Top n Reasons Where n=10 Why You Should Become A Schmatta…

We’ve seen a couple of  e-mails complaining that we haven’t published a FOG HORN Top n Reasons Where n = any real or imaginary number, so we want to  fix that.

FOG HORN’s Top n Reasons Where n=10 Why You Should Become A Schmatta.

10.     You steal someone’s idea but you changed the color so it’s yours.

9.     Your polyester fabric breaths better than natural fibers.

8.     It’s the only way you can get celebrities to visit your house.

7.     Everybody needs to wear something.

6.     You sit in a meeting with your India suppliers and reached an agreement.

5.     You stay up at night worrying that your employees are taking advantage.

4.     You thank mall gerbils for your success.

3.     People don’t need to have something that lasts so long.

2.     You’re the only one that knows Ralph Lauren is Jewish.

1.     You hire moderately capable employees so you can be the genius.

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