Elbit Kicks Up The ISR Game One More Notch With ENGAGER…

Elbit Systems introduced today, during a media and analysts visit to its subsidiary, Elbit Systems Electro-optics Elop, “ENGAGER”- a new advanced remote reconnaissance gathering system.

ENGAGER is designed for day and night operations and is highly suited for missions such as intelligence gathering and tracking of long-range targets and laser guided weapon designation. The system has high camouflage capabilities and is remotely operated.

This little Israeli R2D2 can be easily camouflaged and is sure to enhance intelligence gathering while avoiding contact with enemy forces operating in the area. ENGAGER was developed especially for the modern battlefields’ demands of “SWAP” (Size, Weight and Power), this unique system excels in low energy consumption, compact size and low weight, meeting the requirements of Infantry and Special Forces’ mission profiles.

You have to love what Elbit Systems has been doing to advanced the integrated battlefield and ENGAGER is one more spoke on that wheel.

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