Caracal’s CSR – Sniper Platform

CARACAL’s CSR Sniper Platform

Caracal International is the first arms manufacturer in the UAE.  Among its already highly regarded line of pistols, notable additions, this year, include the  Caracal CSR sniper rifle.

Development of the CSR began last year and was shown still in its prototype form. The rifle is intended to be a modular design focusing on ergonomics to deliver a superior weapon-operator interface.

The CSR will be available in .308 Win or .300 WinMag as a folding stock, magazine fed, 10-round , bolt-action rifle. The chassis is fully Picatinny 1913 compliant with enough rail space to mount any combination of optics, including thermal imagining and image intensified. Two versions of the rifle will be produced. The CSR Basic with a 600mm barrel and the CSR Compact with a 510mm barrel.

Caracal anticipates that it will be in full production by the end of this year.

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