You Didn’t Hear It From Me But…

While at SOFIC 2011 I spent  quality time with a quite a few exhibitors and I’ll be covering those discussions in subsequent posts. Due to the nature of SOF, some of what is presented at SOFIC Conferences is sensitive; however, I can talk around some topics and here are two that I know will be of interest to you.

Look for HORUS to release a new reticle. Thanks to the folks at Schdmit-Bender and Horus I had the opportunity to peek through the eye piece and I haven’t stopped drooling yet. I can also tell you that if you were to name this reticle you’d call it the “TreMor2.” I’ll have more on this revolutionary reticle later in the year. However, if you are in a sniper or DM role military or LE, I’d put this right at the top of my WANT list.

The second thing I can’t talk about is our friends at SIGARMS. Look for some interesting partnerships and teaming to deliver some new shoulder fired weapon systems. You’ll see an official release later in the year, and I’ll certainly be giving you a closer look at it.

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