REASON A/S Improves On Its Live Diver Detection System – DSEi 2011

SeaBat 7128 Diver Detection

Vessel vulnerability while at anchor or port remains a significant concern to commercial and military vessel owners and operators. The damage that live divers can inflict on a docked ship, or at anchor, is substantial. All of the major security firms that I’ve had contact with have maritime programs geared to mitigate that risk. They now have a new tool.

At DSEi 2011 REASON introduced their newest PDS2000 ADT software designed to work with the SeaBat 7128 sonar array designed for live diver detection.
RESON demonstrated the latest version of their PDS2000 ADT software combined with its highly successful SeaBat 7128 sonar in a live waterside security, diver detection exercise.

The new system configuration is designed to be highly portable for rapid deployment. It can be deployed and operational in less than an hour and can be mounted on a harbour wall, wharf or on a small vessel for mobile operations in ports, rivers and estuaries.

The system utilizes RESON’s SeaBat 7128, which is the world’s only dual frequency diver detection sonar that operates in excess of 200 kHz and now incorporates the latest version of the PDS2000 ADT software. The PDS2000 ADT software has new features enabling users to overlay sonar images and detected targets on a digital map for ease of identification in busy cluttered environments. 

REASON Headquartered in Denmark, has a global presence and has become synonymous with multi-beam sonar arrays and supporting technologies.

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