SOG Tac Automatic 3.8oz of Sheer Tactical Muscle.


In 2011, SOG Specialty Knives Inc. continues its tradition of designing and manufacturing great blades with a new automatic offering, the SOG Tac Automatic Drop Point.

Readers who have followed my reviews know I tend to take folding knives lightly when it comes to tactical application. Look, let’s face it, chipping through sheet rock or a block wall is hard on a blade and the axis point on a folder is a single point of failure.

Having said that, the compactness and accessibility of a folding knife can’t be understated; therefore, I have consistently recommended you carry a fixed blade for the more demanding jobs you’ll encounter and a quality tactical folder for everyday tasks or as a defensive backup in close quarter combat. Here, an automatic knife provides a decisive advantage in speed of deployment and safety. 


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  1. I had a comment from one of my readers, at the Scribd ( site, regarding the looks of the SOG Tac Automatic. The reader felt the SOG logo and all the design work as implemented ruined its looks.
    I agree that the logo is a bit overdone for my taste, but there are other reasons that you need to consider.
    The SOG Tac Auto’s handle is made from 6061T6 aluminum. Using solid halves would add a significant amount of weight to the knife. The handle design work removes a considerable amount of aluminum from the handle; making the knife lighter. But, retains the stiffness and durability that aluminum is know for.
    Using this approach, they are able to create a knife that combines a very robust blade and large handle at a very lightweight of 3.8oz.


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