Copy Cat Extrema Ratio Knives Confiscated in Italy.


The folks at Extrema Ratio, Prato, Italy have been making exceptional military and tactical knives since 1997. Their mantra has been to produce edged weapons of uncompromising quality and durability. They know the customers served depend on them for their lives and the lives of others. For that reason, their designs are based on state of the art materials and fabrication techniques. Extrema’s reputation and business has been growing because of their talents, investments and commitment.

It appears that others have tried, unlawfully, to gain from their success by producing  exact copies  of their Fulcrum bayonets currently in use by Italian and other NATO forces. The product appears to be made in China and bears Extrema Ratio logos, serial numbers and branded as made in Italy.

If you are in doubt about the authenticity of an Extrema Ratio product please contact the company at:

TEL. +39 0574 584639 – FAX +39 0574 581312

Everyone in the office speaks English and they are eager to help you make that determination.


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2 Responses to Copy Cat Extrema Ratio Knives Confiscated in Italy.

  1. Bobby C. Bennett says:

    OK Guy’s,

    I just purchased an Extrema Ratio Fulcrum Bayonet from a local pawn shop. It was what I was looking for and I did get it at a good price. I did a little checking to see if I could get the damaged pommel replace or repaired. I found out I might have a copy. Just need a little recommendation from you guys. The follow items were found on the copy when compared with the original on your web site:

    1. Made in Italy is on the wrong side.
    2. Serial number is on the wrong side, serial number is MA000413B.
    3. Extrema Ratio logo is on the wrong side of the blade.
    4. Extrema Ratio logo on the blade is facing toward the point of the blade and not the handle.
    5. Extrema Ratio logo on the blade has the letter A’s cut differently and they are off centered and slanted to the left.
    6. The A’s in Made and Italy touch in Made in Italy.
    7. The pommel guide hole is not milled to help guide the bayonet onto the bayonet lug.
    8. Serrated edge is not one large and two small serrations; they are all grounded to the same size.
    9. Sharpening paper on the sheath appears to be sand paper and different then on the web site.
    10. Plastic “D” on the sheath appears to be smaller and missing connecting strap.
    11. Leg straps are of different material.
    12. Snaps appear to be glossy black paint instead of dull black.

    Well, I think I have a copy of the bayonet that I wanted for quite awhile. I will be making a trip back to the pawn shop and getting my money back.

    Thanks a lot, hope this will help others in the future.

    Bobby C. Bennett
    SSG, USA (ret.)
    Military Police K-9


  2. Nancy Heflin says:

    Bobby, too bad about that bayonet being fake. Extrema Ratio knives are being copied and sold more frequently in the last couple of years. Fakes are turning up not only on eBay and but at gun/knife shows. And now at pawn shops. I suggest being very careful about buying an ER (or any other brand) from a pawn shop since the pawn shop owner may not have the expertise to know whether or not the knife is a fake.

    I cannot stress enough that the seller should be authenticated before purchasing any knife, of any brand. All too often, we have buyers call us after they have made an “iffy” purchase and ask us to authenticate the knife. This is doing things backwards. Check out the seller before making the purchase. Warning to eBay buyers, the “Positive Feedback” has been manipulated by some unscrupulous sellers and so is not a good indication of a legitimate seller.

    Nancy Heflin


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