Paradigm Announces A New Advanced Messaging Capability For Their XmarX Personnel Tracking Device

On of the coolest technologies in the field  is the personal GPS tracking device. This is particularly important to folks involved in special operations, where help may not be readily available.

Paradigm, a UK company, developed the XmarX personal tracking device. XmarX gets GPS fixes and transmits positions over the Iridium satellite network, so you can monitor the progress of vehicles, vessels or personnel where ever they go. The XmarX, unlike most other trackers, works anywhere on earth, including the polar and ocean regions. It also supports a web interface that allows you to monitor the tracker.

Paradigm’s offering is compact and rugged meeting and exceeding MIL-STD-810(G). For those that are unfamiliar with the specification, it involves a  range of tests including vibration, repeated drop tests, humidity and temperature extremes. The XmarX is also tested to IP-67 which means that it can survive underwater for at least 30 minutes at a depth of 1m.

At this year’s DSEi Paradigm announced the addition of two-way messaging and support for Bluetooth linking. With the enhancement, the XmarX works both as a standalone unit, and paired using Bluetooth to an Android or Apple smartphone or tablet. With full two-way communications, you can get a real message back from a human-being acknowledging that your message or alert has been received.

Using a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet you can send more complex text messages and use the XmarX as your global messaging companion. You can send a message to any mobile phone via SMS or to any E-mail address.

Technical Specification

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