Silencerco Acquires SWR Manufacturing

Silencerco of West Valley City, Utah; a relatively new comer to suppressor design and manufacturing, announced that it has acquired SWR, Southeastern Weaponry Research, Pickens, SC.

Silencerco was founded in 2008 by Jonathan Shultz, Joshua Waldron and Mike Pappas. The company has been making a splash with innovative designs. Their .22 Sparrow enjoys considerable success, which features what the company calls Multi Part Containment or MPC.

The acquisition of SWR adds to Silencerco’s experience curve and should prove to be a marriage made in heaven.

As a young company, SWR, faced numerous challenges managing an increasing demand for their superb line of weapon suppressors. The acquisition will give SWR access to Silencerco’s manufacturing facility in Utah. If all works well, it means that SWR customers will have greater availability to product and customer service.

Silencerco Press Release:

 Salt Lake City, UT – Silencerco, the leader in firearm suppressors manufacturing has acquired SWR manufacturing. The acquisition, which was agreed to on August 9th, will serve the industry and consumers by combining the forces of two companies that have a common history of innovative products and superb customer service. This merger will result in streamlined manufacturing resulting in decreased delivery times and most importantly, more innovative product design and increased brand awareness. This merger creates a new benchmark for customer service and product innovation.The merger of Silencerco and SWR (Southeastern Weaponry Research) positions the new entity to be the foremost
innovative manufacturer of sound suppression technology in the country.
Manufacturing of both company product lines will be performed in Utah at the Silencerco facility. The addition of new equipment and resources will allow Silencerco and SWR to service the law enforcement, military and consumer
industries with increased productivity, shorter wait times for delivery and will add to the unique and innovative product design that will further revolutionize the firearm suppression industry.The union will also result in a larger social media presence and increased brand awareness by combining marketing
support for both brands into a larger single network. Together they will continue to offer individual product lines under their original brands.Josh Waldron, CEO of Silencerco states, “Acquiring SWR seemed like a natural step. I believe this will be very good for both companies and for the industry.”

“I am excited about this acquisition, it provides SWR with the resources it needs to elevate production, innovation, and service to a level that was otherwise out of reach,” said Henry Graham, President of SWR.

Henry Graham, the current President of SWR, will continue to be available to his existing networks as Director of SWR at Silencerco. SWR products will continue to be manufactured and supported, and technical support for legacy SWR products will remain unchanged. The new relationship between Silencerco and SWR will enhance manufacturing, reposition branding and marketing  efforts into a larger, more effective social network, and continue in offering
preeminent individualized customer support

About Silencerco
Silencerco was founded in 2008 with the mission to provide consumer, military and law enforcement, with premier silencers. In order to achieve this, Silencerco develops products in unconventional ways; using innovation, creative solutions, and forward thinking to improve product’s function, ease of use, and maintenance.
For more information please visit:
About SWR
SWR (Southeastern Weaponry Research) is a company based out of South Carolina that specializes in the design and production of sound suppressors. SWR strives to create the world’s quietest and most durable suppressors on the
For more information please visit:
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