ALTAMA® Waterproof Ortho-TacX® Boot

ALTAMA Waterproof Waterproof Ortho-TacX® Boot

Footwear, more than any other piece of equipment in an operator’s kit, is critically important to mobility, survivability and safety. So, I like to keep an eye out for boots and socks designed by attentive companies with that thought in mind.

While at SOFIC 2011, I had an opportunity to visit with a couple of companies, both of which are existing suppliers to the DoD and USSOCOM.  Among them is ALTAMA®, a Georgia company with years of experience in design and fabrication of exceptional footwear.

ALTAMA’s Waterproof Ortho-TacX® Boot an exceptional value at any price but at
$199.99, it’s a steal.

The Ortho-TacX® will be available in September 2011, but you can pre-order them from ALTAMA’s web site and save yourself shipping costs.

For additional details or to place your order visit  ALTAMA’s web site.

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