Battlecloth Introduces the BMP (Battlecloth Magazine Pouch)

Battlecloth BMP

 Battlecloth is unlike any gear supplier. Steve, its founder will custom make just about anything that you need, including suppressed weapon pouches. His work is excellent as is his customer service.

Battlecloth is pleased to introduce the BMP (Battlecloth Magazine Pouch).  This is a five pocket storage case that fits most popular full size and compact pistol magazines.  The top flap is designed and built to accept a standard 5” Velcro backed military name tape.  You can get these printed to say pretty much anything you might want (within reason) in the way of identifying what mags you have stored in the BMP.  Make, model, caliber, department name, your name…  In other words, what ever makes the most sense to you!   The name tapes are Velcro backed, so they are removable and swappable.  You can buy them from me or your favorite name tape maker, the BMP works with ANY standard Velcro backed 5” military name tape.

The BMP is priced at $19.95 each.  Name tapes are $4.00 each.  Shipping is additional so please email BATTLECLOTH@COMCAST.NETfor a quote.  Built to order, lead time is approximately three weeks (less if you’re not buying the

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