Advanced Armament Company 300 Blackout at SOFIC 2011…

Photo Courtesy of AAC

When Eugene Stoner designed and developed the M16, he probably did not envision the genius of his work. There is not a weapon system in production today that delivers the functionality, flexibility and reliability found in Stoner’s design. With a simple swap of an upper receiver, an operator can transition from a 5.56×45 platform to a 30 caliber subsonic or supersonic freight train.

By way of example, consider JD Jones’ 300 Whisper®, a cartridge manufactured from a 221 Fireball case necked up to accommodate a 30 caliber bullet. Jones’ Whisper delivered a 220 or 240 grain payload. The drag and ballistic coefficients are so high that there is very little loss in velocity. For example, at 200 yards the round looses a mere 65 fps from the initial muzzle velocity. This performance gives the 300 Whisper® massive terminal ballistics.

JD Jones intended the 300 Whisper® to be a suppressed system; however, a number of supersonic loads have been developed.

JD made the 300 Whisper® available on a standard M4 or M16 platform, designed for the 5.56×45 round, with a .30 caliber barrel chambered for the 221 Fireball. His company, SSK Industries, also offers the 300 Whisper on a bolt-action precision rifle. The cartridge gained acceptance but it still remains a boutique cartridge, which means that commercially available ammunition is hard to find.

The 30 caliber AR concept got a boost from the folks at Advanced Armament Corporation when they announced the AAC 300 Blackout. The 300 Blackout is a SAAMI compliant cartridge specifically designed to take advantage of the versatility offered by the AR platform.
Photo Courtesy of AAC

In the video below, Rob Silvers, AAC’s Director of Research and Development,  tells us 300 Blackout ammunition will be produced in quantity. If AAC and The Freedom Group delivers on its promise, it will give the 30 caliber AR a much-needed boost.

AAC will also supply a complete upper or barrel / gas system assemby as your needs require.

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