Elbit Systems’ U.S. Subsidiary is Awarded #USMC Contract for a Laser Target Designator.

Elbit System of America, a wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems , Haifa, Israel was awarded a $9.6 million contract by the United States Marine Corps System Command at Quantico Marine Base, Virginia to build the Joint Terminal Attack Controller Laser Target Designator (JTAC LTD).

The JTAC LTD is a very lightweight, battery-powered laser target designator and marker. It is small enough to be carried by foot-mobile Marines, enabling Marines to designate targets for laser-guided munitions. The JTAC LTD incorporates Elbit Systems’ high performance miniaturized Rattler designator, currently in full-scale production and implemented to date on numerous airborne and ground based programs. The JTAC LTD also provides target hand-off to aircraft Laser Spot Trackers. The system incorporates the latest advances in laser generation and battery power technologies. The JTAC LTD features a high power near infrared laser pointer for targeting operations during nighttime conditions.

The project will be performed over a period of one year time, including production of the units, supplying spares, and conducting training. The contract also contains options for logistics support, which if exercised, will bring its value to $10.8 million






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