Neilsen Kellerman at SOFIC 2011

Nielsen Kellerman exhibited their latest and greatest version of their flagship wind meter, the Kestrel HORUS ATrag wind meter. What separates their latest rendition from its other instruments is that the Kestrel HORUS ATrag is specifically designed for military and law enforcement application. Historically, snipers, designated marksmen and precision shooters have had to contend with estimating wind, wind direction, barometric pressure, altitude and relative humidity – all of which influence the trajectory of a shot fired from a precision rifle. These parameters become increasingly important as range to the target increase. With the Kestrel HORUS ATrag, the operator has at his disposal an instrument that delivers a real-time firing solution. Environmental data is updated realtime so all firing solutions are real-time.

In the video below Monica Devlin of Neilson Kellerman gives us an overview of their new meter.

The HORUS application running in the Kestrel meter was written specifically for the meter in  C making it extremely fast.

Look for incremental enhancements to the product in the display, form factor and power.

The weather meter is an indispensable part of an operators kit and if you are in a sniper or DM role, Kestrel’s meter is a must have item. If you’re unfamiliar with its capabilities I encourage you to contact Monica Devlin at Nielsen Kellerman.

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