JTRS Project

I spent a large part of my military career conducting SIGINT and COMINT and there’s probably not much in the r.f. spectrum through Ku band that eludes me; I also have a thorough understanding of the IP stack and routing. 

A few months ago I decided to sit down and write an article, or two, on JTRS (Joint Tactical Radio System) if for no other reason than to gain an understanding of it. I am finally at the point where I “think” I can discuss it with some degree of authority; especially, reducing it to a non-technical level, so that non-technical folks get a better understanding of it than the average bear.

In the weeks to come, I’ll be discussing the concept of software definable communications equipment, waveforms, multi-protocol and ad hoc networks. I’ll also try to deal with the issue of spectrum requirements and its availability – or perhaps the better question is where will it come from.

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