Things To Come…

A few months ago I talked about doing some work on JTRS and the netcentric concept. I became interested in the subject because I am an X-ELINT type and want to gain a better than casual understanding of the technology. More importantly, understanding the structural fabric that will bring a variety of data streams to bear on the battlefield. Will it enhance C2 or overload the command. Will additional applications need to be layered on top of data management tools, and will those layers increase the exposure to cyber countermeasures? These are some of the questions that I will attempt to address or at a bare minimum broach.

I’ve been giving some thought on how to kick this off without getting into an engineering treatise, but in order to help the reader with the concepts underlying codecs and pulse coded modulation it’s necessary that I introduce some of the basic modulation schemes like AM, FM and FSK (Frequency-Shift Keying). I think it will go a long way to provide some clarity on why spectrum availability will be an ongoing concern.

FOG HORN’s axiom: Like disk drive capacity all available spectrum will be consumed, principally because we lack the discipline to manage it properly.

Look for my first post on JTRS in April.

I’m also working on a very detailed review of HORUS ATrag-MX, which is simply outstanding, and that will be completed in April as well.

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