FN Herstal Shows off FN Fire Control Unit at IDEX 2011


FN Herstal debuted impressive new technology at IDEX 2011. Among the new offerings is the Fire Control Unit. It turns what used to be an art form into a repeatable and accurate process.

Those of you equipped with M203 40mm tube grenades know all to well that achieving repeatable accuracy is easier said that done. That changes with the availability of the FN FC-1.5M.

The sight is equipped with a laser range finder and an inclinometer. It accurately determines a range to the target and inclination or declination angle. That data is fed to an onboard ballistic calculator which determines the exact aiming solution. The aiming reticle actually shifts in the display so that the operator simply places the crosshairs over the target and fires the projectile.

As of this writing, I don’t have an assessment of how many, if any, are in service.

If you have that information or have used the FC-1.5M, chime in and share your thoughts.


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