Meprolight Announces Its New Lightweight Un-Cooled Thermal Weapons Sight

Of the many annoucements at this year’s DSEi, in London, Meprolight’s addition of the NYX un-cooled thermal imaging weapon sight to its NOA family was extremely interesting.

The NOA NYX can be used as a hand-held observation device or fitted to light machine guns, assault rifles and submachine guns, using the MIL-STD-1913 rail system. The system’s long-range capability and light weight also make it suitable for sharpshooter rifles with a x2 and x4 digital zoom, having the ability to detect man-sized targets at ranges up to 900m. The NOA NYX can store up to 3 user configured sighting reticules.

NOA NYX boasts a warm up time of less than 5 seconds. Using 4 AA batteries up to 7 hours continuous operation; all in a package weighing less than 36 oz or about 1 kg.

Additionally, the sight has a “video out” feed enabling the output to be fed to a remote screen and/or recording equipment.

The NOA NYX was created to address the issues of precise target detection and engagement in dust, smoke, and complete darkness. The NOA NYX uses proven high-resolution microbolometer technology, to ensure clear and consistent results.

Meprolight, is a highly regarded international electro optics provider for military, law enforcement and civilian markets

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