SOFIC 2011 Business Opportunities Session Reiterates a Commitment To Small Businesses.

SOFIC 2011, Tampa, FL

This year’s theme for the annual conference was “Understand, Communicate, Move and Engage” a need assessment articulated by Adm. Eric T. Olsen as he discussed his vision of USSOCOM post UBL EKIA.

SOF Forces are presently engaged in over 75 countries around the world but not all are kicking in doors and eliminating insurgents. In fact, 80% of SOF work is non-kinetic, which accounts for Adm. Olson’s emphasis on “Understand” a principle that was ever-present at this year’s event.

As in subsequent years, the conference kicked off with a Business Opportunities Session designed to embrace the hundreds of small businesses supporting USSOCOM. First up TILO, Technology and Industry Liaison Office (TILO), and the Office of Small Business
Programs, with excellent presentations. For small businesses wishing to do business with USSOCOM, TILO is an invaluable resource. A large part of their charter is to match your concepts and technology with USSOCOM priorities and connect you directly with the appropriate Program Executive Office (PEO). If you’re a small business, with that better mousetrap, I strongly encourage you to use USSOCOM TILO.

Technology and Industry Liaison Office and OSBR was followed by presentations from Margaret McCaskey, Director, Experimentation and Joint Capability Technology Demonstration (JCTD) for USSOCOM and Shawn Patterson, Program Manager, Small Business Innovative Research Program (SBIR), USOCOM. SBIR work’s closely with small business technology companies, by challenging them to solve SOCOM specific needs, and provides funding for research and development. They will assist small companies in bringing their innovation and technology to the DoD and the commercial markets.

The Business Opportunities Session concluded with AT&L Efficiencies and Contract Effects delivered by Col Kurt Bergo, USA F, Director, Procurement, USSOCOM, and Tips For Submitting Successful Proposals.

Small businesses looking for opportunities should familiarize themselves with and
frequent the following web sites.

  1.      Federal Business Opportunities, USSOCOM contracting actions greater than  $25,000.
  2.     Small Business Opportunities are listed every November.
  3.      Use this site for submitting proposal from mid-December to mid-March.
  4. Visit this website to obtain the procedure for submitting candidate proposals
    for JCTD.

I will continue SOFIC 2011 coverage and digest “Understand, Communicate, Move and Engage”, examining SOCOM’s needs in these areas and how they relate to operational requirements.

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