Suppressors Current State of the Technology – Part 9 – GEMTECH

Few companies have the reputation and history in the suppressor industry than GEMTECH of Boise Indiana enjoys. The company began delivering high quality suppressors in 1993, and their suppressors can be found in use globally with military and law enforcement, at all levels of these organization. The GEMTECH name is synonymous with suppressors and sound signature reduction technologies.

The company manufactures a full line of rimfire suppressors, centerfire pistol, centerfire rifle, submachine gun and PDW suppressors.

My first exposure to GEMTECH was a suppressed UZI SMG; fitted with a MOSSAD
suppressor. The MOSSAD threads directly to the UZI’s barrel nut, and today GEMTECH
manufactures an improved version of the original MOSSAD, the MOSSAD II.

Photo Courtesy GEMTECH - MOSSAD II

Equally notable is the GEMTECH HALO a 5.56mm rifle suppressor that mounts directly to the rifle’s existing muzzle device without modification. It has an overall length of 7.2″ and a tube diameter of 1.5″. The HALO uses 300 series stainless steel and inconel making it a robust hard use signature reduction device.

Photo Courtesy GEMTECH - HALO

The 7.62×51 caliber is the defacto standard for precision engagement rifles like the venerable M24. GEMTECH manufactures a number of suppressors specifically designed for a sniper weapon system, for example its SANDSTORM.


The SANDSTORM is usable in both 7.62mm and .300 WinMag. This suppressor has an overall length of 7.8″ and a diameter of 1.5″. The SANDSTORM threads mounts to the muzzle using a 5/8-24 or 18×1.5M thread pattern.

GEMTECH pistol suppressors are  among the best available. The company manufactures pistol suppressors in .45 ACP, 9 mm and 5.7×28 mm. The most versatile design in their inventory is the MULTIMOUNT. The core component is the 9 mm suppressor module, the customer can then purchase a variety of mounts to accommodate the variety of platforms in use.


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