KRISS TDI System V Now Available in a .40 S&W


My first exposure to the KRISS System V was at the Blackwater, Moyock, NC facility a few years back. I was thoroughly impressed; not just with the weapon but the concept. Back then it was way out of the box thinking.

The KRISS offers a cyclic rate of about 1200 rounds per minute in a .45ACP. The KRISS action, deflects the blowback vector downward and away from the shooter so the traditional muzzle climb from firing fully automatic is minimized. KRISS / TDI claims no more than a 1.8° rise, which is extraordinary given its caliber.

Over the years, I have been an unofficial spokesman for KRISS/TDI because I am convinced that it is a better approach than the ubiquitous HK MP5 and many variants.

KRISS / TDI has taken it a step further by now offering a KRISS System V in a .40 S&W bringing the platform in line with the law enforcement community’s standard issue round.

If you haven’t given the System V a test drive you should. It is that good.

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