Harris’ Falcon Fighter Soldier System

Soldier modernization programs seem to be alive and well.

Harris’s Falcon Fighter Soldier System made its debut at IDEX 2011 announcing a 500 unit sale to an undisclosed Asian country[1].

 The system is designed around the Harris line of secure radios and one would reasonably expect that. Harris goes one step further by using open standards, which embrace a number of “legacy” sensors allowing them to interface with the system.

One of the challenges faced by the surveillance sector is how to integrate analog devices already in place into the digital framework so that data and control can be networked efficiently. The Falcon Fighter includes an onboard computer and processor that compresses and wraps the data stream in an IP compliant protocol, which can then be readily networked.

[1] Look for a scaled down version at Toys R Us this fall.

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    l want a full expalaination on situational awareness equipment and its function.Tq.


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