Vectronix Selected To Supply 1400 MOSKITO, Commander’s Target Locator (CTL), For UK’s FIST Program.


Vectronix, of Heerburg Switzerland, designs and manufactures extreme high quality optical ranging devices. I’ve had the opportunity to use a variety of their equipment over the years, and I can say, without reservation, that it leaves the competition in the dust. Optics, ranging speed and accuracy are superb.

The company has been selected to provide the FIST (Future Integrated Soldier Technology) program (Thales is the leed contractor) with an additional 1400 CTL’s bringing the total order to 4000 units.

The MOSKITO will be utilized as the new Commander’s Target Locator (CTL). The unique multi-function device combines all essential day and night viewing, measuring and geo-location functions into one compact and user-friendly device weighing less than 1.2kg, including its commercially available batteries. Vectronix’s MOSKITO can be also found in sniper kit.

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