Revision Introduces BATLSKIN™ Head Protection System

Photo Courtesy Revision

Between 2000 and 2011 the DoD reported over 212,000 cases of traumatic brain injury or TBI. Blunt head trauma along with maxillofacial wounds continue to be a problem for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The risk of TBI can be effectively mitigated through the addition of mandibular protection and a face shield to combat helmets – there’s been good research done on the subject ; Hoge,C. W., McGurk, D., Thomas, J. L., Cox, A. L., Engel, C. C., Castro, C. A. (2008). Mild Traumatic Brain Injury in U.S. Soldiers Returning from Iraq. The New England Journal of Medicine, (358) 5, 453-63. supporting the efficacy of faceshields and mandibular protection.

To address the need for improved battle protection, Revision introduced the
first fully integrated and fully modular head protection systems of its kind – BATLSKIN™ Head Protection System.

The technology behind this helmet is quite amazing and its modularity provides a configurable system that can be tailored to any mission or application.

Revision’s BATLSKIN™ Head Protection System meets and exceeds EN 397, Canadian CG634 and U.S. ACH impact standards.

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