U.S. Army Wants To Reconfigure M110 SASS.

In a sources sought solicitation, number: W15QKN-11-X-F015, PEO Soldier Project Manager Soldier Weapons seeks to reconfigure some or all M110 SASS sniper platforms. The M110 fielded in 2008 was intended to replace the venerable M24, now being upgraded by Remington Arms to meet the demands of Afghanistan.

Here’s what the PMSW is looking for in the reconfigured version.

  • 1. Operation: Semi-automatic
  • 2. Caliber: Compatible with 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges
  • 3. Accuracy: Capable of 1.3 minute of angle dispersion or greater with
  • match ammunition
  • 4. Size: Overall length shall be reduced using a shorter barrel and/or
  • collapsible buttstock. Maximum length not to exceed 39 without suppressor.
  • Desired minimum length is less than 36 with stock collapsed.
  • 5. Weight: Weight shall be under 9.0 lb for unloaded rifle without optics
  • and accessories
  • 6. Grip: A modular, adjustable pistol grip f.
  • 7. Trigger: A non-adjustable match style trigger.
  • 8. Hand guard: A forend that includes a fixed 12 o’ clock rail with
  • configurable 3, 6, and 9 o’ clock rails.
  • 9. Sound suppressor: A muzzle mounted, detachable sound suppressor.
  • 10. Muzzle device: A compensator/muzzle break compatible with the sound
  • suppressor.
  • 11. Bipod: Tool-less detachment featuring cant and pan/track capability.
  • 12. Day optic: An Army specified variable power day optic and compatible
  • rings.
  • 13. Back up sights: Iron sights offset 45 deg from the DOS.
  • 14. Sling attachment: Flush cup, quick detach sling attachment points.
  • In addition to the above listed enhancements, the upgraded M110 must meet the
  • operational and environmental requirements that were fulfilled by the original
  • M110 SASS.

From my experience with the SASS it’s already there with exception of the overall length and weight, the adjustable grip, pan track/scan bipod and the offset iron sights (which I see as a bad call).

I would prefer a quick detach scope mount keeping the iron sights on the horizontal plane or perhaps an auxiliary red dot sight ring mounted on the scope.

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