Extrema Ratio’s Legendary ONTOS Now Available In Black Sheath

 The ONTOS is an amazing knife that you can baton with a sledge-hammer if the need arises. It will also punch through concrete or a fuselage. For those of you unfamiliar with Extrema Ratio’s ONTOS, I offer this back ground for your reading enjoyment.

  • Extrema Ratio has received many inquiries for a survival knife. It is for this reason that the company decided to develop a tool for any situation.
    The ONTOS (from the Greek language “the thing”) is a pure field knife, solid and heavy but still compact. A portion of the upper blade is serrated in order to always have a sharp edge ready to be used.
    In an emergency situation, when the soldier will leave behind the primary heavy equipment, he will always be able to carry the ONTOS thanks to its M.O.L.L.E. compatible nylon side sheath.
    A survival kit is carried in a pocket which is fastened to the nylon sheath by a M.O.L.L.E. system, making the Ontos a true survival tool.
    A fluorescent stick (lasting for 12 hours) and a diamond sharpener are also included.

Extrema Ratio ONTOS - Black Sheath

The survival kit contains:

      Water bag, Nylon cord, Button compass, Candle, Flint & Striker, Fishing kit, Mini multi-tool, Matches, Sewing kit, Purification tablets, Single edge razor, Mayday mirror, Whistle, Snare wire, Wire saw, Pencil, Survival instructions.
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