Suppressors Current State of the Technology – Part 11 – Advanced Armament Company (AAC)

Advanced Armament Corporation (AAC)  Lawrenceville, GA is one of the largest suppliers of commercial and military suppressors in the United States. Kevin Brittingham the company’s founder began life in a small shop in Lilburn, GA back in 1999. In as few as ten years, AAC became a dominant force in the flash and sound signature reduction space. They achieved this level of success through innovative design and fabrication. However, as important as the commitment to its product is, AAC did something that none of its competitors saw as important; AAC brought the suppressor out of the closet.

Starting in 2002 Advanced Armament Corporation launched a media and advertising blitz that made the suppressor a commercial success. They began by educating the casual enthusiast, delivered top of the line products, listened to their customers, outpaced their competition and sponsored events like an Annual Silencer School.

Video of the AAC 2011 Silencer Shoot Courtesy of Milspec Monkey.

Along the way, they’ve ruffled feathers, but in highly competitive businesses front-runners often do that. They probably have ruffled a few feathers along the path to success, but keeping them there is the quality, depth and breath of their product offerings.

AAC sells more suppressors and accessories into the commercial space than any other company, and their military sales are growing.

In October 2009, Remington Arms acquired Advanced Armament Corporation, rolling the company’s product into Remington’s extensive portfolio. The acquisition meant that AAC would no longer be capital constrained and they would gain access to Remington’s military and retail channels worldwide. Remington has wisely kept the AAC brand intact for now but all bets are off until things shakeout.

AAC’s success is attributable to design, manufacturing and people, like Robert Silvers the company’s Director Research and Development. Rob brings a wealth of talent and product development experience. He designed a silencer that was recently adopted by the US Army as the standard sound suppressor of the XM-2010 sniper rifle.

Trying to enumerate AAC product offering would be laborious and I’d be accused of promoting so I’ll let you visit AAC’s web site and see for yourself.

However, I will give you a look at a couple that I’ve personally had exposure to.

Photo Courtesy AAC - EVOLUTION 9mm™

The AAC Evolution 9 was the first 9mm caliber suppressor that I had an exposure. Prior to firing the “Evo 9” on a Glock 17 my experience was limited to .22 cal rimfire and .45 ACP.

The Evolution 9 has the integrated ASAP System that functions as a recoil booster and zero-point of impact shift adjustment. The suppressor is light-weight coming in at 9.7 oz. Sound attenuation is excellent at 33-35 db, depending on platform and ammunition selection.

Moving from the small to large, another superb AAC can is the TITAN-SS™. The TITAN is a threaded 338 Lapua Magnum and 300 WinMag suppressor. AAC attributes its impressive 34db in sound attenuation to the incorporation of a patented Hyposone™ monolithic baffle module and CNC fusion welding. This is a heavy suppressor designed to take the abuse that a 338 Lapua Magnum delivers.

Photo Courtesy AAC - TITAN-SS™

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