The Case Of The Intergluteal Cleft – Another True Story

I have a favorite Chinese restaurant that I frequent in town, and whenever I visit my pool hustling pal, at the restaurant, I take the train. Just this past week, I went down there to enjoy some of their great food and shoot the breeze with my buddy. As I got out of the train car, a young lady got off behind me. I noticed that she was heavy and the escalator to the ground level was narrow, so I extended her the courtesy of letting her step on to the escalator first. Unbeknown to me, at the time, she was wearing a skirt, which when combined with the size of her derriere, terminated at the intersection of her upper leg and buttocks. As she stepped on to the escalator she turned and looked at me with askance; at the same time placing her hand so that it was covering her intergluteal cleft followed by the cupping of her fingers inward as to prevent me from looking in there.

It seems to me that if she were concerned about exposing her business she would have worn something else but that’s life so they say…

This has been another FOG HORN true story.

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