Top N Reasons Where N = 10 Usama Bin Laden is Pissed.

10.     His new accommodations are way too damp.

9.      He’s been there only a week and already he’s got a case of the crabs.

8.     Nobody ever said he’d be living next door to a Jew, Jimmy Hoffa.

7.     He wanted a house warming but no one can find it.

6.     He can’t tell which way is Mecca.

5.     The power company wants a $25 million security deposit.

4.     He’s always wanted beachfront property but this is ridiculous.

3.     He used to think that bird shit was bad, but nobody said anything about whale

2.     Not Insha Allah, Insha Navy.

1.     The World Trade Center Twin Towers get a mosque he only got…

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