H32 equipped compact spotting scope designated as the Hubble. The Hubble  delivers 15-40×60 of optical magnification at a lower price point.

This summer look for an Accuracy 1st and Horus collaboration the TReMor reticle. The reticle incorporates the Accuracy 1st  speed shooting method.

Horus Vision, LLC

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  1. Matthew says:

    Please Help – I cannot find which Leupold Scope offers the TReMor reticle! I need to purchase a scope in order to take my long range rifle class.


    • Matthew, I don’t believe that Leupold has the TReMor available yet. I know that Schmidt Bender will have it available. Your best bet is to call Horus Vision at 650-588-8862
      and they will give you the guidance that you’re looking for.


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