Support Magpul’s Enduring Spirits Initiative !

Photo: Courtesy of Magpul Industries and Mil-Spec Monkey

Magpul Industries derives much of its operating philosophy from the ancient Japanese Bushido – a code built on courage, loyalty and fairness. In keeping with that tradition, and its affinity for Japanese warrior culture, the company has teamed up with the Mil-Spec Monkey© to deliver a limited edition patch that Magpul calls a take-off from the “Army Strong” slogan. The patch features a prominent “kanji” symbol over a brush stroked symbol representative of the Japanese flag.

The patch sells for $6.00 and is available directly from Magpul Industries’ web site

All proceeds go directly to the Red Cross and other charitable organizations
providing relief to the Japanese community. Please join us in supporting this
The reconstruction and cleanup work facing Japan and its people, particularly those in the affected areas, is overwhelming. Join us in supporting this promotion and order a patch for yourself and family members.

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