Harris Corporation Introduces the Falcon III® RF-7800N-CP Mobile Computing Platform

DSEi 2011 – Harris Corporation of Melbourne, Fl, introduced a powerful, rugged and compact mobile server. The Falcon III® RF-7800N-CP delivers the in-the-field computing platform to support mission-critical military and public safety communications and multimedia applications.
The RF-7800N-CP  opens the door to  capabilities like receiving, sending, storing and playing video and processing other high-bandwidth data. Having a mobile server will go a long way to supporting thin client applications and much-needed caching at the soldier / operator level without compromising computational requirements.
Resonating across the defense industry is the theme that networked battlefields are here to stay, so look for an increasing amount of mobile technology like Harris’ RF-7800N-CP. However, in all of this excitement, planners should not neglect the pressing need to get commanders and the warfighter more technically savvy.

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