Princeton Tec® – Remix Pro Tactical Headlamp

Owning the night” is to be able to operate effectively in it; this is the case across the entire spectrum of visible and non-visible light. Lighting is important and over the years it has become very much a part of the tactical equation. Whether the objective is target acquisition, target engagement, or personal safety all of the armed services and law enforcement have invested heavily in tactical lighting.

The importance of good reliable lighting was accentuated in the CQC /CQB engagements in Iraq and in navigating the many caves and structures in Afghanistan. Once a miner’s or hiker’s tool the headlamp has come of its own in both theaters but particularly in the mountainous terrain of Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Throughout the balance of this year, I will be taking a close look at headlamps from a variety of manufacturer’s to bring to your attention those that I feel deliver exceptional value and are worthy of your consideration. One such headlamp is PrincetonTec’sÒ Remix Pro.

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