Merrell’s Awesome Barefoot Tough Glove

North Georgians are blessed in that we have an abundance of trails suitable for running and hiking; they range from smooth and flat to rocky and hilly. Not too far from the “bat cave” I have access to about 18 miles of great trail – you don’t need to be the Bionic Man to run them but they will get your heart pumping.

Successfully completing that run requires a shoe that disappears into your feet – in other words go unnoticed. If you’re thinking about your feet when running a trail you’ll never get the bang that got you running in the first place.

To that end, I recently tried a pair of Merrell’s Barefoot Tough Glove. I was extremely impressed with the fit and comfort. The shoes are light  and provide a stable running platform on just about any surface that you’ll encounter.

Merrell offers men and women styles; in fact, the ladies have a variety of lace up shoes to choose from; accessorize with some fish net stockings and you’re good to go…

Give them a try.

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