Suppressors Current State of the Technology – Part 7 – AWC Systems Technology.

AWC Systems Technology is a Division of Special Technologies Group Inc. with offices at 1515 W. Deer Valley Rd., Suite 105A, Phoenix, AZ 85027-2031. It’s impossible to discuss firearm suppressors without discussing AWC Systems Technology, and I have personally had the opportunity to use the very highly regarded ThunderTrap™ – also produced in Titanium – with its characteristic “hiss”. However, without regard to my latter, AWC Systems Technology stands in my mind as a company who has elevated the integrally suppressed weapon to an art form. In my view, the company produces the best integrally suppressed weapons in the world.

Integral reflex suppressor

The integral suppressor is designed around the ported bore of the actual platform with a surrounding tube to provide containment and expansion of gases, and the baffles. Full powered loads will remain subsonic when fired through an integrally suppressed weapon.

Integrally suppressed weapons can be produced in all calibers; however, by orders of magnitude, the .22lr leads the pack; a tradition that dates back to the days of Col. Donovan’s Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Where as the OSS silenced pistol was built on the HiStandard .22 lr, AWC Systems Technology builds its world-famous Amphibian on Ruger’s MkIII™.

AWC Systems Technology Amphibian - S

The Amphibian S is in its 13th variation over the last 29 years. The primary baffle system components are made from Titanium and 303 stainless steel, secondary baffles are made from 6061T6. The combination has achieved a significant weight reduction without compromising durability. The Amphibian design can be fired wet or dry and has been designed from its inception to survive the abuse of salt water.

An equally popular and highly regarded integrally suppressed platform, based on the ubiquitous and highly reliable Ruger 10/22 semi automatic .22lr , is AWC’s Ultra II™

AWC Systems Technology Ultra II Semi Automatic.

AWC Systems Technology manufactures a variety of thread on pistol and rifle suppressors covering the caliber spectrum. As of this writing, the company does not make a quick attach/detach mount believing that thread mount suppressors offer superior sound reduction and overall performance.

AWC Systems Technology has been around since 1983 manufacturing superb weapon suppressors; many of which are still in service with all branches of the military and numerous law enforcement units.

For a comprehensive product list and documents visit the company’s website at

Note: Photographs of the Amphibian -S™ and Ultra II™ are courtesy of AWC Systems Technology. They are the sole property of AWC Systems Technology and may be protected by Copyright and Trademark regulations.

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