Streamlight Exhibits at SOFIC 2011

Streamlight designs,  manufactures and markets a variety of portable lighting products including a  broad range of miniature, rechargeable and standard battery,  precision-engineered flashlights and lanterns for professional fire fighting, law enforcement, military,  industrial, outdoor and automotive applications.

The company can trace its roots in illumination technologies back to the early seventies. Currently, Streamlight supplies tactical lighting products to all branches of the U.S. armed forces. They’ve worked closely with the services to develop products that address specific needs emerging from prosecution of the GWOT.

Weapon Mounted White and IR Illumination

One of its many success stories is the TLR-VIR, which provides the warfighter with impressive white and IR illumination.

Streamlight also has a very strong presence in the law enforcement community offering a variety of weapon mount and handheld tactical illumination products.

Streamlight’s success is largely due to their ability to deliver a high performance, high reliability product at a price point that austere budgets love. For Streamlight, this is an important comparative advantage that will contribute to increased market share in a DoD and DHS that will no longer spend like a drunken sailor.

Watch and listen to the excellent overview of their tactical lineup!

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