Suppressors Current State of the Technology – Part 9 – Ops Inc.

Ops Inc was founded by O.P Seberger Jr. The company is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, CA. with a manufacturing facility in Shingletown, CA.

Ops Inc. has been manufacturing military grade suppressors since 1988. Their rifle suppressors are in use across the SOF community and a number of federal agencies.

The defining characteristic of the OPS-Inc suppressor is the use of a two point mount. This approach has a number of measurable benefits. First, the suppressor is self aligning, which greatly reduces the possibility of a baffle strike due to bore to suppressor alignment problems. Second, the two point allows the suppressor to come back over the barrel; therefore, less of the suppressor protrudes past the muzzle. Thirdly, because the suppressor’s body comes back over the barrel, a larger blast chamber can be incorporated in the design. This usually means greater blast attenuation. It also reduces the need for more baffles so the overall length of the suppressor can be reduced. Two point mount suppressors will usually take greater impact without a concern about bore-to-suppressor alignment.

The figure on the left shows the mounting arrangement. The suppressor threads on to the muzzle brake and slides rearward until it seats against the collar. This arrangement makes for a rock solid self aligning mount that is unequaled in my opinion.

Ops Inc manufactures suppressors in 5.56mm, .30 caliber and 50 BMG. In 5.56 caliber, the company manufactures 3rd Model M4 MBS, 12th Model SPR MBS (MK12), 15th Model CQB MBS, 3rd Model M249 SAW MBS.

Photo Courtesy Ops-Inc - 12th Model SPR MBS (MK12) Precision Suppressor Widely Used With The SPR.

In .30 caliber, Ops-Inc manufactures the 12 Model PSS / AR-10 / SR-25 Medium Weight Barrel MBS, 3rd Model M40A3 / M24 Heavy Barrel MBS, 3rd Model HK21 / M240 / MBS and 3rd Model PSS Medium Weight Barrel MBS.

Photo Courtesy Ops-Inc 3rd Model M40A3 / M24 Heavy Barrel MBS

As of this writing, Ops Inc manufactures only one 50 BMG suppressor and that is the 3rd Model 50 caliber MBS Suppressors (Bolt Action). Although I am confident that the 3rd Model 50 caliber MBS will work just fine on the M82A1 or M107.
If you’re looking for a suppressor that will withstand the demons of war the Ops Inc suppressors should be on your shopping list.
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