HK’s MR556A1 Coming Soon at a Dealer Near You.

When the HK416 first made its debut in 2005, it was generally believed to be the M4’s successor. The carbine uses the same form factor as the M4/M16 with the principal difference being its operating system. The HK416 uses a short stroke gas piston operating system that keeps bore gases from returning back to the receiver; thus greatly reducing fouling and heat related failures with the bolt group and buffer subsystems – a benefit that is particularly important when the carbine is operated suppressed.

It’s introduction sparked considerable interest in the commercial markets and HK responded with the announcement of the MR556 and MR762. After a prolonged wait the MR556 is now a reality. The carbine is in the retail channels and should be available for purchase from your dealer.

The MR556A1, tauts a 16.5 inch heavy contour barrel and an internal profile of 6 lands and grooves with a 1 in 7 inch twist, which should work well with the heavier match grade bullets in 69 gr, 75 gr and 77 gr.

HK’s presentation is not without its bit of fluff when they claim that the upper receiver to lower receiver fit contributes to the MR556A1 accuracy. If you’ve been around M16 and M4s for a while you know that accuracy is a function of the chamber and the barrel and this is by design to achieve the desired level of parts commonality.

In any event, here is Wayne Weber, President of HK USA making the announcement.

It’s sure to be a hot seller in spite of its ambitious $2995 MSRP

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