Raytheon and Motion Reality Inc develop 3D military applications.

The pressing need for versatile, timely and cost-effective training was obvious at this year’s SOFIC and an outgrowth of the GWOT. In the current operational environment, SOF operators need to construct flexible and accurate training scenarios, like the ones used to bring down Usama Bin Ladin. Regrettably, the fight continues with no end in sight and companies with a vision, like Raytheon Systems and Motion Reality Inc., are teaming to combine advanced military applications with exceptional hardware providing unparalleld training systems.

The video that you’ll see below requires some explanation. Here, the operators are equipped with goggles and other hardware. They move and respond to scenarios constructed in software and displayed on their goggles. The application analyzes the operator movement and displays it on monitors that may be viewed by trainers. It’s remarkable technology and very much in vogue. Look for more of this type of resource for both military and law enforcement.

MRI’s CEO Dr. Tom McLaughlin explains: “this real-time, untethered experience is enhanced by muscle stimulation technology, and the systems can be networked from multiple locations for distributed training,”

“[Our] technology is unrivaled in its ability to accurately capture full-body 3-D motion. The immersive 360-degree systems support force-on-force training and virtual artificially intelligent avatars that respond to actions and voice commands.”

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