SOFIC 2011 – Communicate

In my last SOFIC 2011 post, I touched on the “Understand” component of Adm. Olson’s vision for USSOCOM post Geronimo EKIA. It is at the heart of everything that USSOCOM does but more importantly it is key to meeting our military and intelligence objectives going forward. If the NIC is correct in their assessment of our intelligence needs into 2015 and beyond; then, understanding better than the other guy will be a decisive factor as to whether we win or lose.

Communicate, on the other hand, has immediate application and there is considerable interest at all levels of USSOCOM and the DoD to improve on communications. The JTRS is a significant but not all-inclusive part of the strategic view on communications. The netcentric battlefield is alive and well even if the Army’s Future Combat Systems was scrapped.

SOFIC 2011 was a great venue to pick up on some of the discrete components. This year, I had an excellent opportunity to meet with some of the Elbit folks all of whom were kind enough to discuss Elbit Systems Land and C4I – Tadiran’s DOMINATOR®.

It’s my understanding that as of this writing, DOMINATOR® is deployed with the IDF. The Integrated Infantry Combat System, integrates voice, data and video to deliver a complete C4ISR solution. Some of the features that I was very much impressed with is VoIP support, cell phone and legacy PBX support as well as RF over IP or ROIP. I think Elbit is forward thinking and on the right track with their solution.

The video links will give you a reasonably good idea of DOMINATOR® capabilities. The complete video consists of three two-minute parts, which should all be viewed in order.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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