Upcoming Reviews

I am completing a review of the OTIS Technology Turned Rail System (TRS), which will be available on this site and Scribd. OTIS describes its TRS as the most accurate rail system on the market, and from what I’ve seen that’s a statement you can take to the bank. It’s not inexpensive but perfection has always had its price.

I am also finishing a review of the PrincetonTec Remix Pro, a headlamp that gets two thumbs up from me. PrincetonTec did everything right… You can read it on this site or Scrib.

On the lighter side, I’m launching “Worth or NoT Worth a Dollar” movie reviews with my review of ” The Mechanic”.

Here’s a movie with sex, foul language, MP5s, MP7A1, M4s, SIG P226, Beretta M9, 1911, GEMTECH Suppressors, Barrett M82A1, M4s and G36s, audiophile equipment, sports cars, exposed breasts, snap shot of the pudendum, sailboat, lesbian sex and a hint of gay sex.

The film features Jason Statham, Ben Foster and Donal Sutherland (who thankfully gets whacked very early in the movie) but is it Worth or NoT Worth a Dollar? Read about it here and you decide.

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