FOG HORN Top n Reasons where n=10 Why You Should Give Up Sushi.

10.    The yellow tail in your tuna is plutonium.

 9.    Benihana’s wise guy with the knife is wearing a canary suit.

 8.    Ginzu is now selling Geiger Counters.

 7.    Sushi houses got rid of table candles. They let the sashimi handle mood lighting.

 5.    Prime Minister Taro is really pissed that his aburage is crackling.

 4.    Japanese tako now has more than eight legs.

 3.    Sea urchin is no longer available with spines.

 2.    The only Sake you’ll get is in a bottle.

 1.    You don’t want to deal with impetigo a second time in your life.

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