Is There A Vaginal Pulmonary Link?

Recently, I was at a local Starbucks enjoying a Verona French Press doing some research for a review I’m working on. A few minutes after my arrival two individuals arrive. One wearing an N.Y.C. shirt. The other, a female, was dressed in pink tights with black shorts – clearly dance apparel.

They begin to talk, but their tone was loud and their N.Y. accents conspicuous. It was annoying to everyone in the establishment. However, their rudeness was not the point of curiosity.

Most human speech occurs in half-duplex form, meaning one person speaks at a time. These two defied that MO and spoke concurrently or in full-duplex to each other. The woman was particularly obnoxious. She spoke at a rate and so voluminously that it was physiologically impossible for her to breathe. I was amazed by this but on closer inspection, I saw her wildly fanning her legs back and forth in such a prosaic manner and at the same rate that she spoke, which lead me to the conclusion there may have been a vaginal pulmonary link.

It was amazing!

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