Suppressors Current State of the Technology – Part 10 – SWR Manufacturing LLC

Southeastern Weaponry Research, SWR Manufacturing LLC began life in 1993 at Evans, GA. The company was founded by Joseph D. Gadinni an inventor and former design engineer with Knights Armament Company. Mr. Gadinni sold his interest in SWR to a group of dedicated designers and has since moved on to develop the Grip Pod® System (GPS®). SWR Manufacturing LLC now operates from Laurens, South Carolina where it continues to design and manufacture some of the world’s best suppressors.

An analysis of SWR’s product development shows them making a late market entry into quick attach/detach or QD mounting technology; however, when they made their entry it was done with a superbly reliable mount that used the milspec A2 birdcage flash suppressor.

SWR manufactures a full line of rimfire suppressors, centerfire pistol and centerfire rifle suppressors.

SWR’s Trident 9 has set the world standard, in performance, for a 9mm pistol suppressor that is also SMG rated and capable of supporting fully automatic firing.

Photo Courtesy SWR Manufacturing LLC - Trident 9

Equally successful is the H.E.M.S.2. or High Efficiency Maritime Suppressor. This suppressor is ideal for waterborne applications and is designed to be fired wet. The L.I.D. is integral to the suppressor. The design provides exceptional sound attenuation, and mounting options include 9/16 x 24, .578 x 28, M16 x 1LH, M16 x RH.

Photo Courtesy SWR Manufacturing LLC - H.E.M.S.2

Photo Courtesy SWR Manufacturing LLC - Specwar Mount

SWR manufactures a full line of centerfire rifle suppressors for 5.56, 7.62 and 300 WinMag calibers.The company’s redesigned Specwar features the patented Active Spring Retention (ASR)™ technology with a choice of a flash hider or muzzle brake.

For the precision rifle platforms, the comapny manufactures the Omega 30 and Omega 300 suppressors. Given the increasing interest in the 338 Lapua Magnum, I fully expect that SWR will develop a suppressor specific to that caliber.

SWR Manufacturing LLC, can take credit for some of the best suppressors available anywhere in the world. Their customer support is outstanding and their product carries a lifetime warranty.

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  1. Thomas J Foldesi says:

    I have a .45 caliber FNP 45 pistol with a barrel thread of .578 x 28.
    I have your suppressor model h e m s 2, ohg – 0958.
    The supressor does not fit the barrel thread on my pistol. Is there some sort of adapter I could put on the end of the barrel to make a suppressor work, or is it necessary that I purchase a new threaded barrel for my 45 FNP?


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