CamelBak® Vent™ Hot Weather Gloves That Work!

Gloves are items that usually end up getting ignored until you actually need them; then you wonder why the hell you left them back at your outpost. They perform a number of very useful and generally unappreciated functions, like keeping your hands warm, keeping your hands safe from abrasions, like rope burns. They also keep your hands from becoming rough so that special someone does not suffer the consequences of dried out rough hands. So, why don’t we wear them more often, or should I say regularly. The answer is that they get in the way, so they come off and generally don’t go back on unless we have to.

Just try picking up a peanut, fine allen wrench, load a magazine or take down a weapon, operate a folding knife, and how about typing on a tiny keyboard or using a touch screen. With some exceptions, like fast roping or rappelling, gloves should strike a reasonable balance between protection and preserving manual dexterity. Well, I am happy to say that the CamelBak® VentTM hot weather gloves do just that, and quite well I might add.



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